Friday, February 29, 2008

Remember ?

I still remember
enchanting sounds ........
of winds kissing the window panes ,
of rain pouring through
the open windows ,
of rain drumming hard
on the roof tops ,
of rain splashing down
the leaves and branches,
and of gales of
our laughter in the warm spray
of wind and rain ,
sun and sand .

Remember ?



Waiting for a word ,
a soothing ,
flowing ,
tender word
which is a question
and an answer to
all my questions ,
which is the seeker
and is sought
by all my words ,
which is the begining
and end
of all my quests ,
which rests
where it
belongs .


Through their eyes

To sense
to know
to feel
the wonder
in each drop of water ,
with each uplift of the sand dune ,
with each gush of innocence
in their faces ,
to see them dance
an abstract dance
making patterns
out of mundane
concepts ,
looking beyond the obvious
into their own hearts ,
into the world around ,
making a connection
a tender
and lasting connection ,
to feel the world in their eyes ,
O to feel the world in their eyes ,
makes me soar
without limits ,
without bounds .
Return of a familiar sweetness
return of a passionate streak
return of a sense of balance
in a day , everyday .


Thursday, February 28, 2008

And beyond

An urge
to travel
in space
in time
till the
very end
that I can
and beyond .


Another step

It is a sum of all the colors ,
it is the strumming of all the notes ,
in phase , out of phase ,
some fading , some begining ,
through all these ,
with or without hope ,
there is one certainity ,
this is a new day ,
take another step ,
move another mountain .

A tune

I hear a soft tune
humming itself
all the way
from the misty labyrinths
of a lake
into a slumbering me,
touching me lightly
on my forehead ,
as though to awaken
the forgotten dreams .


Can we talk peace ?

Can we talk the world into peace
when the magma is still pouring out
from the cracks in the earth ?
Can we talk ourselves into peace
when there is still a little time left
before the earth is struck ,
before being engulfed
by the spell of darkness ,
just before we are
declared dead ?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


To make the emptiness
permanent ,
I need to dissolve ,
disseminate ,
and disintegrate
all that is transitory ,
all that plays to the gallery ,
all that exists
only in the appearences
and rewrite
a new me .



This emptiness that
fills me is indeed
the most precious possession
of mine .
Once in a while it
appears like a star dotted sky
on the landscape of mind ,
an unexpected gift ,
for a while
there is a soft glow ,
there is a silence ,
of feeling nothing ,
thinking nothing ,
being nothing .

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am still wondering

I am wondering
about the gift
that I need to give my dawn ,
when it already has
the priced possession ,
the Sun in all it's glory and splendor .
I am still wondering
as to what I can give ,
other than these
empty hands
reaching out
to the Sun .


The only question to ask

The only question to ask is ,
"What can I give ?".
This is what I learnt
from Maithri .
I keep saying this
whenever I waver .

To be an arch

Educating is like constructing an arch
through which a person
sees another part of the universe
and moves on ......and on .....??

Well , I like to think of it this way because it allows
the learner to wander and learn using his/her own instincts ....
like being in breeze ..... not in the confines of class rooms
under the ever controlling voices and presence of teachers ....

Difficult . I know .
Must try .Could try.


Random thoughts on education

Just a question here -
What are or should be the goals of education ?
What should be the methods ?

Question with vast scope ........
and infinitely many answers ,
let us see how we steer through it .



Just as much sorrow
as joy ,
to keep the balance
in see-saw of life ,
to bid the final
good bye.


Monday, February 25, 2008


Do you see ,
feel ,
touch ,
hear ,
the resonance ?
Here a string is plucked ,
there a beat of the drum
is heard .
Must be the work
of an unseen hand
tugging at two hearts .

Tell me

To feel the dew drops
glistening on the leaves ,
to see the sun
hiding behind dark clouds ,
to keep the fragrance
of the dying rose alive ,
to bring a spring
in unending summer ,
to awaken
the human essence in me ,
to fill the pulse of life
in the dead and dying .....

tell me
all that it takes
to do all that ,
in one lifetime ,
in this one.


