Monday, July 21, 2008

Trust your hands

No , not the self professed divine ,
which needs the myth of divine
to survive with selfishness ,
trust tour hands
to churn out the truly divine
and mind to savour it.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like the color of mehendi

Consistency is like
the color of mehendi ,
a lot like love dipped in care ,
can be seen only when it is properly soaked in .


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Remembering a "gift"

One of the best gifts
I gave to my child .....

" a fairy tale told
ever so softly
to put him to sleep ..."

hoping that an imprint of it would be replayed whenever needed ....


It has been a while now.....

It has been a while now
since I visited the rocks on the westend beach ,
it has been more than a while now
since I saw them dazzle in sunlight ,
sparkle with conversations
of friends , lovers , aquaintances ,
soulmates in bubbling youthfulness
or with mature silver streaks ,
holding hands ,
sitting together on the rocks ,
watching the golden Sun
kiss the waves
in an unhurried rhythm .....


The debate goes on .....

Looks like the mind and body are at variance ,
they have decided to take different positions of the on going debate ,
they have decided to look at different sides of the truth ,
they have given their hearts to different realities ,
now , the only question bothering them is
as to how they will live to be one forever ?
or are the differences only cosmetic ?
is it o.k. to feel differently like citizens in a true democracy ?
The debate goes on ......

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I don't see limits

Not now ,
not today ,
not the day after ,
not here ,
not there ,
not me , not you ,
I don't see limits
when my heart is melting ...


In search of divine

Do we really need to see divine in mundane ?
Time has perhaps come when we need to create
with not just words ,
but with our hands , head and feet ,
divine out of all that we are left with ,
all around .....


Path to peace

The path to peace
is lined with wars ,
struggles ,
to achieve
a semblence of equality ,
trustworthiness ,
a feeling of
being human
without masks .


Monday, July 14, 2008

Laws of life

If I look ahead ,
move ahead ,
I am just obeying
the laws of life ,
if I leave behind
the burdens
that I cannot bear
I am being
honest with life ,
if I follow
my own sense
of right and wrong
it just means
I have a conscience ,
my first accountability
is to my own self ,
a truth as clear
as beautiful
as a freshly formed
crystal lattice
the light
as brightly
as it can .


Like one of the three Magi ......

Increasingly I feel
as light hearted as one of the three Magi ,
finding the other two will itself be exciting ,
there are signs
but I am most excited about my own discoveries ,
a new vibration everyday ,
a new arch everyother day ,
a new bountiful slice of life everyday
under the star filled sky ,
an endless journey
that does not look back .


Sunday, July 13, 2008

And to stay there .....

O to be back ,
to return ,
to the simplicity ,
to the joy ,
to the love
that life really is
and to stay there
forever ......


Saturday, July 12, 2008


The view is full
of unspoken beauty ,
green silence spreads
as far as the mind can see ,
still an emptiness
a slow , searing and haunting
emptiness seeps
like the scent
of a full blossomed
white lily .


Friday, July 11, 2008

Yet another Ocean

Will I ever have the words
to say what it is
to be with you , the Ocean ?
Watching the waves swing ,
sparkle . play
with the wind
and the sky ,
the sheer joy
of being with you
draws out a song ,
so many songs
breaking ,
forming ,
yet another ocean .


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Distant , drifting

A boat
distant and drifting ,
through the
threading drizzles ,
sound steadies
trickle of the shower ,
a slow fading ......
only blue
vast , full blue ........


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A limit without limit

A long semi-circular , almost invisible line ,
perhaps unreal ,
where the ocean merges with the skyline ,
or appears to ,
a measure of the distance our hearts can reach
when free ,
totally free to fly with the winds
that gently caress the surface ripples .


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A question

The branches , the leaves
dance in ecstasy .
Was it them
or the wild west wind ?


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today merges into yesterday
reality disolves into unreal
here we are
holding the transition close
holding each other close
trying to make sense of it all
ushering in a now ,
a dawn , a life still being made .


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Color of Sun

What is the color of Sun ?
You will know only when
you look at the fields in full bloom
swaying in the wind without a care
on a bright sunny afternoon .


Monday, June 30, 2008

In the splashes

It's misty ,
yet I can see raindrops falling
like notes from a strummed Sitar string ,
our boats are facing opposite sides ,
we row with the gentle pace of the river ,
the droplets dancing blissfully on our eyes ,
a smile breaking on our lips
when the paths cross
and oars speak to each other
in the splashes of a rejoicing river .


Sixth sense ?

Sorrow is no more a sorrow
when shared ,
joy is more of a joy when shared .
How can I thank
for all that is shared
without speaking ,
before thinking ,
much before even feeling it ?


Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a gift !

Some trust ,
some honesty ,
some faith ,
some belief ,
some loyalty ,
some devotion ,
some sincerity in work and life ,
All love ,
What a gift you are !


Till the very end of time

A lamp has been lit
in my mind ,
the flame glows bright
all the time ,
till the very end of time .


Real and unreal

Entwined inseparably
real and unreal ,
fantasy and reality ,
support each other
like the back and front
of a palm ,
I for one
see both of them
as one ,
as my own
vital necessities
for life and living .



Saturday, June 28, 2008


cannot be secretive ,
cannot co-exist with darkness ,
cannot be appreciated
by the short sighted
in the moment mindset .


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Long time since I sang a song of love
it was never the time
atleast not the right time ,
but then , it occured to me ,
it occurs to me , now ,
all songs singing in my mind
had the imprint of it
in every way , in every word
without the need for words ,
without ever saying so .


When it's dark ahead

At times when
it is dark all around ,
all paths left behind
and nothing
seems to exist ahead
it's best to
stay still ,
and face
and everything
that happens .


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not so sure anymore ( a tune in my head)

Is it bright and sunny
or and dull and gray ,
not so sure anymore .....

do I want the lemonade
tangy , salty
or sugary sweet
not so sure any more ....

do I want to run
or stay here still
amidst the safety of walls
not so sure anymore .....

do I trust the world
or watch them
with a healthy mistrust
not so sure anymore .....

am I flying on my wings
or is the wind carrying me
in it's own direction
not so sure anymore .....

do I wrap myself in
purple violet
or orange red
or run after
all the rainbow colors
not so sure anymore ......

a happy floatsom
unsure uncertainity that
we find ourselves in
at times ......


Never ending

At one level
all that we go through
is maya an illusion
changing every now
into a nameless past ,
still we go on living
with all attachments
past and present
pulling us , pushing us
through life's lanes ,
and I for one
hold on to the past
like life itself ,
even as
future and present
sweep through .
Never ending
are the dilemmas in life .



I do feel grateful
and I like to express it
every now and then
that I owe it
to all of you
who have
through all
good and bad ,
and fostered
lifelong bonds .

Sighting the shore

How does it feel
to sight the shore
after months , years of
voyaging through
through easy , tough ,
calm and turbulent times ?
Patience slowly runs out ,
no more lonely voyages ,
no more of uncertain anonymous sounds ,
no more of separation .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Most beautiful

Most beautiful moment of a day ,
everyday ,
is when I open the door
early morning
to see the most wonderful
view of the day ,
to let light in ,
opening the heart and mind
to an ageless serene beauty
and a host of new possibilities
and positivities.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Want not , waste not

I tell myself to follow it
in all that I do ,
I do find it very tough
not to want ,
I am not yet
disciplined enough
not to waste ,
but that is the reason
to start
changing my path
to suit
these simple principles
that create
longterm harmony.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

There is enough light

Here in this world ,
right now ,
close to them ,
there is enough light
for the blind to see
if only
they care to see .


Small , small joys

No small things ,
these small joys ,
small goals
that make
the journey
to the larger ones
joyful .


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Imagine jumping
O so high
to ride
right on the back
of a blue - gray cloud
only to tease
a playful ocean .


Gandhiji's words

These words have been in my mind since early teens .
" Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality .
Cowards can never be moral . "
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Courage is an act ,
not a word ,
never in the curtain of
anonymity ,
not of night ,
always in bright
transparent daylight ,
not in blind faith ,
but in real conviction ,
not reckless
but fearless .



Only authentic words
written or spoken ,
tested in reality
can be accepted .
silence is best .
Not sweet , authentic ,
for they build
real and solid.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Reaching out

Patience to listen ,
listen and listen
quietly ,
for seconds , minutes
hours , days ,
listen till
all that remains
is the essence
of breathing
in peace .



and a quiet dignity
a turbulent ocean .


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mirth and cheer

A lttle girl
giggles ,
as she picks up
fallen cherries
in the hills of snow ,
and giggles more ,
all mirth and cheer
as she shares them
with my son
and me .


So many ways

So many ways
a change
makes itself felt ,
lifting of veil of darkness
by the rays of dawn .


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One and only one

As time passes ,
as I ascend
echelons of living ,
I hear one
and only
one voice ,
perhaps mine .


Do you have an answer ?

How does one
give shape ,
pour essence
as expansive
as air ?
How does one
by holding
on to it ?
How does one
support it
and take
support from it ?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The notes in my mind
unseen , unheard
are always in ascension
taking me
to places
I have never been .

Presence in absence

Could there be a gift
better than ,
nobler than ,
kinder than
that bestowed on us
by these
distant visions
which fill the eyes ,
which sooth the heart ,
building an ethereal presence
in physical absence ,
a completeness
divine ,
yet , yet
leaving us free
to be
us ,
one and only one
entity ?

