Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sighting the shore

How does it feel
to sight the shore
after months , years of
voyaging through
through easy , tough ,
calm and turbulent times ?
Patience slowly runs out ,
no more lonely voyages ,
no more of uncertain anonymous sounds ,
no more of separation .


Enreal said...

I have not yet seen the shore... perhaps when I do... it will be your words singing to my soul... perhaps when I see the shore I shall fall to the ground and kiss the earth... perhaps I have had enough of the turbulent times... perhaps I have heard my patience against the anonymous sounds... perhaps when I reach the shore I shall be home... i shall rest...

these words haunted me with beauty and surrender... thank you akash

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

In reality , there is no shore for the real journey .
The journey continues till the end through a long winding path .

So , I can relate to what you are saying .
Once in a while we rest under a tree , refresh ourselves and continue .

Wherever you are , kneel and kiss the earth .

You are home .