Monday, March 31, 2008

A vision

It is a vision ,
no more a view ,
a smiling flower ,
a frozen lake
and a touch
of sunshine .



and the variables
make an equation whole ,
it's just a fortunate
stroke of brush
to find
the constant
right at home ,
always present .


Birds' twitter

Birds' twitter ,
smell of coffee
flavor of another day .


Delicate fragrance

Delicate fragrance of jasmine
in the mist of evening air ,
a call to close your eyes ,
to breathe in
autumn turning towards summer .


Touching the heart of reality

Make no mistake ,
blessed are we those
who do not seek
that one color that is
happiness , joy or bliss ,
we the living
seek life
in it's rich fullness
of joys and sorrows ,
blessed are we
for we connect
to both
the joyous
and the grief stricken ,
these are not just
words painted with make up
or make believe ,
these touch the heart of reality
like the real and the alive .


Still defining

Hurts , happinesses ,
griefs , joys
and so many emotions
that move in and out of us ,
and paint the blank canvasses
that we are ;
but for them ,
would there be
the thundering clouds
which make me
turn to you
involuntarily ,
would there be
the lightening
which helps me
see you dazzle
in the night ,
would there be
this painting which is
still defining itself
in rich colors
and gentle textures ?


The greatest romance

The greatest romance of life
is hidden in the well laid routine
of an ordinary day ,
where we pour out
our hearts and souls
in all those trifles
that connect us to life .


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Singing along

My mind sings along
with the prayer in the background ,
"Twameva sarvam mama deva deva " .



Contented that I have been true to myself ,
as always .
I believe that in the long run this matters .
Only those who truly understand this
remain with you .


Perhaps a little hard

It's perhaps a little hard ,
not impossible
to make life spring from these stones .


Black and white ?

It is true that the world we inhabit is not
black and white . There are grey zones .
Right now , in the current paradigm
that my mind is in , I also see black and white .

I like good and kind words .
I also like firm words which cut the black .
Firmly , unambiguously , hopefully
towards light from so much of
unarticulated darkness .


One day

One day
all that we saw ,
all that we ever thought ,
and felt
would have
kissed the spaces
the dust particles .
Bones perhaps
would take
some more
perhaps lot more
time to dissolve .
Have you ever thought
as to what would remain then ?
Only that for which
we stood
singlemindedly ,
only that
real compassionate connection
that we made with
the world around .
Put your hand out ,
dear friend ,
feel that reality ,
and yes ,
let that be the one and only
guide for the action today .


I am planning to patent it

I think I can patent it as a green remedy for pain .
When something hurts you and causes pain ,
then allow it to hurt till you become immune to it.
It raises your pain threshold and frees you from
all the pain and it's cause .
Then smile to yourself .........
It works for a variety of physical aches and pains .
It worked for me .
May not work for others .........


Ambiguity , clarity

Ambiguity and clarity are like darkness and light .
Away from darkness towards light ........
That is peace . That is harmony .


Which holds you like a mother......

I have zero tolerance for any kind of
relegious chauvinism , for that matter
any kind of chauvinism .
I do cherish a personal bond with the
concept of God .
A close , quiet personal bond which
is always there like back ground music .
A bond whiich strengthens you
emotionally without boosting the ego.
Which stays with you like a dear
friend through all times .
Which puts you to sleep through
those troubled times .
Which makes you reach out to anyone
in need of being reached out .
Which loves you even when the
whole world is up against you .
Which holds you in it's fold like a
mother holds her baby ......


Saturday, March 29, 2008

The challenge

To remain centered ,
to stay focussed ,
all clarities and confusions ,
to continue to feel positive
with renewed rigour
and quiet compassion ,
is the challenge .


At times like now

At times like now ,
when all I hear
is a birdsong about
the transiting night ,
when all I see is
a vision -
perhaps an abstract one ,
when all that is there
are these two
hands of mine
reaching out ,
it all
seems worth
every moment
of it's existence .


