Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Even as I write

Even as I write these two lines ,
a joy-sorrow-happiness-pathos amalgam
melts into a quiet moment in your hands .


Makes all the difference

Respect ,
for everything under the sun ,
for the words we give ,
for the gifts we give ,
for what we are
makes all the difference .

Off on a trail

I am off on the trail
of a magic dragonfly ,
hopping , jumping , skipping
across fields , forests and lakes
forever diverted
forever kissed
by lilies , roses
and jasmine scented
purple-red hibiscus ,
wings fluttering
against the wind .

Long since life has been so simple

Long since life has been so simple ,
so delightful like a child's ,
where I am Lucifer
calling out my name aloud ,
bragging with abandon
all the destruction that I could cause ,
and simply sitting mesmerized
like an angel in love ,
uttering a name ,
a familiar name .

One has to do what one has got to do

Sounds rigid ,
sounds out of fashion ,
but this is what I have
come to believe firmly ,
One has to do
what one has got to do .
No two ways about it .
a la Casabianca .....
through canons ,
from left , right and centre ,
dare to walk ,
with head held high ....


Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet another renaissance

It has been a
long bleak period
of drought for my mind ,
all it needs is yet another renaissance ,
yet another fire
to awaken
the sleepy gray and white cells ,
into a never ending dawn .


A question

Did you hear
the elegance of the unspoken
through all that we spoke ?


Just green

I see , hear , feel life
sprouting from every
dark corner of space ,
tender shoots blooming
from the hearts of hardest of rocks ,
days of tireless tilling ,
watering , weeding
have ushered in
a spring ,
with a pink here ,
a yellow there ,
dotted with purple
amidst abundance of green ,
just green .


Down the memory lane - Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi

Four unforgettable lines from "Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi "

"These are their ruins.
These are the tears
in memory of those
who melt the soul forever."

I must have read them over a hundred times .

Each time a new revelation ,
each time a new ruin ,
a melting soul
deep in my heart .......


A life , a death rolled into one

A life , a death
rolling into one ,
O wayfarer ,
where are you heading ?
the meadows green no more ,
the skies blue no more ,
the hope fresh no more ,
beyond the rancid lust of blood ,
beyond cynical feast of greed ,
is there life ,
is there life pining to be born ?
have you got the hands
to wrench the dead into life ?


Sunday, April 27, 2008

In peace

All doors ,
all windows ,
closed ,
all farewells ,
all good byes spoken ,
proud to have let go
of the last trace
of attachment ,
as I sit down
cross legged
under the sky ,
all I feel
is a journey
into my own mind ,
in peace ,
in love ,
with the wonder ,
with the joy
of a child
within a child .


Like a hushed silence

A soft , husky voice
only for my ears ,
like a hushed silence
trying to find it's own faintness ,
a touch of pathos
a hint of sweetness .


Down the memory lane .....- T,S.Eliot

Out of the blue , I remembered ,
T.S. Eliot on "shadow "

"between the idea
and the reality
between the motion
and the act
falls the shadow "

I can't stop appreciating the beauty , brevity, profoundity and clarity of these lines!!!
I can't stop myself from roaming aimlessly in those heady memory lanes .


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Small little things

Small little things
like the sparkle
that brightens my smile ,
like the softness
that holds my hands ,
like the tenderness
that touches my heart ,
remind me ,
take me back ,
take me forth ,
to a campfire
burning slowly
a frosty night .


I have always been there

It's a hill ,
untravelled ,
untrampled ,
ever so full
of undulating softgreen
waltzing with the wind ,
of pale blue expanse
bending down into the streams ,
of bright golden sun
singing with the rain ,
often , so very often ,
I find myself there
in the rain ,
my arms outstretched ,
eyes closed ,
feet tapping ,
clouds smiling ,
at you and me .


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear friends .....

Dear enreal , dipti , krishna , Patricia and Maithri ,
I had strayed from my blog in recent days.
I can not give a reason . I don't have any.
All that matters is that your love and affection
brought me back to it .
It didn't seem to make sense for a while .
It makes sense now .
The connection that I feel with all of you ,
the bond that it helps me form with the world ,
a touch of spring mango shoots in the koel's voice .....
dear friends ,
it all makes sense
in this virtually real world .
Thank you ,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Short and sweet

That is life ,
few joys ,
few sorrows ,
a full life ,
short and sweet .


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too thin , too fragile

The line between hope and despair
is too thin , too fragile ,
prone to being torn
at the slightest of forces ,
no advice ,
no suggestion ,
for you know
how to be gentle and firm ,
so the hand that holds on to hope
does not awaken despair .


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Believe me

Believe me ,
trust me ,
hold on to me ,
I hold life
in the two palms of my hands ,
they understand death ,
so they have conquered death
many a time ,
since the inception of Universe ,
connect to this
invisible strength
which has the testimony
of tenacity of suffering ,
to imbibe ,
to drink ,
to be
the spring of life ,
life .


