Saturday, June 7, 2008

With patience

Alone ,
on a branch swinging freely
in the air ,
sits a cute baby crow ,
it's raining ,
not too hard though ,
it's huddled
in it's own feathers ,
cold from drops of rain ,
mildly shivering ,
mildly meditating
like an ascetic
in his wait
for his mother ,
after an hour
after another one ,
he waits
in trust
with patience
for his mother .


The baby crow continues to wait in the rain .
I am fortunate enough to get a glimpse of
life of this little bird.

I am wondering why he is sitting outside
when there is a nest closeby .
Mother crow came , baby opened it's beak
in expectation ; it appears that mother
could not get anything due to rain .

I still don't see any disappointment on
baby's face even though he is shivering more .
He apparently understands !

How much to learn from these birds
which act on instinct !

How beautiful the lessons .



Anonymous said...

How humble, to be taught by nature.

akash said...

Indeed, mossy .