Is it not ?

To bow my head down
and to see eternity smiling ,
is it not the greatest gift ?


Friday, March 28, 2008

Where are the colors ?

Where are the colors being splashed ?
not a drop of rain ,
how come these rainbows ?
What is it that's making the bird fly
even after it's wings have been clipped ?
Where is the spring well
of this never fading hope ?


Pure abstraction

Held here
in this one cubic feet space
around me ,
suspendeed here
in this tiny
packet of light .
is the soul of a touch
in pure abstraction ,
in joy .


I don't see any darkness

It is still dark out there
but I don't see any darkness ,
my mind has already drifted
beyond horizon
to welcome dawn
back home .


Gift wrapped

There is something
I want to send along ,
gift wrapped
in pastel shades ,
to hold the thought flow
of you
with such warmth ,
such sweet tenderness
that you drift
into it's beating heart
to feel the stillness .


Never mind the heart

Wait for the breeze
to sing to you
the sweetness of jasmine ,
wait for the light
to dazzle you
with the sparkle of a ruby ,
wait for the sky
to feel the expanse
of your own mind ,
never mind the heart ,
it has already dissolved itself
in all of these .


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Face towards dawn

Turned around
to find myself
face to face
with dawn ,
unable face the brightness
I close my eyes ,
sense a comforting smile ,
a softness in my eyes ,
it's golden rays
wrapping around my shoulders
inviting me ,
to sing along with the day .


A point

I must trust ,
I trust
the point
when all was in that
point ,
from where
the world began ,
I must believe ,
I believe
the point
into which all
will go back .


Quietly ......

Listening to
acres and acres of
snow melting in sun .


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Figuring it out

I am still figuring out
as to what it was
that I saw ,
hope ,
despair ,
playfulness ,
wonder ,
contentment or
the comforting
feeling of
being at home .


Slight shift

A shift
somewhere within you ,
little like dawn break ,
little like breaking heart of the sky
as the sun sets ,
little unlike any of these ,
unexplainable emptiness
that shifts your heart
from within
to within ,
day in ,
day out ,
every evening ,
every morning ,
with every little transition
on your fingertips .


Monday, March 24, 2008

Meaning ?

Seriously ,
really ,
humorously ,
is there any meaning ,
any real meaning to this
imaginary realm ?
Why burden
life with
fantasy of
burdens ?
Is it not time
to get real ?


To be lost

A sparkle ,
a memory
dips into the lake ,
to hide ,
to be lost .



Words have always said
many things in one breath ,
and they take pride in it ,
but the pale violet flowers
swaying in the breeze of dawn
have been like a perfect friend ,
quiet , understanding
and unassuming .



All my votes are
for the power of reasoning .
Unemotional and stoic reasoning
has it's advantages .
Often it points towards the truth
by cutting through
foggy words and
make believe illusions .


To erase it all

To accept
that this is something unique ,
has never been ,
will never be ,
and to erase it all ,
and wonder at the
beauty of
utterly empty mind ,
and heart
and start afresh .....


There is a way

There is a way
to get out of these prisons ,
there are footprints
asking you to follow ,
there are doors which are not locked ,
open them softly
without being heard ,
walk on your toes
without looking back ,
on and on
till a birdsong ,
rustle in the leaves
greets you and leads you
to a tree ,
to a grove
where you can
join the children playing
endlessly ,
where you can
sit down to just
be anything
and nothing ,
with the soft grass
cushioning you
and the blue sky
gazing at you .


Transition times

Uncertain transitions
so they seem ,
heart flutters ,
familiarity calls back
for a moment of solace ,
a slight shiver in the fingers ,
momentary indecision ,
before giving in
to the charm of a hope ,
a dream ,
and the challenge
of an untrodden path .


Sunday, March 23, 2008

No option

Birds know it better ,
the coming of dawn ,
even as it is taking it's steps
below the visible horizon ,
they sing of it
with such joy ,
such a welcome note
with pure bliss echoing
in their voices
that dawn has no option
but to arrive
eagerly ,
happily ,
and bless us all .