Like the first vowel

Joy is like the first vowel
formed on the bright face
of a new born baby ,
when a soft , silent round curve
of lips exhales
an intimate bond
with mother's presence ,
it's rhythmic fragrance
echoing in the air around .


The man who planted trees

I forget the name ,
whenever I am in self doubt
or pessimistic mood ,
I think of this man
who planted trees
day in , day out
without uttering a word
for years , decades
to see a dry , arid
and inhospitable landscape
turn into a breezy
lush green haven .
Who was that ?
Let me imbibe his soul
in letter , spirit ,
and most importantly
in deed .


With the promise of a bright day

I stand by an open window ,
with the view of an unlimited sky ,
the first feel is of a mild breeze ,
like a tender love
where even eyes
hesitate to meet ,
and nothing is ever spoken ,
then come the bright light green
spring fresh leaves
shyly acknowledging the breeze
with a delicate sway of their heads
in perfect harmony
with the breeze ,
and the mid-afternoon sun
rejoicing the
utterance of primal notes in nature ,
with the promise of a bright day .


Not afraid

Not afraid anymore
to be confined by walls ,
for I have learnt
to rise out of their confines
with my spirit and soul
intact and unscarred .


Friday, April 18, 2008

It takes time

It takes time
to accept death as a reality.
Once accepted ,
life becomes
so much more
valuable ,
so much more
easy ,
so much more
beautiful ,
so much more
free ,
so much more ......


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Colors springing out of white ,
colors merging to become black and white ,
a serene transition
from colored to black and white .


Only that much

Getting real is perhaps
the only way to live ,
but a little imagination,
once in a while
a delightful flight of mind
into fantasies unlived ,
of floating on clouds ,
of singing with the stars ,
of playing with
the breeze on
lush green meadows ,
of bursting into
colored fountains of laughter ,
helps anchor the real .
But only that much
which does not
cloud the real .


That this time exists

An abiding faith ,
a never diminishing trust ,
in the existence of this time ,
when all that is seen
are stars ,
innumerable stars ,
twinkling stars ,
faraway stars ,
nothing but stars
in my small horizon .
Some seen
some unseen ,
light radiating
from one and all ,
light diffusing through
one and all ,
a deep , quiet
connection .


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Lo and behold !
Close to our hearts ,
close to our souls ,
flying with our imagination ,
an ultimate expression in freedom ,
the baby bird soars high
on it's own wings
in open , clear skies ,
towards a new destination ,
anchoring on a new day ,


To breathe in clear

To breathe in clear ,
soulful night air
is like being
in communion
with the universe ,
that part of the universe
which has
pulled curtains down
on the clamor of the day
to surrender itself
to the sweetness
of night .



Once in a while ,
every once in a while
when I am with the words ,
forming patterns ,
paintings ,
landscapes ,
colors and flowers ,
a respect deeper than respect ,
a vernal veneration deeper than veneration
spreads over
all that the words paint ,
and sings mellifluously
a broken melody
for the one
who gifted the words ,
unconditionally .


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like a mountain cloud

Like a mountain cloud ,
like a daffodil ,
like an unnamed grass flower ,
like a tulip ,
like saffron ,
I add yet another color
to the splendor of life ,
like the eigth note
breaking out of
the octave ,
I add yet another frequency
to the symphony of stars ,
here , now ,
when the spiralling night
is blossoming into dawn .


Glorious forever

Forget the moments ,
days , months ,
seek a beauty
which is glorious forever ,
like the quiet flow of a river
into the turbulent ocean ,
like the icy wedges
that melt
as you trek down the Alps ,
like the dizzy heights
of Himalayas
that break down
into avalanches .


Monday, April 14, 2008

Broken , whole

Broken or whole ?
I have this to say ,
unless we are broken ,
how can we aspire to be whole ?
Let the glass break
into a million pieces ,
get the pieces one by one ,
melt them in the furnace ,
watch them become whole .



is only few seconds away ,
a shift of paradigm ,
a new set of rules ,
a new challenge
to fire the imagination .


A delightful time of the year

It is a truly delightful time
of the year ,
when change takes an altogether
new meaning ,
like the bright light olive green leaves
that cover the
tamarind bush in my balcony ,
like the multicolored
flower carpet
that greets me in the garden ,
like the love brimming
over the world
that I created around me .


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just that much of happiness

Tilting our heads high
to watch the joy
of birds in flight ,
the gaze in our eyes
meeting somewhere
in the sky ,
just that much of happiness ,
just that bit of life
wrapped in innocence .



Untapped impulses
on their way to
undiscovered pathways
through myelinated nerve fibres .
A million synapses
memory folds .