A moment of truth

Beauty of
windy , silvery grey
moonlit night
brings home
a truth ,
a revelation ,
the fortune
that surrounds me
in these silent watchers ,
in these constant companions
that I am blessed with
all the time ,
and as though
to bless my thoughts
it begins to pour .


Monday, June 16, 2008


Each act of faith
each word of love
comes alive
like a perfectly strummed note
playing endlessly
in all that is .


That we care

Life is not a big party ,
not easy at all ,
that we connect
that we share
that we care
makes it a little more easy
than what it could have been.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Can't take my dazed eyes off
the shimmer on the moonlit lake ,
slight shiver due to the winter chill
that spans more than
any timescale I can think of .


A dawn ?

A path ,
a new direction ?
a new discipline ?
a quest ?
a dawn ?



Distant view of hills
radiant with love and laughter
smiling , inviting .


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Morning walk

Fragrance of rain soaked earth
filling alveoli of life deep in my lungs
a rush of oxygen in my veins
my feet marching towards dawn


Now and then

At the border of sanity and insanity
heart and mind take a deep breath ,
fly without wings ,
to the far and the near
and within to see
the same images , same magic ,
same life
with such finess ,
such tenderness
that I become the flow ,
flow becomes I .

Friday, June 13, 2008


A voice strong enough
to give the right direction ,
a hand firm enough
to discipline the right way ,
towards a compassionate world .



I can feel the chill of
droplets of water
breaking from the
distant water fall ,
this cup of warm tea
in the curl of your fingers ,
O pretty maid
your hills call me ,
your voice sings to me ,
I want to sit
by the hearth ,
on this cold misty morning
and sip the tea
brewed in clouds .


Like wax

Melting like wax
to chase away
the dark .


Heart warming tales

I am trying to piece together some incidents in my life where warmth , care poured without bounds
from people to people . Once in a while I need to remind myself that what I am is all of that .
I want to tell the whole world that there is good , so much good in the world .
I feel it in me every moment . I feel it in my heart .
In the forthcoming posts , I would like to narrate some of the tales .


Over the edge

With a hand on my heart ,
song on my lips ,
with trust in my destiny
i march ahead
where Sun takes me ,
and when Sun crosses
the horizon ,
i will perhaps fall over the edge
to become a part of
the grandeur
that is called Universe .

It takes long

It takes long ,
really long
for a Cactus to bloom ,
in the dry , hot
sands of deserts ,
amidst thorns
and inhospitable winds ,
where living
is a matter of chance ,
left to vagaries of hope ,
but when it does bloom
heavens descend
to feast on
the purple , pink ,
the flaming red
and O so many colors
as though
the heat and dust
did not exist .


Thursday, June 12, 2008

I see light

I see a light
a perfect light
seeping in
all the imperfections
that we are ,
and it cannot be
more perfect
than this.



Bright morning .
What with birds' cheerful chatter
and the promise of sun to be
out there , in the sky
shining on the earth.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No , not the transient

The transient does not attract me anymore ,
in fact I reject the in the moment , transient
even if it is infinitely beautiful ,
something deeper ,
like the unexplored depths of pacific ,
something that will always stay with me ,
like the smile on the face of this tree ,
has a meaning for me ,
for depth has it's own beauty ,
a beauty which will not fade
with seasons or
with long drawn pauses in time .


Communion with nature

Sleep is descending on my eyes ,
but I am eager to record
how ecstatic I felt
walking , walking and walking
endlessly in gentle rain
feeling the breeze against me ,
all alone ,
like Alice in wonderland ,
I continued from early evening
till night descended ,
till moon ascended
inside a translucent cloud curtain .
Rain , wind , sky and me ,
again and again and again .....
I want nothing more
nothing less .

I called the winds home

Today ,
now ,
I called the winds home ,
I called the rains home ,
to sing , dance ,
play the flute
even as I floated
on the clouds ,
splashed in the lakes ,
creating , recreating
an ancient rhythm .


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So beautifully

So beautifully
Sun plays
hide-and -seek
with the clouds .


Nothing perfect

The sentence breaks ,
the voice falters ,
hand shivers ,
there is nothing whole about
what I say ,
nothing perfect about
this vision of future ,
but , if we listen quietly
for a few minutes ,
to the sound of waves breaking ,
into bits and pieces ,
tinier than
atoms and molecules ,
a thousand million
tragic faces ,
flowing back
like tears
on the face of the shore ,
only to return
inescapably , unretrievably return ,
to the deep abyss
of remaking ,
of renewing ,
only to lift ,
uplift us
to the beauty
that we have never seen.


I wish I could show you

I wish I could show you
the long line of horizon ,
everyday , every dawn ,
every evening ,
where we can see
the beauty of
years to come ,
in perspective ,
where we exist ,
we thrive
with all our loved ones ,
strong ,
beautiful ,
than ever before ,
filling long
rose scented horizon
like never before .

Eyes can still read

Glimmers of understanding
through rain drops ,
through pages of
books close to the heart ,
eyes can still read
the invisible writing .


Monday, June 9, 2008

Let me be your eyes

Seeing earth awash
in the rhythm of sky ,
let me be your eyes ,
said light ,
O , what a sight !
and how fortunate
am I to get a glimpse
of it .


Do you see them ?

Between the long winding sensible speaches
and poised writeups that life is made of ,
there are tender pauses
where one lets the heart fly ,
even if for an unimaginably short while ,
moments when
you allow yourself to be embraced ,
filled ,
with a beauty
which spreads through sprawling eternity ,
and defines ,
breaks ,
moulds ,
sings ,

Do you see them ?


run or catch

"run or catch"
I recommend this game very strongly
to all the offices , companies , schools and other
establishments which intend to retain
their staff and the creativity in the staff.
It adds to the USP of the office at zero cost .
Simple to do it .
Just schedule an unscheduled game
in the longer brake . One of them could be
run or catch , where each of the staff decides
whether to run or catch .
I did that today with a young , pretty
colleague of mine and managed to
catch up with her .
It's fun . Could increase productivity
and creativity too !
More fun if Boss decides to join in.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

What does it take ?

To reach that frontier
distant from worldly illusions ,
yet an integral part of life ,
to let go ,
truly let go
of attachments ,
yet do one's duty
expecting any result ,
what does it take ?


Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little more

Just a little more ,
extend your hand just an inch more,
where I can see , touch and feel
a lifeline
and the branches ,
firm contours ,
proofs ,
solid proofs
that we are
still alive ,
and we will be so
for eons.


With a glimmer of softness

Voices , so many within us
words , so many from us ,
precious is the sweetness
that flows ,
without a voice,
with a voice ,
without a word ,
with a word ,
with a glimmer of softness ,
that comes from
an ocean of life ,
breaking into waves ,
a smile
that understands .


Need of the hour

Need of the hour is harmony ,
need of the moment is care
that springs from deep
within the heart ,
and reaches out
gently , to hold the hand ,
without making it's presence felt .


With patience

Alone ,
on a branch swinging freely
in the air ,
sits a cute baby crow ,
it's raining ,
not too hard though ,
it's huddled
in it's own feathers ,
cold from drops of rain ,
mildly shivering ,
mildly meditating
like an ascetic
in his wait
for his mother ,
after an hour
after another one ,
he waits
in trust
with patience
for his mother .


The baby crow continues to wait in the rain .
I am fortunate enough to get a glimpse of
life of this little bird.

I am wondering why he is sitting outside
when there is a nest closeby .
Mother crow came , baby opened it's beak
in expectation ; it appears that mother
could not get anything due to rain .

I still don't see any disappointment on
baby's face even though he is shivering more .
He apparently understands !

How much to learn from these birds
which act on instinct !

How beautiful the lessons .


Friday, June 6, 2008

to see pure white

So many truths
so many justifications
so many words ,
to churn black into white ,

while what we need is
uninturrupted silence
to see pure white,
to hear wholesome truth .


Shades of green

All I see are the distant hills
in altering shades of green ,
each luscious than the other ,
each vying for your eye
through a veil silken and shy.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

First drops

Drops , droplets and me .
showers of blessings
from heavens ,
drops of tears from sky ,
on and on ,
as the feet marched ,
heart rejoiced ,
with moist eyes
and forlorn thoughts ,
just a mask
for communion
with Nature
a new season ,
a new reason
to live .


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Symphony of the stars

Memory of a time
when all one wanted was
to listen to the symphony of stars
in a true awareness of the Universe ,
memory of a time ,
when one let feelings flow
unhindered ,
memory of a time
words were woven
to cover our souls with ,
memory of a time
when words were created
to adorn us in after life .

manas , akash


can no more frighten me ,
but it does fill me with awe
at the capability
of Nature
to articulate itself .


And it rained and rained and rained

Just when I thought
the day came to an end ,
it started to rain and rain and rain ,
begining a brand new season .


Sighting the shore

It's like sighting the shore
after long days
of navigating
on a seemingly endless journey
through shoreless
the deck
of the ship.


Yet another Sunset

A day like any other ,
yet another Sunset ,
another bittersweet
mixture where
hope and despair
are indistinguishable
in a day that IS.


Monday, June 2, 2008


Boat rocking
on the ripples of a lake ,
falling from heavens ,
joy unbound.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A month

One month
of tending to the plants
drying up
in autumn cold ,
one month of watering ,
weeding ,
with love
care ,
with the regularity
of rising sun ,
can't wait to see
the Bamboo
buds bloom .



Faith unshakable ,
pride unmeasurable ,
in all that one is ,
free of all
expected notions
past and present .


A new day

Sky splits
from horizon ,
a new day .


Halfway through

In search of ,
halfway through ,
to find
a paradigm
for peace ,
of peace .