I could not have done it

Willpower ,
grit ,
determination ,
willingness to learn new things
in entirely new ways ,
willingness to work
and give oneself completely to work ,
courage to speak out ,
perseverance ,
resiliance ,
and forbearance ,

and precious family and friends ,
my gratitude to you all ,
I am reaching beyond the skies ,
I could not have have done it
without all of you .


Fill the sails with fresh winds

When the winds get rough ,
when sky looks dark ,
when silverlinings disappear ,
when despair shakes the ship
away from it's goal ,
it is then my friend ,
we need to create a new breeze ,
set our song to a new rhyme ,
awaken the souls that are lost in slumber ,
fill the sails with fresh winds ,
and sail away ,
to live and to die .


How come ?

How come
aeons pass through
me in moments ,
but I continue
to remain
like a frozen statue ,
as if
time has
stopped ?


Humble submission

But for these words
which are around me
all the time ,
which care for me
all the time ,
which love me
all the time ,
I would be no more
than ash ,
cold ash
without a single ember .

But , friend ,
I have no words
to thank you
for this gift
that you gave
unasked .


Saturday, March 22, 2008


It has taken me so long , so very long
to understand that this gift of life is too
precious to be lost .
I want to do all I can to preserve it .



I gaze at the moon ,
feel the breeze ,
in silence .



Now ,
when infatuation
and fascination
for rainbows has waned ,

when gray and black
has replaced
the splendor of spring ,

when few odd wrinkles
try to compete
with twinkles in the eyes ,

darling ,
now is the time
to look into each others eyes and
love each other like never before .

is the time
to resurrect
ourselves ,
to be
better than
ever before .


(That is how it feels after 25 years of being married )


I wonder about role of family in changing times .
It varies from person to person .
It has been a great source of strength for me .
I gained much more than what I have given .
From family , one should ideally extend
the connection to the whole world .
In ways that both self and family are in
equilibrium .
Loyalty , sensitivity , respect , love are
important for me .
I do hear a lot about unconditional love ,
but I am not really capable of it .
I am a conditioned person - conditioned
to the welfare of people around me .

Friday, March 21, 2008


This desire to let words flow,
to gush through the essence of me ,
to fill spaces ,
to break boundaries ,
to water fields ,
to reach the unreachable
to feel listless ,
to feel divine ,
to feel mortal ,
to be totally consumed ,
to die a death ,a thousand deaths ,
and to rise once again ,
never to be lost again .



As a child I was closest to my perception of God.
My God did not have any supernatural powers .
He/she did not belong to any relegion .
He was a normal human being without a form .
He had all the faults of a normal human being .
I felt close enough , free enough to scold him ,
question him , curse him when I had some
worries , doubts , unanswered questions in
my mind .
He was like my best friend , who would
listen to me with patience in all circumstances .
I still love that image of God who is still
as close to me .



Today is the transition between
an ending and a new begining .
Tomorrow is the day of resurrection .
With a new hope , in a new paradigm ,
where the human spirit can no longer
be broken ...........

Next milestone

I look back at the road travelled with the satisfaction
of having done my best within the limitations that
I faced .
Certainly not the end . A fair midterm appraisal
which gives a confident direction to the future .
I'm waiting patiently for the next milestone .

Shiny green stars

Once again ,
stars are green today ,
smiling shily
in the embrace of sky .


All by yourself

So easy to be happy ,
so easy to connect
to your inner most self ,
when you feel complete
and whole
all by yourself .



Extremes thrill
in ways moderation can not .
But extremes cannot give
the joy and serenity
of a deep breath .
And a close , deep
and everlasting bond
can only be formed
in a deep breath
of two beating hearts .


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fold my hands

I fold my hands ,
close my eyes ,
to feel the cross
and the person on the cross ,
to remember the bloodshed
that could have been avoided ,
to feel the intensity of his love
for the whole universe .