Incense of
memories '
from a long hiberantion ,
melting drop after drop
in each word ,
freezing deep inside
a semi-conscious
of a hand holding
my mind
from before it's birth ,
until after death .


Savoring the calm

Savoring the calm
after receding of the storm ,
peaceful waters and clear skies .


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Resonating with my quietening mind

Someone is listening to me
keenly ,
and replying
in the sweet song of Koel
resonating with
my quietening mind ,
someone who shares
quietly all the turbulance
in the ocean here
unconditionally .


Need to stay still

I am the sole witness
to the restless churning
of an ocean tide ,
toppling the whole
notion of time,
long lost past
overtakes the present .
I need to stay still
and wait in silence
till the tide turns back
and the present claims
it's rightful place .


Friday, April 11, 2008

Meaning ?

When does a word begin
to have a meaning ?
When it is born of life ,
when it is part of life ,
when it breaths life
or ,,,,,,,,,?


Bridging eons

I don't know
how long I walked
on the bridge
between eons ,
the river down
in full spate ,
dark clouds
with dazzling
showing the way ,
the westerlies
with river spray
to cool
my flying hair .


So they can fly

Peeling layers of time
so they can fly
with windswept autumn leaves .


Thursday, April 10, 2008

A blend of all

An ancient mango tree ,
ripe with summer ,
a large courtyard
full of moonlight ,
and how we played
stamping the shadows game ,
in fullness of moonlight ,
echo of waves
of peels of earthy laughter ,
and a brimming
awakening of
an intellectual fervor ,
it was an ancient call
with a blend of all .


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As though time had stopped

Voices from eternity ,
a feel of a call from
one's own soul ,
scattered on the
other end of atlantic ,
a rare and precious call ,
reaching out
across timezones
as though time never
existed .


Like the tall majestic trees

I want to create a reality
which everyone can trust ,
I want to surround my realm
with words which have
only one meaning ,
like the tall majestic trees
that always sway
in my vision ,
I am getting back
to school days ,
to immerse myself
in it's fervor ,
intellectually ,
emotionally ,
wholly .



like the moon
swaying in the sky ,
the swings that take you high ,
the trees
that teach you silence ,
are always there .


Just laughter

It was the sweetest thing to do ,
to look up from there ,
to smile
and forget all ,
to fill space with
full of earthy mirth ,
just laughter .


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It is not a dream ,
it is life at it's best
to sit quietly ,
here ,
where pink and purple boughs
breeze in the sky ,
the crescent moon
for the arrival
of the earliest star ,
horizon blushes in deep gray ,
with time bowing to it all
with unhurried patience .


Monday, April 7, 2008

Precious time

Precious time of the day ,
when the darkness around
is brightly lit ,
as we listen to the birth of hope
uttered from their secure homes ,
they speak of freedom
they speak of love ,
they speak of a breeze that
that keeps them warm
in their home ,
they speak of a breeze
that dares them to
explore beyond home .


Sublime and beautiful

I spent all evening
witnessing a near perfect sunset ,
and as ever I was left with wonder
that an end should be
so beautiful and sublime .


To live a day

To be with the sky
watching it swing
from horizon to horizon ,
and to let the mind swirl
with it ,
to watch a flower bloom
with the touch of spring ,
and to lose your heart in it ,
to be here
to feel the changes
in the color of sky ,
to live a day full of love .


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Helen Keller on Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell also worked as tutor for
deaf students . One of his most illustrious students
was Helen Keller .
She had this to say about him .
"Bell dedicated his life to the penetration of that inhuman silence which separates and estranges."
Isn't he as much relevant today as then ?


Alexander Graham Bell

My head and heart bow in respect , admiration
to the human being that A.G. Bell was .
His creativity , dedication , compassion are
truly inspiring .
A perfect combination of a dedicated mind and
a compassionate heart .


To you and to Alexander Graham Bell

Our voices cross over atlantic
bridging a distance ,
carrying a soothing presence ,
everyday , morning and evening ,
I utter grateful words to you
and to Alexander Graham Bell
who , in his effort to reach out
to his deaf mother , deaf beloved
has opened a world of communications .



Recall ,
reinvent ,
revive ,
renovate ,
every minute ,
every hour .


Saturday, April 5, 2008

How come ?

How come ?
I wonder ,
question ,
laugh ,
cry ,
worry ,
elate ,
Why does light follow me
wherever I go ?
It warms me up
every moment
never letting me go .


That I am alive

That I hold in the tiny space of my palm
infinite possibilities ,
that I feel in the tiny space of my heart
infinite frequencies ,
that I am alive
and raring to go ......


Sing to me

Sing to me , O koel ,
sing to me of spring ,
of tender mango shoots ,
of fragrant jasmine blooms
of freshness of morning
of joy in your longing .