Is there a choice
for pupa
to become a caterpillar ?

Can change be
other than
the inevitable ?

Can anything else
be done
other than
the choiceless change
with open arms ?


That keeps me alive

I can only talk about peace ,
I can only talk about life,

I see so many signs ,
not so much in the concrete ,
but in the abstract ,
not in the actual seeing ,
but in the vision of the eyes ,
not in the actual feeling ,
but in the transition
that borders
on the real and surreal ,
like the horse , the cow ,
the buffalo
by instinct
when the storm
is about to strike
the unsuspecting shore ,
and that
keeps me alive .



One has to focus one's energies
on the resolvable ,
and handover the unresolvables
to time and destiny.

It is in realising our limitations
that we choose paths
in which we can walk the talk.

Either way ,
the ocean remains
just as beautiful ,
the clouds are
just as bountiful,
giving us
the precious
gift of love .

As restless
as the ocean
our hearts may be ,
they are still sources
of peace
for the onlookers
and us ,

As unending as
the ocean waves .

Isn't that
what life is about ?

Isn't that
what we are about ?


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Like Tarzan

Crossing the forest
like Tarzan
from one branch to another.


evening rain

Mist clears
sun shines
through evening rain .


Still sea

Still sea
empty horizon
bird twitters .


Empty handed

It is as though
a loss is staring
every moment ,
as though
all can slip
out of hand
any time now ,
but , then ,
what was mine ever , anyway ?
empty handed
was the arrival,
will be the departure .


Here is where I feel ,
I taste , I smell
amniotic roots .
nani, akash


Long years of walking
on the same earth ,
decades melting ,
spinning , gyrating here
where seeds of love ,
seeds of life
sown with tender hearts ,
are growing ,
day after day ,
from mute eery silenced voices
into lilting music
that flows
with the bubbling surf
at the confluence
of contrasting rivers .
akash , nani

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Soft and supple

An open balcony ,
breezy and bright ,
I hold
my mother's hand
soft and supple ,
a diffused
essense of
and warmth.


Where to ?

Spinning ball
sudden curl in the air ,
where to ?


Hint of a downpour

Red , crimson canopies ,
clutching a green hand ,
hint of a downpour ,


A drop of nectar

First sip of dawn
on the cream and peaches lawn ,
a drop of nectar
hunting for the soul.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A flower withers , a stone crumbles

It is one of the many love stories
hidden in lush green meadows
atop snowy mountains ,
a stone crumbles ,
a flower withers ,
our story begins here ,
where a breeze draws them both close
down into the flow of
the most beautiful river ,
where they become the silt,
the alluvium ,
the air that breaths
a whole field of flowers into life
facing the Sun
without a shadow .


Eyes on the sky

I see life
pouring out ,
moments of joy
rolling out
of gutters ,
children playing blissfully
in the warmth of sun
by the side of
sprawling filth and dirt ,
it's there I want to get
where a child rolls up
the trash
to make a wheel
to run with ,
on an empty road
fingers on the wheel ,
eyes on the sky .


Moving ahead

Either way
the path has only one away
ahead ,
ahead .



Sound of ceiling fan
buries in birdsong
and silence .


One and only

One and only
that leaves loads
and loads
of words behind ,
when is July ,
when the
mountain flower blooms
in summer rain ?


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attar-mitti (Scent of Earth )

There is no rain yet ,
but there is the prompting of it ,
fragrance of the earth
blending with water,
a rare scent , attar-mitti ,
smell of the first rain
touching the earth ,
into the air around .


Monday, May 26, 2008

Well worth the time

Cautious ,
with an occasional step
tracing back ,
yet optimistic,
for it takes time
to rebuild ruins ,
it takes time
to rebuild trust ,
it takes time to
give the gift of
quiet listening ,
it takes time
to close eyes
in trust ,
but ,
it is
well worth the time ,
well worth the caution.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Even as I walk

I don't see any flowers here ,
yet , there is a whiff , albeit faint ,
of jasmine fragrance ,
which I inhale
even as I walk
the miles
that I have to go.


Wherever the wind takes

Flying high in the sky
not bothering
about directions ,
going on and on
wherever the wind takes .


Saturday, May 24, 2008

As pleasant as they can be

I will never hear this in any famous album ,
but it is more melodious than anythingelse ,
repeated patterns of notes
singing on new guitar strings
with the passion of a novice ,
my son has indeed arrived
with his brand new guitar .



Respected Madam ,

I have always found your words charmingly inspiring.
Charming in style and inspiring in essence .
It is true. We are not here to be just happy.
We are here to "matter" and "make a difference "
to the lives we come across.
Need to discipline oneself for that .
Need to be obsessed about that.
Need to be collected about that .


Friday, May 23, 2008

Atleast to lighten it

It's true ,
it is easy to laugh with the laughing ,
I hope to go beyond that ,
into the depths of sorrow
whose imprints are
everywhere ,
if not anythingelse
at least to lighten it
by sharing and caring ,
and thanking all those
who have
shared and cared.



Thank God for that
thank earth for that ,
old friends are
multiplying in numbers ,
waving to me
greeting me with a smile ,
with shining eyes ,
shaking hands ,
my pals all the way
from the time
before I was conceived ,
making me feel
how rich it all has been
how rich it is and will be ,
the lives through which
we walk
with closed eyes
and trusting , happy souls .



Only after long years of practice
would you understand
the sweetness of after taste
of bitter fruit like neem .
Fascination of the bitter
has always captivated me.



Before spring blooms ,
autumn sheds leaves .


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which is real?

the day changes to night ,
night to day ,
which is real?



Difficult ,
almost impossible
to revive
a rigid
moth infested
dacaying life .


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


tread softly ,
taking care
not to awaken
the sleeping dream .


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No looking back

A crossing
an arch ahead
no looking back


Scent of rain

Scent of rain
gentle breeze
a smile



Missing a beat
walking down the path
a dandelion .



Few moments of
untouched perfection ,
of holding each other
in hypnotised
subconscious ,
a new wave of trust ,
a shared view of world ,
a feel of being whole .


Back to innocence

Honey scented chrysanthemums ,
mirth filled smile ,
I hold your little finger ,
held captive by trust,
transfixed in a touch of fresh dew on cherry blossoms ,
sweetness of childhood swirling
on the merry-go-round ,
eyes opened ,
eyes closed ,
watching the raindrops roll down your cheeks ,
hand reaching to wipe them gently
to feel the reality of it ,
of being back to the innocence
of early childhood.

manas /akash

Monday, May 19, 2008

Holy smoke

This heart ,
it's not something
that can be touched ,
the hands that work,
the feet that walk
that is all
that is real ,
all else
is holy smoke .



Gathering clouds
feverish song of rainbird ,
a flutter growing faint .


Through the green

Half opened buds of Petunia ,
a whiff of lily's fragrance ,
through the green smeared by late spring .


Baptised by fire

One in a million chance
to purify ,
to be baptised by fire ,
the burning rage of Sun
hidden in
the mid-afternoon stones ,
once in a lifetime chance
to walk barefoot
on the rocks on fire ,
once in a never chance
of being consumed
by the rage
of invisible flames
around the hills ,
baptised by the water
to cool ,
to heal ,
to hold
the fire .
(Today I had to literally walk barefoot on the blazing stones )

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Against all odds

Faith in adversity ,
trusting untrustable ,
let me break human barriers
to lose myself
to trust ,
to faith ,
and love
against all odds .


War between kin .
There are times when we have got to do it.
For a right cause .
The heart aches , feet don't move .
You would want to use the hands to hold them close .
You would wish that you would hold hands and walk.
But one has to do what one has got to do.
Till the end.
With a slender , fading hope that there will be peace
after the end.


Saturday, May 17, 2008


summer is in full bloom
in my vineyard ,
buds , flowers ,
fruits , raw and ripe ,
swinging branches
with rainbow whorls ,
singing along
to greet
a new me .


The choice

The choice ,
my choice
is unambiguously
with the real ,
with the rational ,
with truth ,
with the steady,
with that
which enables learning ,
which discards
and ficklemindedness .


Free to fly

One of those rare times
one celebrates
a closed door ,
and says a beaming
thank you ,
for allowing
the soul to fly free
with the breeze .


Amazing !

I am amazed that somethings , some feelings are not
touched by the passage of time .

Age and time are not barriers . They are enablers
They open possibilities .

Each day brings fresh promises , new possibilities .


Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't call me

Don't ask me today ,
don't call me today ,
I need to be here alone
to experience ,
to watch
the ever expanding ripples
a voice has created ,
I need to feel the breeze
taking them
back to
where they have come from .

Again and again

The old gramophone record ,
a charming and reliable one
plays again and again and again ,
spinning whorls of life
into a dizzy joy
I can never tire of .


Once again

Sentences getting formed feverishly
to capture the magic
of a library at 9AM
twenty six years ago ,
love was and is about
pouring oneself
into these books
and having a few other souls
mad enough to figure out
a world describing the world ,
amidst laughter , fun and frolic .
Rediscovering the magic ,
recreating life of
of twenty and six years ........



I came here
to see the glow
that poets have failed to describe ,

I came here
to hear my name
called out by time

I came here to molt ,
to cast away the decaying skin
in exchange for a fresh one

I came here
in search of life
sprouting from dying embers

It has been an hour
and a half
of life flowing endlessly

It is a promise
of life flow
forever .


