Friday, March 21, 2008


This desire to let words flow,
to gush through the essence of me ,
to fill spaces ,
to break boundaries ,
to water fields ,
to reach the unreachable
to feel listless ,
to feel divine ,
to feel mortal ,
to be totally consumed ,
to die a death ,a thousand deaths ,
and to rise once again ,
never to be lost again .



Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Akash,
To go through every single word of yours is to realise my own Consciousness hidden beneath innumerable veils...
And its in losing the Self that you would be born to eternity..
Thank you for being who you are..Truly precious :)
Keep sparkling:)
My Love,hugs and prayers for an adorable soul!

pbsweeney said...

To leap into the river of expression, is a powerful submission. People rarely understand the totality of it, the annihilation. Brave Akash!

akash said...

Dear Krishna ,

It is your kindness and the beauty of your soul that makes you speak with such sweet words .


akash said...

Dear Patricia ,

You seem to be aware of the process that I go through while writing these lines .
It was an involuntary flow .
Yes . I submitted to it .
Really there was nothing brave in it .
At the end of it , the neat little pattern of words formed restored my serenity .

I feel grateful for the way you connect to the flow of words here .