It isn't real

It isn't real .

The written word

is at times

the by-product

at times

a vestigeal organ

at times

an apology

for the reality

of life .


Heaven on earth

Through misunderstandings , so many of them ,
if one could steer the vehicle safely
towards understanding
and love
and extend a compassionate hand ,
then it is , it truly is
heaven on earth ,
for you
for me
for all .


Purpose of schooling

Educating versus controlling.......
Opening vistas versus closing minds......
Co-operating versus competing.....
Correcting versus fault finding......
Transforming versus branding ......

So many ways in which we put our imprint on future .......


Sunday, February 24, 2008

A song

I hear a song
a soft one
a gentle one
on the waves of breeze
waking me
awakening me
into a
never ending dawn ,
pulling me
a never fading belief .

At the end of the day

I realise they are identical twins ,
happiness and sorrow in my mind ,
waking one automatically awakens the other
and their cousin fear too is not too far ,
it is a full family , a closely knit family
where all emotions are shared in good measure ,
the only way to keep balance in my mind is ,
to put them all to sleep with a mindful lullaby
and close my own eyes to dream
a dreamless sleep
at the end of the day .

Impact of a poem

I never believed that a poem could do this -
break you into pieces , as many as you can be broken into ,
and remake a new you out of all the broken shards .
I believe it now .


I need to understand detachment and detached action .
There is a strong urge within me to detach from things around .
No , this is not apathy , this is not lack of compassion .
Let compassion decide what is to be done .
Let the work be done with detachment . Without expectation .
I am not fully aware of what it means , but I know that I like
myself to be that way .
Which is that ?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

For a little angel

This one is for a little angel
who stands by me unseen ,
like the best friend
I have ever had ,
ushers the dawn
into my home ,
and follows me
like a shadow
wherever I go .

Whispering vision

The door was open ,
I stopped hesitantly .
You were immersed
in a beautiful ,
delicately woven
vision ,
perhaps of ocean waves rising
to rinse the hills ,
something else .
I stood motionless ,
at the door ,
listening to the
whispering vision ,
immersing in it.


Like sky ?

Someone was talking about it .
Beauty of the broken heart .

The longing ,
grace ,
respect ,
compassion and
love .
Have you ever felt
all of them
as your own self ?
How does it feel
to melt ,
to become a part
of the well spring
that heals ?
How beautiful
would that feel ?
How limitless
would that feel ?


Friday, February 22, 2008


They are on ,

they are off,

the lamps that light up

the beauty uphill ,

now I see

now I don't ,

a mist ,

a mystery

a smile ,

a tear ,

a breeze ,

a storm ,

desire that burns ,

peace that calms ,

I seek all

at a point

outside of myself ,

where I am enjoying all

as a spectator .



Conviction that
there is a quiet flow
deep beneath
surface turbulance .....

Conviction that
there is another face ,
an incredibly beautiful
and gentle face ,
in layers of
harsh reality .....

Conviction that
I will find it one day .......

Conviction that I will be it
oneday .....
today .



It's divine ,
it's heavenly ,
to feel sleep
descend on the eyes
the eyelashes
being aware .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Waiting for the bells

Waiting for the bells ,
the invisible bells in the sky
to ring , ring and to ring
until I am at the doorstep
of eternity .
A beginning of mind's
journey with light
into infinity .


Summer smells

Autumn hasn't ended yet ,
already incense of jasmine
is thick in the air ,
like a mist of summer
around a fading spring .


Running away , in search of compassion

I don't know if I should tell this to my children ; when I was in third standard ,
I ran away from my English medium school to a Telugu medium Government run school in
a Saibaba temple . All the classes were in corridors . No furniture . No strict rules .
But it was heaven on earth - because of the two lovely teachers , who managed
that unearthly combination of seven classes in a room less , wall less school .
If I am not cynical , credit goes to them .
Oh yes , they were really compassionate and not strict .
I learnt well , without anyone breathing down on me .