(How fortunate am I to be woken up
by these birds everyday ! Their music layers
the freshness of dawn and beauty
that emerges is truly divine )

I hope you are able to listen to it .


Intently , quietly

Notes from Sitar rising
as the boat gently rocks
in still waters ,
with the sky watching
intently , quietly ,
I have a reason to live
and love .


Whatever will be will be

While being proactive in creating a better future ,
it is still nice to enjoy that little mystery of the unknown .....
Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be .


Friday, April 4, 2008


Mysticism is really mysterious to me .
Overtly relegious zeal doesn't sound human to me .
Poetry seems to be full of wishful thinking .

My inspiration is the average person on the road ,
struggling for his/ her family's bread and butter .

One of my unforgettable lessons was by an autodriver
who refused to accept extra money offered by me ,
for helping me with my luggage . He seemed so tall !
All my respect and admiration for him .

I love the streets , for that is where I get food for my soul .
I would love to reach there sometime .


Same way

Every day ,
every morning ,
these birds call me ,
in the same way ,
with the same
springy celebration
of the arrival of a new day ,
with the same rhythmic
sweetness in their tones ,
and the same overflowing joy .


Simple !!!!

I arrest my thoughts
rearrange them ,
to feel the simplicity of life .
Listen now ,
so many of them ,
those little
ecstatic flying things
are affirming it .
A simple rule -
lose yourself
in daily trifles .
A walk , a new sky ,
light purple flowers
dancing in the sky ,
and the chatter
of my bird friends ,
all for all .


Right proportions

A sense of balance ,
stabilising wisdom ,
and compassionate heart -
I need to combine these
in the right proportions .


Much as we may like

Much as we may like ,
much as we may not like ,
some conflicts once started
never seem to end .
This is not to say one
should not strive to end them .
One could try as much as
one's energies permit .
But ,when the futility
of it all
looks squarely in your face ,
it might dampen the efforts .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Isn't life truly whole ?

Slight heaviness
in the beating heart ,
like a tear waiting
to fall ,
an unspeakable
tenderness ,
an affectionate
touch ;
When life's gifts overflow
breaking all boundaries ,
can one ask for anything more ?
Isn't life truly whole ?


For an old world order

I am for an
old world order
where faith , loyalty , trust
like the soul of Casabianca ,
amidst cannons
from left and right ,
I reject
all else .

I don't think any explanation
will justify a breach .


As long as .......

As long as our hearts remember ,
our eyes continue to see ,
our ears listen with attention
to the call of the earliest bird
through the dead of the night ,
through the buzz of the day ,
in the candle lit hours of a late evening ,
as long as they hold
what cannot be held ,
a twikle in your eye ,
a tear in part sorrow , part joy ,
we can continue to celebrate
being fully alive .


Saying it with flowers

Can we say
anything better
than these flowers
that we hold
in our hearts ?
Nature is forever
fresh fragrances
to hold us in it's fold .
Why don't we
just say it
with the flowers ,
with the pink light
dancing in their
tender touch ,
as the dew
on the leaves
with you .


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Still heard

A voice
from a distant past ,
a fading present ,
soft and soothing
like the steps
of someone
forever ,
like the steps
of someone
never ........


Listening together

The tunes are from ice ages ,
set to a rhythm that warms up our hearts ,
as we listen together
from across the oceans ,
defying timezones .


Atlantic in my heart

A constant roar of the waves ,
a clean blue pristine shade
a trusting icy cool breeze ,
a feel of the Atlantic
as I fly
to the one and only holy one .

Across the atlantic

Globe turns ,
continents drift ,
as a transatlantic voice
reaches out to it's home .


A touch of permanency

A touch of permanency
a constant renewal ,
as the sun comes back
every first hour of a day
with a view from the west.


Facing West

As I watch the Sun set ,
my thoughts fly westward
where a new day is just being born .


Colored white

Pristine white
off crystalline ice ,
a riot of colors .


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sky beholds

A distant fire
a bird's flight ,
sky beholds .



Unsure ,
uncertain ,
but the darkness has given way
for sure , for certain ,
to an already awake , aware self ,
it's eyes
greeting the dawn
with respectful warmth.


Why are we here ?

Assure me
we do not seek
the heaven and the earth ,
we are not here to drown
in our own perceived
self servings ,
we are here to
give earth
it's due
in this life ,
in the way
it should be
given ,
in a way that
brings heaven
down to earth .


Is it not your fortune ?

Truth will have it's say .
There are times when you
are the lone voice
that carries it .
Why hesitate ?
Is it not your fortune
that you have been chosen
for something as sacred as that .


Fragile no more

Fragile are we
and our emotions ,
intense , fleeting .
Fragile are the words
that shift , change
with every breeze .
Fragile are the
of this realm .

Change the realm ,
shun the words ,
shift the paradigm
to impassioned wisdom ,
to be
fragile no more .