Have I not answered ?

And there is no physical form to this .
What is this ?
And there is no earthly expectation of this .
What is this ?
And it cannot be seen , heard . Can only be felt .
What is this ?
And it lets everything remain as it is .
But , what is it ?
It is just there in me all the time .
Then , tell me , what it is .
It closes my eyes , so that I can see with my mind's eye .
Do I give up the question ?
Have I not answered ?


Complete the picture

These images that sometimes
hold on to us ,
or those that we hold on to
have their inverses too ,
hidden in some other
diagonal corners ,
wrapped under a veil .
Search them out ,
put them together
to get at the truth ,
to complete the picture .


A rare moment

One of the rare moments ,
when the bird breaks it's cage
to fly beyond horizon .



I pray that I see God
in every single part of nature ,
living and non-living .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A few drops

This is for real .
Please make a bowl of your palms
and look into the depths of it ,
a few drops are glistening in it ,
more than a few drops ,
as many as you would need ,
to fill your day
with all that I can say
with the softness
in my eyes .



by the beauty of dawn
in ever changing
images of smoke
the folds of night .


Jazzy ?

I love jazz ,
probably the concept of it ,
I love jazzy looks
with a slightly subdued smile
and a faraway gaze
speaking of
an unspoken understanding ,
but , alas ,
I cannot understand
why I find
the plain jane colors
of my blog jazzy .


How far back ?

I love to travel in time
without limits ,
it is still a wonder
it is still a search ,
it is a yearning
still alive ,
I want to go back
to the moment
that I was
in my mother's womb ,
feel the warmth there
for as long as I wish ,
then look further
and leap back into the eons
where I was not .


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like the dew on the grass

I search for
a simplicity in the dawn
to carry with me
through the day ,
like the dew on the grass ,
like the mist that still shines .


Wishful thinking ?

Let me learn the art of
creating harmony amidst chaos
and music from noise .


Monday, March 17, 2008

One moment

One moment ,
one life
for the
colors of dawn
in the east .


This morning

This morning
is for the reverence that has
stood the test of time ,
for the softness
that still remains
through all the memories ,
for the joy and mirth
that could not be eclipsed by pain .



One word that "Beyond the fields we know "
reminded me of is " resilience " .
Strangely though ,
it reminded me of myself ,
as I walk beyond these fields
without turning back ..........


Beyond the fields we know

Once again ,
again and again
I wish to thank
Kerrdelune of
"Beyond the fields we know "
for her soft and authentic words ,
for her ability catch
wordless beauty of nature
with resilience and forbearance .
I wish to accompany her
on one of her treks ,
into the snow filled woods .
Godwilling , I will .


A new definition of beauty

I don't understand much of poetry ,
infact I shun it for the ambiguity
that it often has ,
but I understand this star
in a new horizon ,
all prose , crystal clear .
My new definition of beauty
is simplicity and clarity .



What is there to be attached to
when we ourselves
are so short lived ?
This is an occasional stabilising
feeling .


Appearances and words

There is a lot of similarity
between words and appearances .
I know that
they matter to you more than anythingelse.
Isn't that the truth ?
This coupled with the innumerable masks
mean that there can never be any trust
ever .
This is really better than building it to
break it .


Sunday, March 16, 2008


To understand our limitations
and to work within them is
perhaps a necessary condition
for peace .

It is true that we seek freedom ,
unlimited possibilities but
within a limited framework
whose boundaries can be
gradually expanded with time
and patience .


Resolving the unresolvable

Every now and then a puzzle reappears in life .
You try to solve , resolve . At times it works .
At times , the solution evades all efforts .
What can one do ?
Just go through it all - anguish , tears , acceptance and the healing touch .
The healing touch is for you .


Aren't we grateful ?

Like the embers
left behind by a dying fire ,
like twilight
diffusing into sky after sunset ,
every ending leaves
it's own shade of beauty
in our hearts ,
albeit for just a while .

