Monday, July 14, 2008

Laws of life

If I look ahead ,
move ahead ,
I am just obeying
the laws of life ,
if I leave behind
the burdens
that I cannot bear
I am being
honest with life ,
if I follow
my own sense
of right and wrong
it just means
I have a conscience ,
my first accountability
is to my own self ,
a truth as clear
as beautiful
as a freshly formed
crystal lattice
the light
as brightly
as it can .



Enreal said...

The laws of life... you captured what I have been searching for... there are many wisdoms here... ones I have to reread and relearn...

I can not simply quote one line as my favorite... I love them all... this is just what I needed. Thank You

akash said...

On a second look ,enreal , the laws of life sound a little selfish to me , .

But , yes , we need to care for ourselves .... need to care for
life around as much as possible ...
that should not mean that we lose all that we are .