Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not so sure anymore ( a tune in my head)

Is it bright and sunny
or and dull and gray ,
not so sure anymore .....

do I want the lemonade
tangy , salty
or sugary sweet
not so sure any more ....

do I want to run
or stay here still
amidst the safety of walls
not so sure anymore .....

do I trust the world
or watch them
with a healthy mistrust
not so sure anymore .....

am I flying on my wings
or is the wind carrying me
in it's own direction
not so sure anymore .....

do I wrap myself in
purple violet
or orange red
or run after
all the rainbow colors
not so sure anymore ......

a happy floatsom
unsure uncertainity that
we find ourselves in
at times ......



Anonymous said...


So long opinions...

akash said...

So long , mossy .
Trust you are fine .