Monday, June 30, 2008

In the splashes

It's misty ,
yet I can see raindrops falling
like notes from a strummed Sitar string ,
our boats are facing opposite sides ,
we row with the gentle pace of the river ,
the droplets dancing blissfully on our eyes ,
a smile breaking on our lips
when the paths cross
and oars speak to each other
in the splashes of a rejoicing river .


Sixth sense ?

Sorrow is no more a sorrow
when shared ,
joy is more of a joy when shared .
How can I thank
for all that is shared
without speaking ,
before thinking ,
much before even feeling it ?


Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a gift !

Some trust ,
some honesty ,
some faith ,
some belief ,
some loyalty ,
some devotion ,
some sincerity in work and life ,
All love ,
What a gift you are !


Till the very end of time

A lamp has been lit
in my mind ,
the flame glows bright
all the time ,
till the very end of time .


Real and unreal

Entwined inseparably
real and unreal ,
fantasy and reality ,
support each other
like the back and front
of a palm ,
I for one
see both of them
as one ,
as my own
vital necessities
for life and living .



Saturday, June 28, 2008


cannot be secretive ,
cannot co-exist with darkness ,
cannot be appreciated
by the short sighted
in the moment mindset .


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Long time since I sang a song of love
it was never the time
atleast not the right time ,
but then , it occured to me ,
it occurs to me , now ,
all songs singing in my mind
had the imprint of it
in every way , in every word
without the need for words ,
without ever saying so .


When it's dark ahead

At times when
it is dark all around ,
all paths left behind
and nothing
seems to exist ahead
it's best to
stay still ,
and face
and everything
that happens .


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not so sure anymore ( a tune in my head)

Is it bright and sunny
or and dull and gray ,
not so sure anymore .....

do I want the lemonade
tangy , salty
or sugary sweet
not so sure any more ....

do I want to run
or stay here still
amidst the safety of walls
not so sure anymore .....

do I trust the world
or watch them
with a healthy mistrust
not so sure anymore .....

am I flying on my wings
or is the wind carrying me
in it's own direction
not so sure anymore .....

do I wrap myself in
purple violet
or orange red
or run after
all the rainbow colors
not so sure anymore ......

a happy floatsom
unsure uncertainity that
we find ourselves in
at times ......


Never ending

At one level
all that we go through
is maya an illusion
changing every now
into a nameless past ,
still we go on living
with all attachments
past and present
pulling us , pushing us
through life's lanes ,
and I for one
hold on to the past
like life itself ,
even as
future and present
sweep through .
Never ending
are the dilemmas in life .



I do feel grateful
and I like to express it
every now and then
that I owe it
to all of you
who have
through all
good and bad ,
and fostered
lifelong bonds .

Sighting the shore

How does it feel
to sight the shore
after months , years of
voyaging through
through easy , tough ,
calm and turbulent times ?
Patience slowly runs out ,
no more lonely voyages ,
no more of uncertain anonymous sounds ,
no more of separation .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Most beautiful

Most beautiful moment of a day ,
everyday ,
is when I open the door
early morning
to see the most wonderful
view of the day ,
to let light in ,
opening the heart and mind
to an ageless serene beauty
and a host of new possibilities
and positivities.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Want not , waste not

I tell myself to follow it
in all that I do ,
I do find it very tough
not to want ,
I am not yet
disciplined enough
not to waste ,
but that is the reason
to start
changing my path
to suit
these simple principles
that create
longterm harmony.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

There is enough light

Here in this world ,
right now ,
close to them ,
there is enough light
for the blind to see
if only
they care to see .


Small , small joys

No small things ,
these small joys ,
small goals
that make
the journey
to the larger ones
joyful .


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Imagine jumping
O so high
to ride
right on the back
of a blue - gray cloud
only to tease
a playful ocean .


Gandhiji's words

These words have been in my mind since early teens .
" Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality .
Cowards can never be moral . "
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Courage is an act ,
not a word ,
never in the curtain of
anonymity ,
not of night ,
always in bright
transparent daylight ,
not in blind faith ,
but in real conviction ,
not reckless
but fearless .