Imbibing radiance

Crossing three ditches
to find a person
healing the sick ,
the unhealable minds
of bodies consumed with illness ,
I sit quietly
to imbibe
his radiance
a spell on me ,
I sit quietly
to watch
a real God
with all
and non-devotees ,
I sit quietly
to know
what it means
to be a human being
with values in tact ,
with rock solid
love for all.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Subtle shifts
in the ways of winds ,
the fragrances they bear ,
the way they move ,
the way they make you move ,
with the lilting new rhythm of life ,
a new sway ,
a new horizon .

With Sun and wind

Unforgettable day
I felt so light hearted , light footed ,
I ran leaving my body ,myself ,
across the busy streets
of my city , a huge one
with a throbbing heart ,
I ran not figuratively ,
but literally ,
across it's traffic ,
congestion ,
curves and straight roads ,
with Sun and wind
in my care ,
not a care on my mind ,
alone ,
not really
I was cocooned
by the whole city ,
I was like a baby
in it's amniotics ,
blissfully ,
cutting across
all impossibilities ,
barriers and red lights ,
for they , my little ones
and I learnt a lesson
nothing , nothing
is impossible ,
we are the possibilities ,
and impossibilities .


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Music ,
beautiful ,
soul lifting music ,
touching tenderly
at the thresholds
of heart and mind ,



Once again
a cosy , comfortable feeling ,
that comes with sounds
that I have been hearing
everyday ,
the Robin , The Myna ,
Koel and the Crow ,

calling out in a chorus
to take a second look ,
to look once more ,
to close eyes
and just listen ,

I forget all else
and surrender myself
to the familiar comfort .


Action above words

Let me shed tears for every innocent that died ,
let me not be content with that ,
let me walk
just a step more ,
to help them rebuild ,
houses ,
human bonds ,
and the badly broken trust ,
which needs action above words .....


What do I choose now ?

There were acts of terror again ,
bomb blasts ,
deaths ,
innocent victims ,
trust breaking down ,
tough to choose ,
what do I choose ?
what should I choose ?
trust ,
undoubtedly trust ,
undoubtedly love ,
give me the strength
now ,
in the hour of death ,
in the hour of doubt,
give me the strength
to trust ,
to love ,
as though
nothing else existed .


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any difference ?

Sinking in the abyss of sorrow
immersing in the ocean of joy
any difference ?



I call out to breeze ,
to stars ,
to the grief waiting at the door ,
come , come in ,
welcome to the heart
waiting to flutter
with you all ,
life is not life
you all .


Monday, May 12, 2008

How could I not ?

With orange blossoms singing from above ,
with snow white lilies touching my cheeks ,
with the receding of afternoon Sun behind the clouds ,
how could I not fall in love again
with all that life has to offer ?


On new wings

Life opens here
under a renewing sky ,
on new wings ,
with a fresh purpose
as each fluttering leaf
to a new shade of blue
in the sky ,
the birds flying with
open wings ,
as though
they are putting
a new song
on our lips .
These gentle nods
from bowing branches ,
speak a truth ,
bring alive
a forgotten silence .

akash , manas

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A fading memory

A garden
beautiful ,
breezy ,
the trees tall ,green
majestic ,
skyward ,
was I there ?
utterly lost
in the beauty,
in the shadows of the trees
in the still waters of a lake ,
an occasional flutter ,
an oft heard symphony
of the birds ,
through the day ,
from the sunrise
until sunset ,
till the dusk settled in my hair ,
till the first star came
to hold me by hand
and take me to the heaven
that never was .


It all makes sense

Everything seems to makes sense
cosmos seems to be feverishly at work
to make sense out of all the gibberish ,
and finally I am on my way
to my home by the Ocean shore ,
to be sitting by it's side ,
in the moonlight
watching the waves gushing
to break on the shoreline ,
my heart returning
to a deep peace
hidden in the wild side of nature .

manas, akash

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Greatest love

Love is at it's best ,
when it bows to the rules
that create harmony
in society ,
when it cares so much
for the next person
that it recedes
into the background
to make room
for care ,
only care .

Pleasant and hopeful

Cloudy day
pre-monsoon winds ,
pleasant and hopeful .


Searching for a word

Searching for a word
as imperfect as perfection,
something which means
leaving , relinquishing
all that which ever
has been around ,
no , not death ,
not even an end ,
it is perhaps a begining ,
an endless begining of
looking into
the undestructible inner soul ,
looking into the strength
of one's own hands .
Which could not be
said in a word.

Are you still there ?

The birds greet me
now ,
in a new morning
to ask me
if I am still there ,
if I am conscious
of the fact
that a brand new day
is rising ,
the birds are asking
incessantly .


Thank heavens

My world ,
my perception of it
is black and white ,
simple as simplicity can be ,
I can only relate to people
when I trust ,
I quickly turn back when trust is lost ,
Thank heavens that
there are so many of them ,
so many who can be trusted
silently ,
with closed eyes .


Problem at Whitehouse

My son wrote to me from Washington ,
that weather is splendid there .
Occasional rain enhancing the beauty of his walk
around Whitehouse ....
However , one serious problem he
faced was that George Bush didn't
come out to join him in the walk .
I understand , son . His loss !
I hope the Whitehouse officials
are alerted about this !


For July

I am not perturbed
by the summer heat ,
my heart cool as cucumber
for it is immersed
in thoughts of July
when winds from West
will usher in cool showers .


Friday, May 9, 2008

Beyond the skies

Yesterday was truly enlightening .
We were after an impossible idea .
There seemed to be no hope of realising it .
The goal was and is ambitious .
I told them to go ahead -
it is not the end product that matters ,
what is important is that
my students ,
their imaginations ,
made an attempt ,
a sincere attempt
to reach out to
the spaces
beyond the skies .
They are on the way -
i watch them
indulgently ,
with a contented smile .


long lost footprints of winds on sand ?
drowning in the
melting glaciers
of falsehood ?


The all powerful image of Parvati as Kali has it's roots
in the male dominated society .
It energises me to imagine destruction of the bad by Kali ,
right from the roots .


Not just feel good

Is life just about feel good words ?
I don't think so .
Every once in a while
a sharp chisel ,
an edge of a wafer thin razor
is needed
to cut through
illusions , deceptions ,
so that life can thrive .


Thursday, May 8, 2008


To find something
just when
all signs seemed
so bleak ,
and to find
it sparkling
like a diamond
in the sky ,
an age old sky
when summer sang
with mango blooms .


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What is normalcy ?
The way we are
everyday ,
every evening ,
everywhere .


A gift

Tell me
if there is anything
that I can gift
which will last
for all the time
that we can think of ,
a flower as beautiful as rose
as fragrant as jasmine
as frail as parijat
would wilt in no time
in the ambient heat ,
a dawn song
would get drowned
in the humdrum of
daily noises ,
a golden bracelet
would shine
but stagnate
depriving the skin cells
of the much needed
oxygen ,
wait ,
I have not given up ,
i have a treasure here ,
there is this never ending
string of moments of
simple pleasures
like that fraction of a second
that the eyes met
in the sparkle of a firefly ,
that slight shifting sensation
on inhaling a passing fragrance ,
an unexpected compassion
that lightens up your day ,
so many of them
through our days
of living ,
blissful living ,
this is the forever ,
the imprint
of a reverent moment
in the everlasting
of all lifetimes
in our lives ,
is the gift ,
my gift
for you.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still I understand nothing

I need this blessed confusion
where I don't know what I feel ,
and fingers type out on their own free will ,
and the bird song sings without end
through the ears
into the very essence of me ,
and still I understand nothing
of what I feel .



When nothing

can be done ,

no explanation

will ever help,

may actually worsen ,

the least one can do is

to be








at life


nothing .



Standing up

stepping down

taking it all ,

leaving it in thin air ,

living like there is no tomorrow

dying like there is no today

whatelse is possible ?

whatelse is true ?

nothing .

just nothing .


Gaze still away , far away .......

This is one of those things
which can only be shared
from far ,
from so very far .....
to return home after a long ,
tedious , satisfying day's work ,
to sit on the floor
with a tea cup in the left hand ,
with a friend's call on the right ,
with a faraway gaze
at a bunch of leaves
against a pale blue ,
silvery shy sky ,
leaves tilted slightly
to waltz with the breeze ,
and Sun
delaying the Sunset
just to be around ,
tea simmering
with an unwinding mind
and an unwavering breeze .

Gaze still away , far away......


Monday, May 5, 2008

For the invisible angel

I thought angels ,
lovely , sweet ,graceful ,
mysterious , charming
and invisible angels
existed only in fairy tales .
Here I find ,
or I don't find
you who holds an umbrella
of protection
through sun , rain ,
mist , hailstorm ,
cyclone and typhoon .
Dear gaurdian angel ,
voice of God ,
you hold me ,
unfailingly ,
so much so
I walk through life
blindfolded ,
fearless ,
as happiness can be .
How can I thank you
when I don't know who you are ?
akash , manas

Congratulations and celebrations ........for Tomas Karkalas

Life is flying high
with feet tapping away
heart singing
like a lark ,
in a huddling cuddle
like a dove .
Theme song of Tomas Karkalas 's beautiful blog
fills my home ......
" Congratulations and celebrations .........."
Dear Tomas ,
I celebrate your life , your paintings , your words ,
your ability to rise above all that you face ,
the love and light you spread .

With gratitude ,


Innocence scripting
another story
only angels tread ,
and children play
on wings of lightness .


Sunday, May 4, 2008

No other thought

Beyond this devotion ,
beyond this total dedication
to all that life has to offer ,
no other thought ,
form or action.