Aren't we grateful
for glimpses
of eternity
in the finiteness
of our lives ?


Evanascent imagination

There are times when
tricks us into seeing it as real .
All we need to do is
say it aloud to ourselves
that it was and is
"just imagination " ,
evanascent imagination .

All that is there to strive for

A matter of making it all ,
(everything that is thought of and done )
more meaningful ,
more and more meaningful ,
that is all that is there to strive for .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The space in between

I didn't really live as yet ,
I never really died as yet ,
it is that space in between
that I have always
sought and found ,
and felt at home .


There are times

There are times when
doubts haunt ,
faith stuggles to find
solid ground .......

What does one do then ?

No answers........? No answers .

Perhaps , perhaps not ........May be , may be not ......

Wait , wait and wait
till the end of time ......

neither accepting
nor rejecting .


A path towards peace

A path , for me the only path
towards peace is through strife
that is real .
Reality is the biggest source of peace .
Being in it is the only peace for me .
Kind words help to absorb shocks , to unwind
and not to get burnt out .
There is no way I would want to
escape the anguish , bitterness , hope .
work , routine and happiness that make up reality .


Peace , clear and unambiguous

Touching the surface of peace ,
only peace that is clear , unwavering ,
and unambiguous .


Silence and rest

At this place , at this time ,
when the heart of eternity
has truly been touched ,
where timelessness
is the order of the day ,
why don't we let silence reign ?
Why don't we let silence speak
for all time to come
and give our tired eyes ,
hearts and souls
the rest they deserve ?
The assurance
unwrtten , unspoken , unbroken
will only be strengthened
by silence and rest .


A day unwinds

A day unwinds
in the comfort of
an autumnal breeze
calling the birds home .


Friday, March 14, 2008

Still on

There are silverlinings ,
a hundred thousand of them ,
the lights around are white and bright ,
there is a splendor in the garden
rich in colors , fragrances beyond words ,
yet , my friend ,
the heart of the soul is still dark ,
the color of the clouds is still gray ,
bordering on dark ,
the search for true meaning
is thankfully still on ,
the soul still waits to connect
all the dark corners of the world
before turning the bright lights on ,
the wait is still on ,
thankfully .


Do we paint anything ???

In this short life
if we don't paint joy ,
do we paint anything
at all ??


Travelling with the winds

A perfect morning
to travel with the winds
across the seas
to see a part of me
dreaming blissfully
under the nights' sky ,
to share a cup of coffee
a smile and
a small walk in the woods
just to say
how much I miss
day in , day out .

Nani/Manas/ Akash

How fortunate can I be ?

A small strip of sky
with the shine of one bright star ,
bending down
to touch
the green
in the leaves
of my balcony plant ,
and a breeze
singing to both of them .
How fortunate
can I be
to hold
such beauty ?
Tell me , my friend ,
why nature smiles
with such
sweetness ?

What would be left ?

If we forget
our vulnerability ,
helplessness ,
all those prisons
that hold us
where we are ,
all those fears
which restore
the balance ,
if we forget
all that
that makes us human ,
what would be left
in our mortal
bodies and souls ?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Uprooting , rerooting

Uprooting is the first step
in any renewal ,
a little confused state
where mind goes
back and forth
harmonically .
Wait till the
equilibrium is restored .
Peace needs time .
Rerooting needs
patience and perseverance.
Transients will
necessarily subside .

Reason and compassion

I am absolutely sure that reason and compassion
do not clash .
On the other hand , reason finds ways of spreading
true compassion to all without discrimination .
Reason tempers our feelings with mindfulness .
But it is also true that feelings , emotions give
meaning and purpose to reason .

Touching the heart of nature

Clouds are clearing .
I thank my colleague for enlightening me .
I agree with you , my friend .
Reason and rationality should be the foundation of
our society.
I like the way you touch the heart of nature with
this tool . I admire the passion with which you
pour yourself out to the young budding minds raring to fly .
Thank you , my friend .
I have yet to learn a lot from you .