Only authentic words
written or spoken ,
tested in reality
can be accepted .
silence is best .
Not sweet , authentic ,
for they build
real and solid.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Reaching out

Patience to listen ,
listen and listen
quietly ,
for seconds , minutes
hours , days ,
listen till
all that remains
is the essence
of breathing
in peace .



and a quiet dignity
a turbulent ocean .


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mirth and cheer

A lttle girl
giggles ,
as she picks up
fallen cherries
in the hills of snow ,
and giggles more ,
all mirth and cheer
as she shares them
with my son
and me .


So many ways

So many ways
a change
makes itself felt ,
lifting of veil of darkness
by the rays of dawn .


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One and only one

As time passes ,
as I ascend
echelons of living ,
I hear one
and only
one voice ,
perhaps mine .


Do you have an answer ?

How does one
give shape ,
pour essence
as expansive
as air ?
How does one
by holding
on to it ?
How does one
support it
and take
support from it ?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The notes in my mind
unseen , unheard
are always in ascension
taking me
to places
I have never been .

Presence in absence

Could there be a gift
better than ,
nobler than ,
kinder than
that bestowed on us
by these
distant visions
which fill the eyes ,
which sooth the heart ,
building an ethereal presence
in physical absence ,
a completeness
divine ,
yet , yet
leaving us free
to be
us ,
one and only one
entity ?

A moment of truth

Beauty of
windy , silvery grey
moonlit night
brings home
a truth ,
a revelation ,
the fortune
that surrounds me
in these silent watchers ,
in these constant companions
that I am blessed with
all the time ,
and as though
to bless my thoughts
it begins to pour .


Monday, June 16, 2008


Each act of faith
each word of love
comes alive
like a perfectly strummed note
playing endlessly
in all that is .


That we care

Life is not a big party ,
not easy at all ,
that we connect
that we share
that we care
makes it a little more easy
than what it could have been.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Can't take my dazed eyes off
the shimmer on the moonlit lake ,
slight shiver due to the winter chill
that spans more than
any timescale I can think of .


A dawn ?

A path ,
a new direction ?
a new discipline ?
a quest ?
a dawn ?



Distant view of hills
radiant with love and laughter
smiling , inviting .


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Morning walk

Fragrance of rain soaked earth
filling alveoli of life deep in my lungs
a rush of oxygen in my veins
my feet marching towards dawn


Now and then

At the border of sanity and insanity
heart and mind take a deep breath ,
fly without wings ,
to the far and the near
and within to see
the same images , same magic ,
same life
with such finess ,
such tenderness
that I become the flow ,
flow becomes I .

Friday, June 13, 2008


A voice strong enough
to give the right direction ,
a hand firm enough
to discipline the right way ,
towards a compassionate world .



I can feel the chill of
droplets of water
breaking from the
distant water fall ,
this cup of warm tea
in the curl of your fingers ,
O pretty maid
your hills call me ,
your voice sings to me ,
I want to sit
by the hearth ,
on this cold misty morning
and sip the tea
brewed in clouds .


Like wax

Melting like wax
to chase away
the dark .


Heart warming tales

I am trying to piece together some incidents in my life where warmth , care poured without bounds
from people to people . Once in a while I need to remind myself that what I am is all of that .
I want to tell the whole world that there is good , so much good in the world .
I feel it in me every moment . I feel it in my heart .
In the forthcoming posts , I would like to narrate some of the tales .


Over the edge

With a hand on my heart ,
song on my lips ,
with trust in my destiny
i march ahead
where Sun takes me ,
and when Sun crosses
the horizon ,
i will perhaps fall over the edge
to become a part of
the grandeur
that is called Universe .

It takes long

It takes long ,
really long
for a Cactus to bloom ,
in the dry , hot
sands of deserts ,
amidst thorns
and inhospitable winds ,
where living
is a matter of chance ,
left to vagaries of hope ,
but when it does bloom
heavens descend
to feast on
the purple , pink ,
the flaming red
and O so many colors
as though
the heat and dust
did not exist .