Full credit to my two teachers . No other school was as homely as that .


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nothing more

To bless
and to be blessed ,
nothing more .


How do we build trust ?

What are the ingredients that go into it ?

Love , compassion , respect , forgiveness and trust ?

A basic belief in the innate trustworthiness of people .

In becoming aware of the longterm good that trust can do .

By conscious construction of trust building situations .


I still believe

Not exhausted ,

not tired ,

not cynical ,

I still believe in the power of love ,

I am still full of love .


Long after it was heard no more

To correct more than control ,
with more of compassionate firmness than power talk ,
in a way that it is heard
long after it was no more
is a dream
as a parent ,
as a teacher .
A tight rope walking of
balancing diversities ,
well worth the effort ,
if we aim at a society
which is compassion-centric
rather than power-centric .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How ?

How do I hold the dawn ,
it's freshness ,
it's hope ,
the radiant smile with which
it greets the day ,
all through the day
and the night ?

Still in doubt ?

Still in doubt ?
Don't you see the
rays shining ,
sun smiling
through the fog ?
Just a bit of light
we share
with each other ,
with all ,
with words ,
without words .


Towards life

Through the words ,
through the lines
shrouded in mist ,
arises a path
towards life ,
and the living .


Play of words

As they scatter with the breeze ,
as the road forks and the path has been chosen ,
take a last look at the road left behind ,
remind yourself , it is just a play of words ,
with a happy begining and a happy ending .

Watch them scatter

Mix memories

with tulips , roses and marigolds ,

on the branches

of an age old mango tree ,

and watch them

scatter in the autumn breeze

just before the exit of dusk .


Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a memory ?

I am still walking
around the lake ,
shivering slightly
in freezing moonlight ,
one of the earliest quiet walks ,
when an unexpected breeze
touched the softness of our palms ,
as if to pray
for a miniature infinity .
Is it just a memory ,
is it still praying ,
on the shimmer
of moonlight
holding the lake ,
now ?



Aroma of strong coffee
wafting softly around an
expectation of spring .......


Small steps

Small steps ,
a little straight ,
a little zig-zag ,
towards light .



Would Sun ever have known

about himself , if that little flower ,

that little golden yellow sun flower

did not turn towards him ?


Sunday, February 17, 2008

With the earth

I put my ear to the ground
to hear my own heart
pulsating , beating
with each breath of the earth
in it's simple
never ending yearning
to reach the sun ,
I hear the earth , only the earth ,
in this silence of the night ,
constant , serene ,
loving , giving
in it's yearning .


Reluctant sun

From this peaceful corner
in my balcony ,
what do I see ?
The whole world , and more ,
a smiling red hot and cool evening sun ,
stayed just a minute longer than usual
to smile at me and the world .
Hey , the day got brighter
for just that one precious minute .
He is still around ,
still smiling with me ,
reluctant to
cross the horizon .

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am with you

I need to speak of happiness hidden in depths of sorrow .
To a friend , to a dear friend .
I can't talk . I have no words .

I do believe , friend , that there is happiness hidden in depths of sorrow .
We have talked about it .

Dive deep , deeper ,
till the pain leaves ,
and all you see is light ,
light that is pouring feverishly ,
through every tear ,
through the spaces between the tears .
This is just a way of saying
I am with you .


Woza , Moya .........;Maithri's call to the world

It is a call full of love ,
full of hope .
"Woza , Moya " A Zulu saying which means ,"Come , change , come ..."
is also the title of Maithri's post yesterday , in his blog , "The soaring Impulse" .
It's a powerful plea to love the world....

to actually touch it ,
embrace it ,
with acts of random kindness .

Maithri ,
Your whispers in the wind - of despair of the broken hearts
of the little children ,of the choice with us to love it all ,
are here , everywhere .

I hear them , feel them .
The world is hearing too - with rapt attention .
All the signs point to change -towards a more compassionate world .
The world is singing , " Woza , Moya ....."
I hope you are hearing it , Maithri .