For all the good

For all the good
that converged
to restore
the Universe ,
for all the good
that needs to flow
out of these hands
to restore
the glory
that life has always been ,
will always be .


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Suspended drizzles

Sun alternating
between gathering clouds ,
now bright and sharp,
now dull and soft ,
a constant chatter
of spring birds ,
a dull ache
suppressed for long ,
so many ways
in which
suspended drizzles
touch your heart .


In the stillness of night

This moment
immersed in the
tranquil stillness
of light pouring
through open sky ,
connecting ,
with light
through millions
of years ,
can the mind ever
figure out
what would that mean ?
What was I
a million years ago ,
in the stillness
of tonight ......?


Looking ahead

My eyes focussed
on a hopeful tomorrow ,
my journey bright
with the shimmer
of moonlight
on the
mystery filled
unfolding on the road ,
erasing a past
to write a
fulfilling future.


Friday, May 2, 2008

A feel of mist

Hand reaching out
to the loveliness of mist ,
to a freshness of dew ,
through a glass ,
as the palm caresses the glass
eyes shine
in the mist
with drops of dew
trickling down
the cheek
pressed against the glass.



Everything ,
all that can be outside this tiny little
speck I call now ,
is waiting in angst , in humility ,
in a delirously happy disposition ,
full of sorrow ,
a feeling of betrayal ,
a vengeful eye ,
a benevolent compassion ,
each for it's own like ,
a mirror ,
whole and unbroken ,
in the full essence of "now" .


Growing up together

When you travel
together for decades ,
centuries ,
what you share
are not just the good words ,
yourselves ,
in totality ,
the good , bad , ugly ,
the smooth , the rough ,
the anger and the compassion,
hatred and love ,
lies and the truth ,
the laughter and the tears ,
precious tears .

( Long years of togetherness in a marriage have this amazing quality !)


Clean up

All footprints erased
by the lashing winds and waters ,
the sands as pristine
as clean as eons ago
when untrampled sands
danced with the gentle
sway of trees .


Dreamy ?

Ever since I can remember
I walked , talked
gold , silver , yellow , green dreams ,
floating forever
on the causeless buoyancy
of mind , body , spirit and soul ,
which often built
huge bridges
overlooking majestic rivers
reaching out
to wilderness wildly.


Turning with my gaze

I who was so contented to be here ,
in the confines of the walls ,
why am raring to go ,
to fly across all the chasms
that divide humanity ?
Perhaps , the wings are right ,
and then
the irresistable call of sky ,
pure azure blue sky ,
turning with my gaze
in Oh so fresh breeze .


Enchanting !!

Was it coversation ?
Was anything spoken ?
What was it that built bridges
across chasms
of gender , relegion and time ?
Patience , resilience,
charm , wit , magic .
love , life ?? ?
Reason ,
the fine art of learning ??
I am flowing
beyond time and space ,
all the boundaries broken ,
all levels crossed !

Gracious fate

It was not clear before ,
yet another arch
leading me to another view ,
a total change of scenario ,
a green sanctuary ,
a sea change from
vast arid zone ,
without any of the
make believe pretences ,
how gracious can fate be !

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What does it take to be whole ?

How do we become complete ?
What does it take to be whole ?
Many people , many answers .
To me it seems to be
in being able to connect
to the world ,
at the spots at which it bleeds ,
in a way as to heal
the world
along with oneself .
Not as easy to do as to say .

First signs

Wheels of time roll on
unterrupted through
heat ,dust and all that makes
the earth and us .
In what may have seemed to be
one of the hottest days ,
the body , mind , soul , spirit burnt
in an uncommunicable treason .
It must have echoed in the skies
across continents ,
for the breezy gray clouds
rushed over my head ,
but I couldn't believe my eyes ,
I still think it's a dream
like months before
on an earlier occasion ,
in another place ,
in another direction ,
the same feel
a soft , cool feel of tears falling ,
all around me , on me .
a sure first sign
of an impending change
in the season .


Ultimate expression of love

Sometimes I wonder
as to what the ultimate
expression of love is ......
options seemed so many ,
spending time together ,
smiling at each other ,
expressing through art ,
expressing through learning ,
but none really reached the level of
being there for one another ,
being next to the other
holding hands
when fraility has set in
with age and health ,
and there are so many
hands to be held ,
so much of love to be shared .


Just emptiness
the ultimate
source and sink ,
no other place ,
like that .

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Even as I write

Even as I write these two lines ,
a joy-sorrow-happiness-pathos amalgam
melts into a quiet moment in your hands .


Makes all the difference

Respect ,
for everything under the sun ,
for the words we give ,
for the gifts we give ,
for what we are
makes all the difference .

Off on a trail

I am off on the trail
of a magic dragonfly ,
hopping , jumping , skipping
across fields , forests and lakes
forever diverted
forever kissed
by lilies , roses
and jasmine scented
purple-red hibiscus ,
wings fluttering
against the wind .

Long since life has been so simple

Long since life has been so simple ,
so delightful like a child's ,
where I am Lucifer
calling out my name aloud ,
bragging with abandon
all the destruction that I could cause ,
and simply sitting mesmerized
like an angel in love ,
uttering a name ,
a familiar name .

One has to do what one has got to do

Sounds rigid ,
sounds out of fashion ,
but this is what I have
come to believe firmly ,
One has to do
what one has got to do .
No two ways about it .
a la Casabianca .....
through canons ,
from left , right and centre ,
dare to walk ,
with head held high ....


Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet another renaissance

It has been a
long bleak period
of drought for my mind ,
all it needs is yet another renaissance ,
yet another fire
to awaken
the sleepy gray and white cells ,
into a never ending dawn .


A question

Did you hear
the elegance of the unspoken
through all that we spoke ?


Just green

I see , hear , feel life
sprouting from every
dark corner of space ,
tender shoots blooming
from the hearts of hardest of rocks ,
days of tireless tilling ,
watering , weeding
have ushered in
a spring ,
with a pink here ,
a yellow there ,
dotted with purple
amidst abundance of green ,
just green .


Down the memory lane - Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi

Four unforgettable lines from "Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi "

"These are their ruins.
These are the tears
in memory of those
who melt the soul forever."

I must have read them over a hundred times .

Each time a new revelation ,
each time a new ruin ,
a melting soul
deep in my heart .......


A life , a death rolled into one

A life , a death
rolling into one ,
O wayfarer ,
where are you heading ?
the meadows green no more ,
the skies blue no more ,
the hope fresh no more ,
beyond the rancid lust of blood ,
beyond cynical feast of greed ,
is there life ,
is there life pining to be born ?
have you got the hands
to wrench the dead into life ?


Sunday, April 27, 2008

In peace

All doors ,
all windows ,
closed ,
all farewells ,
all good byes spoken ,
proud to have let go
of the last trace
of attachment ,
as I sit down
cross legged
under the sky ,
all I feel
is a journey
into my own mind ,
in peace ,
in love ,
with the wonder ,
with the joy
of a child
within a child .


Like a hushed silence

A soft , husky voice
only for my ears ,
like a hushed silence
trying to find it's own faintness ,
a touch of pathos
a hint of sweetness .


Down the memory lane .....- T,S.Eliot

Out of the blue , I remembered ,
T.S. Eliot on "shadow "

"between the idea
and the reality
between the motion
and the act
falls the shadow "

I can't stop appreciating the beauty , brevity, profoundity and clarity of these lines!!!
I can't stop myself from roaming aimlessly in those heady memory lanes .


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Small little things

Small little things
like the sparkle
that brightens my smile ,
like the softness
that holds my hands ,
like the tenderness
that touches my heart ,
remind me ,
take me back ,
take me forth ,
to a campfire
burning slowly
a frosty night .


I have always been there

It's a hill ,
untravelled ,
untrampled ,
ever so full
of undulating softgreen
waltzing with the wind ,
of pale blue expanse
bending down into the streams ,
of bright golden sun
singing with the rain ,
often , so very often ,
I find myself there
in the rain ,
my arms outstretched ,
eyes closed ,
feet tapping ,
clouds smiling ,
at you and me .


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear friends .....

Dear enreal , dipti , krishna , Patricia and Maithri ,
I had strayed from my blog in recent days.
I can not give a reason . I don't have any.
All that matters is that your love and affection
brought me back to it .
It didn't seem to make sense for a while .
It makes sense now .
The connection that I feel with all of you ,
the bond that it helps me form with the world ,
a touch of spring mango shoots in the koel's voice .....
dear friends ,
it all makes sense
in this virtually real world .
Thank you ,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Short and sweet

That is life ,
few joys ,
few sorrows ,
a full life ,
short and sweet .


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too thin , too fragile

The line between hope and despair
is too thin , too fragile ,
prone to being torn
at the slightest of forces ,
no advice ,
no suggestion ,
for you know
how to be gentle and firm ,
so the hand that holds on to hope
does not awaken despair .


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Believe me

Believe me ,
trust me ,
hold on to me ,
I hold life
in the two palms of my hands ,
they understand death ,
so they have conquered death
many a time ,
since the inception of Universe ,
connect to this
invisible strength
which has the testimony
of tenacity of suffering ,
to imbibe ,
to drink ,
to be
the spring of life ,
life .


Like the first vowel

Joy is like the first vowel
formed on the bright face
of a new born baby ,
when a soft , silent round curve
of lips exhales
an intimate bond
with mother's presence ,
it's rhythmic fragrance
echoing in the air around .