All that matters

The only things that matter
at the end of the day are
those few words which have the imprint of action ,
and those actions done with a clear conscience ,
which set one's heart and soul free
to rise above the mundane and the unnecessary .



Few flowers ,
few colors ,
with reverence
to the dawn .


Happy and happy

It has been a highly rewarding experience .
To walk barefoot in those hot dusty lanes
in sweltering heat .
This is my first love .
To be out there with my little hearts .
I realised that I don't need anything more .
Happy and happy . Just to be .


If you are happy and you know it ......

What should I do
if I am happy
and I know it ?
Like all the
little angels ,
clap my hands
and laugh out loud .

I can't forget those lovely little smiling faces
blooming amidst heat and dust .


Intricate , fleeting

As curtains come down
on the face of a day ,
as the autumn's evening
sings a lullaby
to the sky ,
I watch the clouds
weaving a beautiful
intricate pattern
on the setting sun ,
a mesh of
red and black ,
as fleeting
as life itself .


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I stand quietly
waiting to listen
to the river of words
that passes this way ,
sharing with me ,
beckoning me to share
all that
life has offered ,
a joy , a sorrow ,
an angry face of the day
and a cooling breeze
from the hills .


A moment of peace

A moment of peace ,
a moment of child like happiness ,
the touch of a soul ,
I share with you
with a bow of my head .


Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet another

A little free , a little bound ,
each day yet another step
towards freedom ,
each day another breath
of fresh awakening ,
the heart and the soul .


Beyond the unimagined

The bird soars high
beyond the unimagined
and the incomprehensable .


Sometimes , sometimes .......

There are times one has to take a stand
and stand by it , without ambiguity .
Sometimes one may need to speak out ,
softly first , then perhaps harshly
to let the truth prevail
over falsehood .
It is a matter of time .
The very same people
who objected
will see the value of it
in due course .


Sunday, March 9, 2008


I make a choice
long overdue ,
not to flow
with the breeze ,
with the wind ,
not to let
stray voices
in the air
to be mistaken
for communication ,

to exercise
the strength
in my hands and mind ,
to move ahead ,
slowly but surely .


Penultimate chapter

Penultimate chapter
in the process
of letting it all
to mingle
with the
air , water ,
winds and the waves .



Day in , day out ,
through the darkness of night ,
with the pleasantness of autumn dawn ,
in the heat of a mid summer noon's sun ,
anytime and everytime we can think of ,
waves keep breaking on the shore ,
one by one , many at a time ,
keep breaking
relentlessly ,
as though there is no other way .

But , is there any other way ?
Is there anyway other than this ,
to live like there is no other life ?


Breathe Beautiful

"Breathe Beautiful " at blogspot , ,
lives upto it's name .
It breathes only beauty .
The pictures , words and music
transport you to a different world ,
soft and soothing .
You inhale only beauty .
Till we make our planet
something like that ,
we can sooth ourselves here .


Only a spectator

So many masks
for one person !
How can trust ever be built ?
So many versions
of the story !
How can it ever be real ?
It is your story ,
your version of it .
I refuse to be
anything more than
a spectator .


Beyond the fields we know

It has been a long time since I have been wanting to write
about the blog , "Beyond the fields we know " , with the web address
<http://kerrdelune/> .

It is simply beautiful , calm and serene .
It is for those who enjoy quieter moments with nature .
It is also for those who enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea
on a snowy morning , watching icicles.

Forbearance is the word I associate with the blog .



night must follow the day ,
and death must follow life .

I sound like I am preaching .
I am preaching myself ,
I am reminding myself
of the natural order of life .


A step towards transparency

As a step towards transparency
I shun all that is ambiguous ,
either in words or intentions .


Saturday, March 8, 2008

A shade of purple

A shade of purple
is spreading in the sky ,
singing a soft melody
to call the wind home .


