Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear friends .....

Dear enreal , dipti , krishna , Patricia and Maithri ,
I had strayed from my blog in recent days.
I can not give a reason . I don't have any.
All that matters is that your love and affection
brought me back to it .
It didn't seem to make sense for a while .
It makes sense now .
The connection that I feel with all of you ,
the bond that it helps me form with the world ,
a touch of spring mango shoots in the koel's voice .....
dear friends ,
it all makes sense
in this virtually real world .
Thank you ,


Enreal said...

It makes sense to me. My "life" is the way it is supposed to be. Enreal's Life is a direct result of my own. I speak of the two as separate, it is not so. I like to separate the two in order to give reflection and purpose. I am honored that you mentioned me. I feel that we have know each other before. Your words are always meaningful and reminisent. They bring me to the time of old. A place I feel I belong to. I have been thinking on the reason I am living this life, what lessons am I to learn. One thing I am certain of is Enreal and all the people she met along her journey. She is blessed. I am blessed.

When you have no reason to give it is because there is none to give. It does make sense.

Peace and Light to you... I did research on your name. Your name akash is sky and smriti... I could not find the right meaning... Just pondering... and rambling. Sorry for the length of this comment. Have a nice weekend!

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

I don't know the exact meaning of Smriti . To me it meant remembrance . Remembrance of the sky - does it make sense , enreal ?

To be able to reach this sublime level of communication means a lot to me . Perhaps we know each other . Knowing can be in different ways . Isn't it ?

I am happy that my words bring you to a time of old . I am happier that this feels like a place you belong to . How blessed am I to give you such a feeling ?
That gives an inspiration
for the words to flow ....

Thank you ,

Peace and love to you ,


Dipti said...

Dear Brother... you paint yet again... smiles on faces and joy in hearts ... thanks for your kind words and affection .. Yes even i know smriti as 'rememberance'...your writings are true to your name ... sometimes soft and serene as the clean fresh sky after a pouring rain of emotions.... sometimes drenched into vivid colors of evening sky ... sometimes pastel hues of memories to be cherished on a morning sky... sometimes silvery sparkles of dreams to be realized ... hope to read more and learn more from you ..
Many Regards dear brother...

akash said...

Dear dipti ,

I am truly touched by your words .
All the beauty that you are describing in reality is in your words and eyes .

I am indeed blessed to have met
wonderful souls like you in this
journey .

Thank you , my friend for greeting
through every possible window ,
and opening the doors for fresh breeze to enter .

Peace and light to you , dear dipti ,


Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Akash,
I cant tell you how beautifully you have carved a place in all our hearts :)
I truly agree with dear Enreal and My beloved sis- Dipti for every word of theirs pour out the Love, affection and serenity you have blessed us all with...
Akash, you have gifted so many smiles and added such sparkling colours to all our lives in more than a hundred ways and you have done it with such grace :))
I humbly bow down to your dazzling soul and have only my Love and blessings to offer :)
May you always be hugged by the arms of God.
And may this connection of ours receive His eternal blessings ;)
Thank you for including me as a tiny speck of your Infinity...!
Hail Akash :))

akash said...

My dear Krishna ,

Your good will and good words brighten this virtual home in no small measure .
They sooth , they elevate ,
they inspire and motivate .
This connection through words ,
thoughts and reflections is pure
and I am sure that it will only
help us evolve into better human beings .

I know the limitations of my words , vocabulary and expressions .
It is perhaps the values shared
which are making a deep spiritual
connection between all of us .

Thank you dear Krishna ,
Peace , love and blessings to you ,