Thursday, June 12, 2008

I see light

I see a light
a perfect light
seeping in
all the imperfections
that we are ,
and it cannot be
more perfect
than this.



Bright morning .
What with birds' cheerful chatter
and the promise of sun to be
out there , in the sky
shining on the earth.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No , not the transient

The transient does not attract me anymore ,
in fact I reject the in the moment , transient
even if it is infinitely beautiful ,
something deeper ,
like the unexplored depths of pacific ,
something that will always stay with me ,
like the smile on the face of this tree ,
has a meaning for me ,
for depth has it's own beauty ,
a beauty which will not fade
with seasons or
with long drawn pauses in time .


Communion with nature

Sleep is descending on my eyes ,
but I am eager to record
how ecstatic I felt
walking , walking and walking
endlessly in gentle rain
feeling the breeze against me ,
all alone ,
like Alice in wonderland ,
I continued from early evening
till night descended ,
till moon ascended
inside a translucent cloud curtain .
Rain , wind , sky and me ,
again and again and again .....
I want nothing more
nothing less .

I called the winds home

Today ,
now ,
I called the winds home ,
I called the rains home ,
to sing , dance ,
play the flute
even as I floated
on the clouds ,
splashed in the lakes ,
creating , recreating
an ancient rhythm .


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So beautifully

So beautifully
Sun plays
hide-and -seek
with the clouds .


Nothing perfect

The sentence breaks ,
the voice falters ,
hand shivers ,
there is nothing whole about
what I say ,
nothing perfect about
this vision of future ,
but , if we listen quietly
for a few minutes ,
to the sound of waves breaking ,
into bits and pieces ,
tinier than
atoms and molecules ,
a thousand million
tragic faces ,
flowing back
like tears
on the face of the shore ,
only to return
inescapably , unretrievably return ,
to the deep abyss
of remaking ,
of renewing ,
only to lift ,
uplift us
to the beauty
that we have never seen.


I wish I could show you

I wish I could show you
the long line of horizon ,
everyday , every dawn ,
every evening ,
where we can see
the beauty of
years to come ,
in perspective ,
where we exist ,
we thrive
with all our loved ones ,
strong ,
beautiful ,
than ever before ,
filling long
rose scented horizon
like never before .

Eyes can still read

Glimmers of understanding
through rain drops ,
through pages of
books close to the heart ,
eyes can still read
the invisible writing .


Monday, June 9, 2008

Let me be your eyes

Seeing earth awash
in the rhythm of sky ,
let me be your eyes ,
said light ,
O , what a sight !
and how fortunate
am I to get a glimpse
of it .


Do you see them ?

Between the long winding sensible speaches
and poised writeups that life is made of ,
there are tender pauses
where one lets the heart fly ,
even if for an unimaginably short while ,
moments when
you allow yourself to be embraced ,
filled ,
with a beauty
which spreads through sprawling eternity ,
and defines ,
breaks ,
moulds ,
sings ,

Do you see them ?


run or catch

"run or catch"
I recommend this game very strongly
to all the offices , companies , schools and other
establishments which intend to retain
their staff and the creativity in the staff.
It adds to the USP of the office at zero cost .
Simple to do it .
Just schedule an unscheduled game
in the longer brake . One of them could be
run or catch , where each of the staff decides
whether to run or catch .
I did that today with a young , pretty
colleague of mine and managed to
catch up with her .
It's fun . Could increase productivity
and creativity too !
More fun if Boss decides to join in.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

What does it take ?

To reach that frontier
distant from worldly illusions ,
yet an integral part of life ,
to let go ,
truly let go
of attachments ,
yet do one's duty
expecting any result ,
what does it take ?


Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little more

Just a little more ,
extend your hand just an inch more,
where I can see , touch and feel
a lifeline
and the branches ,
firm contours ,
proofs ,
solid proofs
that we are
still alive ,
and we will be so
for eons.


With a glimmer of softness

Voices , so many within us
words , so many from us ,
precious is the sweetness
that flows ,
without a voice,
with a voice ,
without a word ,
with a word ,
with a glimmer of softness ,
that comes from
an ocean of life ,
breaking into waves ,
a smile
that understands .


