Thursday, June 26, 2008

When it's dark ahead

At times when
it is dark all around ,
all paths left behind
and nothing
seems to exist ahead
it's best to
stay still ,
and face
and everything
that happens .



Enreal said...

It is best to... yet it is difficult all the same... At times when it is dark ahead... I run full force to reach the light... I hope and pray for the light... At times when it is dark ahead...I want to fall into the Earth and remain still and let the light come to me...

akash said...

My dear enreal ,

Hope can and will light up the darkness .
Earth is always there with you ,
rock solid as ever.
Somewhere it holds us and keeps us still till we see light.

Don't you see the light in you ?
I see it .Look into the mirror .
It dazzles .....

Love and light ,