Monday, May 19, 2008

Holy smoke

This heart ,
it's not something
that can be touched ,
the hands that work,
the feet that walk
that is all
that is real ,
all else
is holy smoke .



Anonymous said...

The mind too is just smoke, but the heart is much sweeter.
Perhaps this holy smoke is more real than our interpreted world of "solid" objects.

Am I a solid object? I think that I must be more subtle than the slightest fragrance. Yet real and eternal.

What of love, trust, kindness, awareness, and meaning. Are these not real? Are they not infinitely more significant than physical touch. Could this "real" world of flesh and form possibly be justified if it did not hold meaning for a heart… all hearts.

akash said...

mossy ,

I can't thank you enough for these words .

They are meaningful.

They do talk to me.

But mind is something wonderful too.

That has been my experience .

Mind has the capacity to sustain heart's transient fluctuations.

Think about it !


Anonymous said...



"Think about it!" sounds like the words of Satin. : )

Yes mind has it's place.
But it does not know it's place.

I simplify the problem (less mind) by using the word mind to describe a wide variety of phenominon. Some of these are very useful and even close to consciousness but the great majority of them are harmful.

I am pleased that you enjoyed my post.

akash said...

Thank you , mossy .

I cannot say that I agree with you fully.

I don't understand fully.