My thoughts flow.........

Unfettered is the word I want to utter ,
unfettered is the feeling that fills me ,
long since I have felt so free ,
strange that acceptance of constraints
should liberate me so fully .
All I need is a quiet corner in the balcony..............


Liberation is different things to different people.
For me it means moving from concrete to abstract -
where thoughts take form and flow freely.
It also means being myself without worrying
about the image portrayed ,
without hurting others .
In other words , being just where I am .

Happily constrained

I do wonder why we

need to seek infinite freedom ,

the truth is clear and simple ,

a string vibrates into resonance

only when constrained ,

an air cavity resonates

only when constrained ,

I have known the joy

of constrained happiness ,

flowing like a river

with mellowed turbulance ,

when infinity is blossoming at home ,

within me ,

why do i need to explore ?


Friday, February 15, 2008

Not deep enough

My involvement
with life
is not deep enough
for me to be there,
doing all I need to do ,
but today is another day ,
a day to do
things differently ,
a day to just do
all that I can .


If only for a moment

Beauty of it's memory
is still alluring ,
but I would be
far from being
true to myself ,
if I don't acknowledge
it's end ,
forever ,
and remember
the intense , fleeting joy
that it has been ,
if only for a moment .


Guess who ?

Please guess the name of the poet ,who has written the following lines .
(Needless to say that they are some of my most favorite lines ......)

" these are their ruins

these are the tears

in memory of those

who melt the soul forever "


A piece of myself

I was going through old write ups of mine .......
this was about an eminent urdu poet, Sahir Ludhianvi .

"...... he says all that i ever would have wanted to say , in a way that
all of us would love to hear , simple , straight into your heart ,
piercing your mind , lifting you up to the finest emotions ,
and bringing you down to stark reality. "

I can't believe that I wrote it .



That picture
was unlike
anything that I know of ,
it didn't feel at all ,
like a stone lying still
from another eternity ,
crumbling slowly
with wind , water and snow ,
redefining itself ,
redrawing it's boundaries ,
dissolving ,
disappearing .


Unlike Eklavya

Unlike Eklavya ,
I am not willing to
sacrifice my skill ,
learning ,
even for the sake of
reluctant Guru
Dronacharya .
I want to and
will live a full life
sharing my skills
freely and fairly .


Only I can do that

A hidden turn
around the corner ,
a begining unannounced ,
the surprise
as much of a pleasure
as the actual occurence .
I think I am ready
to change
the course
of my life ,
and only I
can do that .


Thursday, February 14, 2008


by the showers of love ,
of blessings ,
from heaven and earth ,
a wave of gratitude
swells up ,
carrying me
higher and higher .....

Happy Valentine's day to all .


Perfect Valentine's day

A near perfect Valentine's day -
a quiet retreat into mind
clearing the chaos ,
and a long chat with my
friend , philosopher and guide ;
my spouse ,
with whom love
is just felt
without the need
to be articulated .


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shu ting remembered

One of my favorite poems from one of my favorite poets ,
Shu ting .


A multi-colorerd chart without a boundary;
An equation chalked on the board, with no solution;
A one-stringed lyre that tells the beads of rain;
A pair of useless oars that never cross the water.
Waiting buds in suspended animation;
The setting sun is watching from a distance.
Though in my mind there may be an enormous ocean,
What emerges is the sum:
a pair of tears.
Yes, from these vistas,
from these depths,
Only this.

by Shu ting
(Translated by Carolyn Kizer)

Was nirvana the word ?

Was nirvana the word
where nothing matters anymore ,
as long as I do
what I need to do now ,
as long as I treat others
like I would want to be treated ,
as long as I don't
take myself too seriously ?

To be born

Look into my eyes ,
are there any signs of life ?
It may or may not be throbbing ,
it might not be pulsating
like it did in youth ,
don't turn your eyes away ,
look for it
with patience ,
with love ,
and you find life
at it's best ,
breaking the hardened
protective crust
of the seed ,
breaking out
to breathe ,
to be born .


