Monday, May 5, 2008

For the invisible angel

I thought angels ,
lovely , sweet ,graceful ,
mysterious , charming
and invisible angels
existed only in fairy tales .
Here I find ,
or I don't find
you who holds an umbrella
of protection
through sun , rain ,
mist , hailstorm ,
cyclone and typhoon .
Dear gaurdian angel ,
voice of God ,
you hold me ,
unfailingly ,
so much so
I walk through life
blindfolded ,
fearless ,
as happiness can be .
How can I thank you
when I don't know who you are ?
akash , manas


Enreal said...

This is a beautiful piece akash... it evokes an emotion I can not place... perhaps a familiarity of something once felt, or known... beautiful indeed

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

There is an angel in your own heart.
Don't you believe me ?

Take a mirror and see .

What do you see ?

Whom do you see ?

Take care .

Thank you for your beautiful
words which evoke an archaic
ache .....


Dipti said...

Dear brother...may you always walk the life-path this happy and content .. with your guardian angel with you every step of the way ...
this is such a beautiful way to say your thanks ...wonderfully beautifully written..loved it...

akash said...

Lovely comments , dipti .
I will reply at length later.

Thank you


akash said...

dipti , do you believe in fate , chance , serendipity ?

I never believed . But many a time I had to abandon my disbelief .

It was as though an invisible hand is protecting me .

I don't know the why or how of it .
It leaves me feeling beautiful
and grateful.

Thank you for understanding it .