The man who planted trees

I forget the name ,
whenever I am in self doubt
or pessimistic mood ,
I think of this man
who planted trees
day in , day out
without uttering a word
for years , decades
to see a dry , arid
and inhospitable landscape
turn into a breezy
lush green haven .
Who was that ?
Let me imbibe his soul
in letter , spirit ,
and most importantly
in deed .


With the promise of a bright day

I stand by an open window ,
with the view of an unlimited sky ,
the first feel is of a mild breeze ,
like a tender love
where even eyes
hesitate to meet ,
and nothing is ever spoken ,
then come the bright light green
spring fresh leaves
shyly acknowledging the breeze
with a delicate sway of their heads
in perfect harmony
with the breeze ,
and the mid-afternoon sun
rejoicing the
utterance of primal notes in nature ,
with the promise of a bright day .


Not afraid

Not afraid anymore
to be confined by walls ,
for I have learnt
to rise out of their confines
with my spirit and soul
intact and unscarred .


Friday, April 18, 2008

It takes time

It takes time
to accept death as a reality.
Once accepted ,
life becomes
so much more
valuable ,
so much more
easy ,
so much more
beautiful ,
so much more
free ,
so much more ......


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Colors springing out of white ,
colors merging to become black and white ,
a serene transition
from colored to black and white .


Only that much

Getting real is perhaps
the only way to live ,
but a little imagination,
once in a while
a delightful flight of mind
into fantasies unlived ,
of floating on clouds ,
of singing with the stars ,
of playing with
the breeze on
lush green meadows ,
of bursting into
colored fountains of laughter ,
helps anchor the real .
But only that much
which does not
cloud the real .


That this time exists

An abiding faith ,
a never diminishing trust ,
in the existence of this time ,
when all that is seen
are stars ,
innumerable stars ,
twinkling stars ,
faraway stars ,
nothing but stars
in my small horizon .
Some seen
some unseen ,
light radiating
from one and all ,
light diffusing through
one and all ,
a deep , quiet
connection .


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Lo and behold !
Close to our hearts ,
close to our souls ,
flying with our imagination ,
an ultimate expression in freedom ,
the baby bird soars high
on it's own wings
in open , clear skies ,
towards a new destination ,
anchoring on a new day ,


To breathe in clear

To breathe in clear ,
soulful night air
is like being
in communion
with the universe ,
that part of the universe
which has
pulled curtains down
on the clamor of the day
to surrender itself
to the sweetness
of night .



Once in a while ,
every once in a while
when I am with the words ,
forming patterns ,
paintings ,
landscapes ,
colors and flowers ,
a respect deeper than respect ,
a vernal veneration deeper than veneration
spreads over
all that the words paint ,
and sings mellifluously
a broken melody
for the one
who gifted the words ,
unconditionally .


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like a mountain cloud

Like a mountain cloud ,
like a daffodil ,
like an unnamed grass flower ,
like a tulip ,
like saffron ,
I add yet another color
to the splendor of life ,
like the eigth note
breaking out of
the octave ,
I add yet another frequency
to the symphony of stars ,
here , now ,
when the spiralling night
is blossoming into dawn .


Glorious forever

Forget the moments ,
days , months ,
seek a beauty
which is glorious forever ,
like the quiet flow of a river
into the turbulent ocean ,
like the icy wedges
that melt
as you trek down the Alps ,
like the dizzy heights
of Himalayas
that break down
into avalanches .


Monday, April 14, 2008

Broken , whole

Broken or whole ?
I have this to say ,
unless we are broken ,
how can we aspire to be whole ?
Let the glass break
into a million pieces ,
get the pieces one by one ,
melt them in the furnace ,
watch them become whole .



is only few seconds away ,
a shift of paradigm ,
a new set of rules ,
a new challenge
to fire the imagination .


A delightful time of the year

It is a truly delightful time
of the year ,
when change takes an altogether
new meaning ,
like the bright light olive green leaves
that cover the
tamarind bush in my balcony ,
like the multicolored
flower carpet
that greets me in the garden ,
like the love brimming
over the world
that I created around me .


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just that much of happiness

Tilting our heads high
to watch the joy
of birds in flight ,
the gaze in our eyes
meeting somewhere
in the sky ,
just that much of happiness ,
just that bit of life
wrapped in innocence .



Untapped impulses
on their way to
undiscovered pathways
through myelinated nerve fibres .
A million synapses
memory folds .



Incense of
memories '
from a long hiberantion ,
melting drop after drop
in each word ,
freezing deep inside
a semi-conscious
of a hand holding
my mind
from before it's birth ,
until after death .


Savoring the calm

Savoring the calm
after receding of the storm ,
peaceful waters and clear skies .


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Resonating with my quietening mind

Someone is listening to me
keenly ,
and replying
in the sweet song of Koel
resonating with
my quietening mind ,
someone who shares
quietly all the turbulance
in the ocean here
unconditionally .


Need to stay still

I am the sole witness
to the restless churning
of an ocean tide ,
toppling the whole
notion of time,
long lost past
overtakes the present .
I need to stay still
and wait in silence
till the tide turns back
and the present claims
it's rightful place .


Friday, April 11, 2008

Meaning ?

When does a word begin
to have a meaning ?
When it is born of life ,
when it is part of life ,
when it breaths life
or ,,,,,,,,,?


Bridging eons

I don't know
how long I walked
on the bridge
between eons ,
the river down
in full spate ,
dark clouds
with dazzling
showing the way ,
the westerlies
with river spray
to cool
my flying hair .


So they can fly

Peeling layers of time
so they can fly
with windswept autumn leaves .


Thursday, April 10, 2008

A blend of all

An ancient mango tree ,
ripe with summer ,
a large courtyard
full of moonlight ,
and how we played
stamping the shadows game ,
in fullness of moonlight ,
echo of waves
of peels of earthy laughter ,
and a brimming
awakening of
an intellectual fervor ,
it was an ancient call
with a blend of all .


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As though time had stopped

Voices from eternity ,
a feel of a call from
one's own soul ,
scattered on the
other end of atlantic ,
a rare and precious call ,
reaching out
across timezones
as though time never
existed .


Like the tall majestic trees

I want to create a reality
which everyone can trust ,
I want to surround my realm
with words which have
only one meaning ,
like the tall majestic trees
that always sway
in my vision ,
I am getting back
to school days ,
to immerse myself
in it's fervor ,
intellectually ,
emotionally ,
wholly .



like the moon
swaying in the sky ,
the swings that take you high ,
the trees
that teach you silence ,
are always there .


Just laughter

It was the sweetest thing to do ,
to look up from there ,
to smile
and forget all ,
to fill space with
full of earthy mirth ,
just laughter .


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It is not a dream ,
it is life at it's best
to sit quietly ,
here ,
where pink and purple boughs
breeze in the sky ,
the crescent moon
for the arrival
of the earliest star ,
horizon blushes in deep gray ,
with time bowing to it all
with unhurried patience .


Monday, April 7, 2008

Precious time

Precious time of the day ,
when the darkness around
is brightly lit ,
as we listen to the birth of hope
uttered from their secure homes ,
they speak of freedom
they speak of love ,
they speak of a breeze that
that keeps them warm
in their home ,
they speak of a breeze
that dares them to
explore beyond home .


Sublime and beautiful

I spent all evening
witnessing a near perfect sunset ,
and as ever I was left with wonder
that an end should be
so beautiful and sublime .


To live a day

To be with the sky
watching it swing
from horizon to horizon ,
and to let the mind swirl
with it ,
to watch a flower bloom
with the touch of spring ,
and to lose your heart in it ,
to be here
to feel the changes
in the color of sky ,
to live a day full of love .


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Helen Keller on Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell also worked as tutor for
deaf students . One of his most illustrious students
was Helen Keller .
She had this to say about him .
"Bell dedicated his life to the penetration of that inhuman silence which separates and estranges."
Isn't he as much relevant today as then ?


Alexander Graham Bell

My head and heart bow in respect , admiration
to the human being that A.G. Bell was .
His creativity , dedication , compassion are
truly inspiring .
A perfect combination of a dedicated mind and
a compassionate heart .


To you and to Alexander Graham Bell

Our voices cross over atlantic
bridging a distance ,
carrying a soothing presence ,
everyday , morning and evening ,
I utter grateful words to you
and to Alexander Graham Bell
who , in his effort to reach out
to his deaf mother , deaf beloved
has opened a world of communications .



Recall ,
reinvent ,
revive ,
renovate ,
every minute ,
every hour .


Saturday, April 5, 2008

How come ?

How come ?
I wonder ,
question ,
laugh ,
cry ,
worry ,
elate ,
Why does light follow me
wherever I go ?
It warms me up
every moment
never letting me go .


That I am alive

That I hold in the tiny space of my palm
infinite possibilities ,
that I feel in the tiny space of my heart
infinite frequencies ,
that I am alive
and raring to go ......


Sing to me

Sing to me , O koel ,
sing to me of spring ,
of tender mango shoots ,
of fragrant jasmine blooms
of freshness of morning
of joy in your longing .

(How fortunate am I to be woken up
by these birds everyday ! Their music layers
the freshness of dawn and beauty
that emerges is truly divine )

I hope you are able to listen to it .


Intently , quietly

Notes from Sitar rising
as the boat gently rocks
in still waters ,
with the sky watching
intently , quietly ,
I have a reason to live
and love .


Whatever will be will be

While being proactive in creating a better future ,
it is still nice to enjoy that little mystery of the unknown .....
Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be .


Friday, April 4, 2008


Mysticism is really mysterious to me .
Overtly relegious zeal doesn't sound human to me .
Poetry seems to be full of wishful thinking .