That it takes so little

That it takes so little
to clear it all
and communicate
with heart and soul ,

that it takes so little
to speak and listen
with the heart ,

that it takes so little
to share and care
like always ,

that it takes so little
to live and let live
with hands , hearts ,
minds open ,

that it takes so little
to feel depth of earth
and soar into the sky ,

that ......much .


Dust on the leaves

Doubt is like
dust settled on leaves ,
let it remain there ,
it brings with it
it's own beauty ,
but I do wait
for a hearty rain
to clear it all up ,
so I can see
it all
fresh green .


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I would never know

Not that it matters much ,
not that it makes any difference ,
not that it has any significance ,
not that it is real ,
but still ,
there are these occasional flashes
of spring rain playing
hide and seek
with sunshine ,
and the breeze
flooding my room
with both of them ,
and , Oh so dreamily ,
I ride on them ,
where to ?
I would never know .


Just the words

More often than not
it's just the words
in search of words .



I still look
for ways to perfect
this moment ,
with a memory ,
a flavor ,
a word ,
a taste
unsavored .


Monday, February 11, 2008

Trust me

Trust me
to be true
to you
to me
to life .


Hold my hand

Hold my hand ,
walk a few steps ,
to see the same familiar
sight of
sun slowly
rising against
a clear sky , and
start a new day .



by gratitude ,
by love ,
by kindness ,
by compassion
that has come my way .


Just a little lower than twenty

"So , so you think you are 50
But you are just a little lower than twenty ,
In your heart and in your soul ,

We are just a few lost souls ,
swimming in a fish bowl ,
year after year ,
running over the same old ground ,
but we always
find a new fish in you ."

These are the words of a song my children sang for me , accompanied by guitar notes .
They made my day , as always .


If it is happiness you are seeking.......

If it is just the upbeat you are looking for ,
if it is only the happiness you are seeking ,
if it is the high of ecstasy you need ,
please look for it elsewhere ,
you might find it in almost every other place ,
but not here , never .


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I wouldn't leave the ember alone .......

My instinctive reaction was to stay by the lonely ember
and breathe life into it .
And watch the flames rise slowly against the snow .........


Patricia's poem

I am still in the mood of Patricia's poem , "Snow and Ash" , posted in her blog ,
"Poems from the edge of the continent ".
The last ember there waiting to breathe in life .......

Will it , Won't it ?

Either way one has to accept life's will .


For once , for all time ......

For once now ,
from now till all time to come ,
let the heart listen to the voice of reason
and let the thought soften with love ,
let a million flowers bloom .


No apparent reason

No apparent reason ,
yet the flowers seem to be
happy forever .
No apparent reason ,
yet the branches are
dancing forever .
No apparent reason ,
yet my heart is
seeking forever.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

One for the true silence of my life.........

And this one is for the true silence of my life - my spouse .
The quiet force behind all that I say and do ,
a person who believes in humane action ,
who prefers to set an example than say ........

with reverence , love and hugs ,


Hope we meet ........

The words of Emily Dickinson chosen by Annie Finch , a poet , to pay tribute ,
are my favorite lines too -

"You'll find--it when you try to die--"
--Emily Dickinson

Hope we meet someday - to share a few words ......


A title I liked

One title I liked -

"Blogging the art of Perseverance " .

I wish I could blog the art of Perseverance too .


Thoughts on imagination

Imagination is good within limits ,
like a cup of coffee on a winter morning .
Too much of it , I feel , disconnects you
from reality , like a narcotic substance .
Keeps you on a high artificially .
It is required in some measure -
under certain circumstances .

As of now I am inclined to cast my vote
in favor of "real" and only real .
Imagination only to the extent that
it is needed to assimilate the real .
And of course , one can not say no to
the spontaneous flows .

But , I am for getting more real ,
even if it means , changing tracks .
I speak only for myself as of now .