Thursday, March 6, 2008


What I write is a conversation between different selves in me .
I am grateful to the few souls who have been part of this conversation .
I will not be around for two days . Hence I will not be conversing
with myself or with them for the next two days .
Lots of love to you all . Enjoy yourselves .

Ocean speaks

Do you want to ask the ocean
why it survives , thrives
in ebb and flow ?
Have you seen it's heart
beat any less in ebb than flow ?
Then , why worry my friend ,
about these cycles ,
which are but an expression
of rhyme and rhythm
in nature ?
The heart of the ocean
beats for you both
in ebb and
in flow ,
the same beat ,
same intensity .
This is the ocean
speaking to you .


Spring blossoms

Folded hands
quivering with the
missed beat of the heart ,
filling the air
with the incense
of spring blossoms.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My eyes on the changing face of horizon ,
colors emerging , dissolving ,
a strange calm sets in
as the present replaces the past ,
without a trace of hope for revival ,
a peace , a calm ,
a silence .
Amen !


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A song from their own hearts

It is not an exaggeration
to say that I am flying in the sky ,
with the wings of the song
they sang from their hearts .
(The sound of children singing National Anthem wih full throated ease ,
with their heads held high with dignity , respect, freedom and unlimited joy
still reverberates ........) .

A smile to the sun

What is the matter with the day ?

Sun is not rising today ,

to end the night's freeze ,

to warm the blue skies ?

A smile to the sun !

( I like the certainity of

rising sun ,

morning coffee

and the uncertainity

of my mind flow !)


How ?

How ?
How did we ever come into existence ?
A you , a me
and a near magical moment
which defied all physical laws ,
a hazy , miniscule moment
lasting no more than
the time we take to
open our wrists
to hold someone ,
I vaguely reamember it
like a drop of water formed
to warm our eyes
in the cold night
that we were running through ,
yes , just a drop of water ,
which flowed
out of us
uncontrolled ,
and when it flowed ,
it was no more a drop ,
it was a stream ,
then a river ,
rushing , gushing
through the
the vapors of us ,
carrying our ashes
into the oceans ,
into the skies ,
into everything
and nothing .


Come home

Signs of spring in the air ,
once again
the breeze speaks
in a hushed tone ,
an unusually hushed tone,
with the sweetness of
early spring blooms ,
calling out to me ,
"Come home ."


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Watch it fly

Try as hard as we might ,
can we ever bridge
the distance between two dots ?
Not that we are not trying
hard enough ,
it is the way they are ,
there are infinities
closest proximities .
So there is no hope ?
Yes , there is .
Embrace the infinite ,
release it and watch it
fly away ,
far away
leaving the dots ,
and the distance
between them .



in the season .
Leaves are
falling ,
plants are
shedding the
and begining
a process
of renewal .


Saturday, March 1, 2008


I can't stop myself
from being
the smile
glistening through
every tear ,
the present
rising through
every memory ,
the sea gull that soars ,
unreachable ,
unstoppable .


Random thoughts

Our actions in life should be guided by timeless
principles of natural justice and
tempered by the tenderness in our hearts .


The only way

The only way
I connect to the world
is by holding you close
to my heart
even in this oblivion
of amnesia
and separation .

The only way
I see the world
is with the
that comes alive
with the memory
of you .

The only way
I live my life
is by getting a glimpse
of you
in each frame
that I pass through .



Shouldn't we be seeing life in totality ?
It is not all rosy ,
the road breaks every now and then ,
there are ups and downs ,
there is as much trust as mistrust ,
there are gray clouds ,
with and without linings ,
there are times we get carried away
by ourselves and others .

At those times ,
shouldn't we appeal
to the sensible within us ?
Shouldn't we be
taking some hard decisions ?
Shouldn't we be looking
beyond ourselves ?


If only .......

If only I could describe
the music that I hear
into words ,
if only I could sing
the words that spring
from within ,
if only I could go back
to the pristine mountains
that exist only in my imagination.......