My inspiration is the average person on the road ,
struggling for his/ her family's bread and butter .

One of my unforgettable lessons was by an autodriver
who refused to accept extra money offered by me ,
for helping me with my luggage . He seemed so tall !
All my respect and admiration for him .

I love the streets , for that is where I get food for my soul .
I would love to reach there sometime .


Same way

Every day ,
every morning ,
these birds call me ,
in the same way ,
with the same
springy celebration
of the arrival of a new day ,
with the same rhythmic
sweetness in their tones ,
and the same overflowing joy .


Simple !!!!

I arrest my thoughts
rearrange them ,
to feel the simplicity of life .
Listen now ,
so many of them ,
those little
ecstatic flying things
are affirming it .
A simple rule -
lose yourself
in daily trifles .
A walk , a new sky ,
light purple flowers
dancing in the sky ,
and the chatter
of my bird friends ,
all for all .


Right proportions

A sense of balance ,
stabilising wisdom ,
and compassionate heart -
I need to combine these
in the right proportions .


Much as we may like

Much as we may like ,
much as we may not like ,
some conflicts once started
never seem to end .
This is not to say one
should not strive to end them .
One could try as much as
one's energies permit .
But ,when the futility
of it all
looks squarely in your face ,
it might dampen the efforts .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Isn't life truly whole ?

Slight heaviness
in the beating heart ,
like a tear waiting
to fall ,
an unspeakable
tenderness ,
an affectionate
touch ;
When life's gifts overflow
breaking all boundaries ,
can one ask for anything more ?
Isn't life truly whole ?


For an old world order

I am for an
old world order
where faith , loyalty , trust
like the soul of Casabianca ,
amidst cannons
from left and right ,
I reject
all else .

I don't think any explanation
will justify a breach .


As long as .......

As long as our hearts remember ,
our eyes continue to see ,
our ears listen with attention
to the call of the earliest bird
through the dead of the night ,
through the buzz of the day ,
in the candle lit hours of a late evening ,
as long as they hold
what cannot be held ,
a twikle in your eye ,
a tear in part sorrow , part joy ,
we can continue to celebrate
being fully alive .


Saying it with flowers

Can we say
anything better
than these flowers
that we hold
in our hearts ?
Nature is forever
fresh fragrances
to hold us in it's fold .
Why don't we
just say it
with the flowers ,
with the pink light
dancing in their
tender touch ,
as the dew
on the leaves
with you .


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still heard

A voice
from a distant past ,
a fading present ,
soft and soothing
like the steps
of someone
forever ,
like the steps
of someone
never ........


Listening together

The tunes are from ice ages ,
set to a rhythm that warms up our hearts ,
as we listen together
from across the oceans ,
defying timezones .


Atlantic in my heart

A constant roar of the waves ,
a clean blue pristine shade
a trusting icy cool breeze ,
a feel of the Atlantic
as I fly
to the one and only holy one .

Across the atlantic

Globe turns ,
continents drift ,
as a transatlantic voice
reaches out to it's home .


A touch of permanency

A touch of permanency
a constant renewal ,
as the sun comes back
every first hour of a day
with a view from the west.


Facing West

As I watch the Sun set ,
my thoughts fly westward
where a new day is just being born .


Colored white

Pristine white
off crystalline ice ,
a riot of colors .


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sky beholds

A distant fire
a bird's flight ,
sky beholds .



Unsure ,
uncertain ,
but the darkness has given way
for sure , for certain ,
to an already awake , aware self ,
it's eyes
greeting the dawn
with respectful warmth.


Why are we here ?

Assure me
we do not seek
the heaven and the earth ,
we are not here to drown
in our own perceived
self servings ,
we are here to
give earth
it's due
in this life ,
in the way
it should be
given ,
in a way that
brings heaven
down to earth .


Is it not your fortune ?

Truth will have it's say .
There are times when you
are the lone voice
that carries it .
Why hesitate ?
Is it not your fortune
that you have been chosen
for something as sacred as that .


Fragile no more

Fragile are we
and our emotions ,
intense , fleeting .
Fragile are the words
that shift , change
with every breeze .
Fragile are the
of this realm .

Change the realm ,
shun the words ,
shift the paradigm
to impassioned wisdom ,
to be
fragile no more .


Monday, March 31, 2008

A vision

It is a vision ,
no more a view ,
a smiling flower ,
a frozen lake
and a touch
of sunshine .



and the variables
make an equation whole ,
it's just a fortunate
stroke of brush
to find
the constant
right at home ,
always present .


Birds' twitter

Birds' twitter ,
smell of coffee
flavor of another day .


Delicate fragrance

Delicate fragrance of jasmine
in the mist of evening air ,
a call to close your eyes ,
to breathe in
autumn turning towards summer .


Touching the heart of reality

Make no mistake ,
blessed are we those
who do not seek
that one color that is
happiness , joy or bliss ,
we the living
seek life
in it's rich fullness
of joys and sorrows ,
blessed are we
for we connect
to both
the joyous
and the grief stricken ,
these are not just
words painted with make up
or make believe ,
these touch the heart of reality
like the real and the alive .


Still defining

Hurts , happinesses ,
griefs , joys
and so many emotions
that move in and out of us ,
and paint the blank canvasses
that we are ;
but for them ,
would there be
the thundering clouds
which make me
turn to you
involuntarily ,
would there be
the lightening
which helps me
see you dazzle
in the night ,
would there be
this painting which is
still defining itself
in rich colors
and gentle textures ?


The greatest romance

The greatest romance of life
is hidden in the well laid routine
of an ordinary day ,
where we pour out
our hearts and souls
in all those trifles
that connect us to life .


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Singing along

My mind sings along
with the prayer in the background ,
"Twameva sarvam mama deva deva " .



Contented that I have been true to myself ,
as always .
I believe that in the long run this matters .
Only those who truly understand this
remain with you .


Perhaps a little hard

It's perhaps a little hard ,
not impossible
to make life spring from these stones .


Black and white ?

It is true that the world we inhabit is not
black and white . There are grey zones .
Right now , in the current paradigm
that my mind is in , I also see black and white .

I like good and kind words .
I also like firm words which cut the black .
Firmly , unambiguously , hopefully
towards light from so much of
unarticulated darkness .


One day

One day
all that we saw ,
all that we ever thought ,
and felt
would have
kissed the spaces
the dust particles .
Bones perhaps
would take
some more
perhaps lot more
time to dissolve .
Have you ever thought
as to what would remain then ?
Only that for which
we stood
singlemindedly ,
only that
real compassionate connection
that we made with
the world around .
Put your hand out ,
dear friend ,
feel that reality ,
and yes ,
let that be the one and only
guide for the action today .


I am planning to patent it

I think I can patent it as a green remedy for pain .
When something hurts you and causes pain ,
then allow it to hurt till you become immune to it.
It raises your pain threshold and frees you from
all the pain and it's cause .
Then smile to yourself .........
It works for a variety of physical aches and pains .
It worked for me .
May not work for others .........


Ambiguity , clarity

Ambiguity and clarity are like darkness and light .
Away from darkness towards light ........
That is peace . That is harmony .


Which holds you like a mother......

I have zero tolerance for any kind of
relegious chauvinism , for that matter
any kind of chauvinism .
I do cherish a personal bond with the
concept of God .
A close , quiet personal bond which
is always there like back ground music .
A bond whiich strengthens you
emotionally without boosting the ego.
Which stays with you like a dear
friend through all times .
Which puts you to sleep through
those troubled times .
Which makes you reach out to anyone
in need of being reached out .
Which loves you even when the
whole world is up against you .
Which holds you in it's fold like a
mother holds her baby ......


Saturday, March 29, 2008

The challenge

To remain centered ,
to stay focussed ,
all clarities and confusions ,
to continue to feel positive
with renewed rigour
and quiet compassion ,
is the challenge .


At times like now

At times like now ,
when all I hear
is a birdsong about
the transiting night ,
when all I see is
a vision -
perhaps an abstract one ,
when all that is there
are these two
hands of mine
reaching out ,
it all
seems worth
every moment
of it's existence .


Is it not ?

To bow my head down
and to see eternity smiling ,
is it not the greatest gift ?


Friday, March 28, 2008

Where are the colors ?

Where are the colors being splashed ?
not a drop of rain ,
how come these rainbows ?
What is it that's making the bird fly
even after it's wings have been clipped ?
Where is the spring well
of this never fading hope ?


Pure abstraction

Held here
in this one cubic feet space
around me ,
suspendeed here
in this tiny
packet of light .
is the soul of a touch
in pure abstraction ,
in joy .


I don't see any darkness

It is still dark out there
but I don't see any darkness ,
my mind has already drifted
beyond horizon
to welcome dawn
back home .


Gift wrapped

There is something
I want to send along ,
gift wrapped
in pastel shades ,
to hold the thought flow
of you
with such warmth ,
such sweet tenderness
that you drift
into it's beating heart
to feel the stillness .


Never mind the heart

Wait for the breeze
to sing to you
the sweetness of jasmine ,
wait for the light
to dazzle you
with the sparkle of a ruby ,
wait for the sky
to feel the expanse
of your own mind ,
never mind the heart ,
it has already dissolved itself
in all of these .


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Face towards dawn

Turned around
to find myself
face to face
with dawn ,
unable face the brightness
I close my eyes ,
sense a comforting smile ,
a softness in my eyes ,
it's golden rays
wrapping around my shoulders
inviting me ,
to sing along with the day .