Destiny brings so many
people , places , opportunities
into our lives .
It takes more than destiny -
an honest and sustained effort
to retain them
and make them
in our journey .

I thank all .


Friday, February 8, 2008


The word for today is , "Yes".
I may not have the means to sustain it tomorrow -
For today it is
yes to the hopes of all
waiting here
for the tide to turn ........



Through all these
shifts and journeys ,
there is something
that stays gracefully
wherever it was ;
it is a hand
in gratitude ,
in love .


Paradigm shifts

Paradigm shifts
from fleeting evanescence
to steady , soft ,
mellifluous flow .



I am afraid
to utter
the word love ,
for I see ,
feel ,
a torrent ,
a flood ,
a cyclone
sweeping me
swirling me
to heights unknown ,
skies unseen .


With a soft whisper

Bridges are being built
hands are reaching out ,
they were strangers
to each other ,
so were we ,
a smile ,
a cozy corner ,
a hand held ,
a tear wiped ,
with a soft whisper ........
to spin them ,
into one .


Beauty , infinite

Beauty, infinite
is another name
for purpose ,
yet another name
for these soft
bonds of love
that connect
us to each other ,
everything else
and everybody else .


A place under the sun

That is what they were all seeking ,
that is what we are all seeking !!

A tiny little place under the sun ,
just enough to feel the warmth ,
just enough to escape cold ,
just enough to breathe easy ...........


Thursday, February 7, 2008

From Maithri's blog

Maithri's blog is like compass for me .
When in doubt , dilemma , I go there .

These are the words I picked up today .

I was recently at Warren's blog and Warren was talking about "the richness life brings when we get real. When we fully engage."

Engagement with reality - the only path to pursue .


If ......

If all the soft words alone
could alleviate
suffering of the world ,
I would chant them
all day and all night .

If ......


You can call it God .

No God out here
just human
to vagaries
in weather ,
sweating in summer ,
shivering in winter ,
with ample
hunger , anger ,
greed and lust ,
coupled with
empathy and sympathy ;
it is rustic ,
it is noble ,
it is profane ,
it is sacred ,
yes , of course ,
you can call it God ,
if you like .


A journey within

Once again a feel
of journey
into within ,
with fear ,
in shadows ,
with daring ,
with wisdom
into a void
comprehension .

Once again
uncertain steps ,
unheard echoes ,
unseen pathos ,
raging storms
feeding a desire
to be out there
in wilderness ,
in simmering heat
in absolute
chaos .


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


How would you define contentment ?

Sitting on the ground
with both of my children busy
with their work
and me listening to old songs
and tapping my fingers to their tune .......


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Winter has been harsh
the lake is frozen
with a lifeless look
and an unbreakable silence .
Before you start believing
your eyes , ears
and perhaps the mind ,
stand near it ,
hush ! finger on lips ,
strain your ears ,
close your eyes ,
shut your mind ,
open your heart
to the inner voice .
What do you hear ?
What do you see ?
fish swimming ,
life teeming ,
tadpoles playing ,
in the heart of
the lake ,
hidden from the world ,
concealed from you ,
by the seemingly
dead surface ice .


You know why

Inevitability of
the cycle of
is hard to accept
at first ,
but slowly ,
as the day progresses
into noon ,
then to dusk ,
calm of the setting sun
descends in,
you know
why it is
this way .



I caution myself to
shun people , places
where emotions are
commercialised .


Monday, February 4, 2008

I believe ......

I collected so many words
as though they were flowers
chosen to adorn the altar ,
I tried making a garland ,
a lovely garland of them all ,
only to see one by one
slip through my fingers ,
except these glittering stars
which say -
loftily ,
majestically ,
lovingly ,
" I believe in you . "


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Patient learning

Beyond flamboyancy , beyond excitement there is a space which opens our
hearts and minds to a serenity needed to facilitate patient learning .

I seek that .



I start writing
hesitantly ,
like getting back home
after an outing ,
soaking in the
of childrens' voices ,
and trying to find
if everything
is the way
that it was ,
as full of love
as before .