Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gaze still away , far away .......

This is one of those things
which can only be shared
from far ,
from so very far .....
to return home after a long ,
tedious , satisfying day's work ,
to sit on the floor
with a tea cup in the left hand ,
with a friend's call on the right ,
with a faraway gaze
at a bunch of leaves
against a pale blue ,
silvery shy sky ,
leaves tilted slightly
to waltz with the breeze ,
and Sun
delaying the Sunset
just to be around ,
tea simmering
with an unwinding mind
and an unwavering breeze .

Gaze still away , far away......



Dipti said...

Dearest brother... kudos...for such soul touching words... simple but so deep and fluid...loved this one....specially these words..
and Sun
delaying the Sunset
just to be around ,..

just beautiful..

akash said...

Dearest dipti ,

I love evenings when I get time
to unwind with the Sunset ,
with a cup of tea and a faraway gaze .

Sun really seems to slow down for a while to lengthen the moment just a little more .....

It was a pleasure to share it with you .