A point

I must trust ,
I trust
the point
when all was in that
point ,
from where
the world began ,
I must believe ,
I believe
the point
into which all
will go back .


Quietly ......

Listening to
acres and acres of
snow melting in sun .


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Figuring it out

I am still figuring out
as to what it was
that I saw ,
hope ,
despair ,
playfulness ,
wonder ,
contentment or
the comforting
feeling of
being at home .


Slight shift

A shift
somewhere within you ,
little like dawn break ,
little like breaking heart of the sky
as the sun sets ,
little unlike any of these ,
unexplainable emptiness
that shifts your heart
from within
to within ,
day in ,
day out ,
every evening ,
every morning ,
with every little transition
on your fingertips .


Monday, March 24, 2008

Meaning ?

Seriously ,
really ,
humorously ,
is there any meaning ,
any real meaning to this
imaginary realm ?
Why burden
life with
fantasy of
burdens ?
Is it not time
to get real ?


To be lost

A sparkle ,
a memory
dips into the lake ,
to hide ,
to be lost .



Words have always said
many things in one breath ,
and they take pride in it ,
but the pale violet flowers
swaying in the breeze of dawn
have been like a perfect friend ,
quiet , understanding
and unassuming .



All my votes are
for the power of reasoning .
Unemotional and stoic reasoning
has it's advantages .
Often it points towards the truth
by cutting through
foggy words and
make believe illusions .


To erase it all

To accept
that this is something unique ,
has never been ,
will never be ,
and to erase it all ,
and wonder at the
beauty of
utterly empty mind ,
and heart
and start afresh .....


There is a way

There is a way
to get out of these prisons ,
there are footprints
asking you to follow ,
there are doors which are not locked ,
open them softly
without being heard ,
walk on your toes
without looking back ,
on and on
till a birdsong ,
rustle in the leaves
greets you and leads you
to a tree ,
to a grove
where you can
join the children playing
endlessly ,
where you can
sit down to just
be anything
and nothing ,
with the soft grass
cushioning you
and the blue sky
gazing at you .


Transition times

Uncertain transitions
so they seem ,
heart flutters ,
familiarity calls back
for a moment of solace ,
a slight shiver in the fingers ,
momentary indecision ,
before giving in
to the charm of a hope ,
a dream ,
and the challenge
of an untrodden path .


Sunday, March 23, 2008

No option

Birds know it better ,
the coming of dawn ,
even as it is taking it's steps
below the visible horizon ,
they sing of it
with such joy ,
such a welcome note
with pure bliss echoing
in their voices
that dawn has no option
but to arrive
eagerly ,
happily ,
and bless us all .


I could not have done it

Willpower ,
grit ,
determination ,
willingness to learn new things
in entirely new ways ,
willingness to work
and give oneself completely to work ,
courage to speak out ,
perseverance ,
resiliance ,
and forbearance ,

and precious family and friends ,
my gratitude to you all ,
I am reaching beyond the skies ,
I could not have have done it
without all of you .


Fill the sails with fresh winds

When the winds get rough ,
when sky looks dark ,
when silverlinings disappear ,
when despair shakes the ship
away from it's goal ,
it is then my friend ,
we need to create a new breeze ,
set our song to a new rhyme ,
awaken the souls that are lost in slumber ,
fill the sails with fresh winds ,
and sail away ,
to live and to die .


How come ?

How come
aeons pass through
me in moments ,
but I continue
to remain
like a frozen statue ,
as if
time has
stopped ?


Humble submission

But for these words
which are around me
all the time ,
which care for me
all the time ,
which love me
all the time ,
I would be no more
than ash ,
cold ash
without a single ember .

But , friend ,
I have no words
to thank you
for this gift
that you gave
unasked .


Saturday, March 22, 2008


It has taken me so long , so very long
to understand that this gift of life is too
precious to be lost .
I want to do all I can to preserve it .



I gaze at the moon ,
feel the breeze ,
in silence .



Now ,
when infatuation
and fascination
for rainbows has waned ,

when gray and black
has replaced
the splendor of spring ,

when few odd wrinkles
try to compete
with twinkles in the eyes ,

darling ,
now is the time
to look into each others eyes and
love each other like never before .

is the time
to resurrect
ourselves ,
to be
better than
ever before .


(That is how it feels after 25 years of being married )


I wonder about role of family in changing times .
It varies from person to person .
It has been a great source of strength for me .
I gained much more than what I have given .
From family , one should ideally extend
the connection to the whole world .
In ways that both self and family are in
equilibrium .
Loyalty , sensitivity , respect , love are
important for me .
I do hear a lot about unconditional love ,
but I am not really capable of it .
I am a conditioned person - conditioned
to the welfare of people around me .

Friday, March 21, 2008


This desire to let words flow,
to gush through the essence of me ,
to fill spaces ,
to break boundaries ,
to water fields ,
to reach the unreachable
to feel listless ,
to feel divine ,
to feel mortal ,
to be totally consumed ,
to die a death ,a thousand deaths ,
and to rise once again ,
never to be lost again .



As a child I was closest to my perception of God.
My God did not have any supernatural powers .
He/she did not belong to any relegion .
He was a normal human being without a form .
He had all the faults of a normal human being .
I felt close enough , free enough to scold him ,
question him , curse him when I had some
worries , doubts , unanswered questions in
my mind .
He was like my best friend , who would
listen to me with patience in all circumstances .
I still love that image of God who is still
as close to me .



Today is the transition between
an ending and a new begining .
Tomorrow is the day of resurrection .
With a new hope , in a new paradigm ,
where the human spirit can no longer
be broken ...........

Next milestone

I look back at the road travelled with the satisfaction
of having done my best within the limitations that
I faced .
Certainly not the end . A fair midterm appraisal
which gives a confident direction to the future .
I'm waiting patiently for the next milestone .

Shiny green stars

Once again ,
stars are green today ,
smiling shily
in the embrace of sky .


All by yourself

So easy to be happy ,
so easy to connect
to your inner most self ,
when you feel complete
and whole
all by yourself .



Extremes thrill
in ways moderation can not .
But extremes cannot give
the joy and serenity
of a deep breath .
And a close , deep
and everlasting bond
can only be formed
in a deep breath
of two beating hearts .


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fold my hands

I fold my hands ,
close my eyes ,
to feel the cross
and the person on the cross ,
to remember the bloodshed
that could have been avoided ,
to feel the intensity of his love
for the whole universe .

Have I not answered ?

And there is no physical form to this .
What is this ?
And there is no earthly expectation of this .
What is this ?
And it cannot be seen , heard . Can only be felt .
What is this ?
And it lets everything remain as it is .
But , what is it ?
It is just there in me all the time .
Then , tell me , what it is .
It closes my eyes , so that I can see with my mind's eye .
Do I give up the question ?
Have I not answered ?


Complete the picture

These images that sometimes
hold on to us ,
or those that we hold on to
have their inverses too ,
hidden in some other
diagonal corners ,
wrapped under a veil .
Search them out ,
put them together
to get at the truth ,
to complete the picture .


A rare moment

One of the rare moments ,
when the bird breaks it's cage
to fly beyond horizon .



I pray that I see God
in every single part of nature ,
living and non-living .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A few drops

This is for real .
Please make a bowl of your palms
and look into the depths of it ,
a few drops are glistening in it ,
more than a few drops ,
as many as you would need ,
to fill your day
with all that I can say
with the softness
in my eyes .



by the beauty of dawn
in ever changing
images of smoke
the folds of night .


Jazzy ?

I love jazz ,
probably the concept of it ,
I love jazzy looks
with a slightly subdued smile
and a faraway gaze
speaking of
an unspoken understanding ,
but , alas ,
I cannot understand
why I find
the plain jane colors
of my blog jazzy .


How far back ?

I love to travel in time
without limits ,
it is still a wonder
it is still a search ,
it is a yearning
still alive ,
I want to go back
to the moment
that I was
in my mother's womb ,
feel the warmth there
for as long as I wish ,
then look further
and leap back into the eons
where I was not .


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like the dew on the grass

I search for
a simplicity in the dawn
to carry with me
through the day ,
like the dew on the grass ,
like the mist that still shines .


Wishful thinking ?

Let me learn the art of
creating harmony amidst chaos
and music from noise .


Monday, March 17, 2008

One moment

One moment ,
one life
for the
colors of dawn
in the east .


This morning

This morning
is for the reverence that has
stood the test of time ,
for the softness
that still remains
through all the memories ,
for the joy and mirth
that could not be eclipsed by pain .



One word that "Beyond the fields we know "
reminded me of is " resilience " .
Strangely though ,
it reminded me of myself ,
as I walk beyond these fields
without turning back ..........


Beyond the fields we know

Once again ,
again and again
I wish to thank
Kerrdelune of
"Beyond the fields we know "
for her soft and authentic words ,
for her ability catch
wordless beauty of nature
with resilience and forbearance .
I wish to accompany her
on one of her treks ,
into the snow filled woods .
Godwilling , I will .


A new definition of beauty

I don't understand much of poetry ,
infact I shun it for the ambiguity
that it often has ,
but I understand this star
in a new horizon ,
all prose , crystal clear .
My new definition of beauty
is simplicity and clarity .



What is there to be attached to
when we ourselves
are so short lived ?
This is an occasional stabilising
feeling .


Appearances and words

There is a lot of similarity
between words and appearances .
I know that
they matter to you more than anythingelse.
Isn't that the truth ?
This coupled with the innumerable masks
mean that there can never be any trust
ever .
This is really better than building it to
break it .