Monday, May 5, 2008


Innocence scripting
another story
only angels tread ,
and children play
on wings of lightness .



Tomas Karkalas said...

dear akash-smriti
Thank you.
my computer is broking, the main programs are lost already and the problems are the endless, but I listen to your wonderful poetry and the light makes the miracle - Thank you comes out of itself. My computer may broke but not the light. Your hearty words free from worries and puts on the wings of gratitude

akash said...

Dear Tomas ,

You are a reason for me , for the world to celebrate life .
You have always , always risen above all that you have faced to spread light to the world .

And what a wonderful light ?
How brilliant are the colors ?
You are an inexhaustible source
of love and light .

Deepest gratitude for being you ,


Dipti said...

Very sweet dear brother ...your pride and pleasure is so apparent about your nearness and probably work with sweet little angels ...

innocent eyes
eager to learn
innocent smiles
our reasons to live ...

loved your soft sweet words..

akash said...

Dear dipti ,

You are right , dipti .
They are the purpose . They are
the path .
O sweet innocence , you make life worth living !

Thank you , dipti , for your beautiful responses .