Need of the hour

Need of the hour is harmony ,
need of the moment is care
that springs from deep
within the heart ,
and reaches out
gently , to hold the hand ,
without making it's presence felt .


With patience

Alone ,
on a branch swinging freely
in the air ,
sits a cute baby crow ,
it's raining ,
not too hard though ,
it's huddled
in it's own feathers ,
cold from drops of rain ,
mildly shivering ,
mildly meditating
like an ascetic
in his wait
for his mother ,
after an hour
after another one ,
he waits
in trust
with patience
for his mother .


The baby crow continues to wait in the rain .
I am fortunate enough to get a glimpse of
life of this little bird.

I am wondering why he is sitting outside
when there is a nest closeby .
Mother crow came , baby opened it's beak
in expectation ; it appears that mother
could not get anything due to rain .

I still don't see any disappointment on
baby's face even though he is shivering more .
He apparently understands !

How much to learn from these birds
which act on instinct !

How beautiful the lessons .


Friday, June 6, 2008

to see pure white

So many truths
so many justifications
so many words ,
to churn black into white ,

while what we need is
uninturrupted silence
to see pure white,
to hear wholesome truth .


Shades of green

All I see are the distant hills
in altering shades of green ,
each luscious than the other ,
each vying for your eye
through a veil silken and shy.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

First drops

Drops , droplets and me .
showers of blessings
from heavens ,
drops of tears from sky ,
on and on ,
as the feet marched ,
heart rejoiced ,
with moist eyes
and forlorn thoughts ,
just a mask
for communion
with Nature
a new season ,
a new reason
to live .


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Symphony of the stars

Memory of a time
when all one wanted was
to listen to the symphony of stars
in a true awareness of the Universe ,
memory of a time ,
when one let feelings flow
unhindered ,
memory of a time
words were woven
to cover our souls with ,
memory of a time
when words were created
to adorn us in after life .

manas , akash


can no more frighten me ,
but it does fill me with awe
at the capability
of Nature
to articulate itself .


And it rained and rained and rained

Just when I thought
the day came to an end ,
it started to rain and rain and rain ,
begining a brand new season .


Sighting the shore

It's like sighting the shore
after long days
of navigating
on a seemingly endless journey
through shoreless
the deck
of the ship.


Yet another Sunset

A day like any other ,
yet another Sunset ,
another bittersweet
mixture where
hope and despair
are indistinguishable
in a day that IS.


Monday, June 2, 2008


Boat rocking
on the ripples of a lake ,
falling from heavens ,
joy unbound.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A month

One month
of tending to the plants
drying up
in autumn cold ,
one month of watering ,
weeding ,
with love
care ,
with the regularity
of rising sun ,
can't wait to see
the Bamboo
buds bloom .



Faith unshakable ,
pride unmeasurable ,
in all that one is ,
free of all
expected notions
past and present .


A new day

Sky splits
from horizon ,
a new day .


Halfway through

In search of ,
halfway through ,
to find
a paradigm
for peace ,
of peace .



Is there a choice
for pupa
to become a caterpillar ?

Can change be
other than
the inevitable ?

Can anything else
be done
other than
the choiceless change
with open arms ?


That keeps me alive

I can only talk about peace ,
I can only talk about life,

I see so many signs ,
not so much in the concrete ,
but in the abstract ,
not in the actual seeing ,
but in the vision of the eyes ,
not in the actual feeling ,
but in the transition
that borders
on the real and surreal ,
like the horse , the cow ,
the buffalo
by instinct
when the storm
is about to strike
the unsuspecting shore ,
and that
keeps me alive .



One has to focus one's energies
on the resolvable ,
and handover the unresolvables
to time and destiny.

It is in realising our limitations
that we choose paths
in which we can walk the talk.

Either way ,
the ocean remains
just as beautiful ,
the clouds are
just as bountiful,
giving us
the precious
gift of love .

As restless
as the ocean
our hearts may be ,
they are still sources
of peace
for the onlookers
and us ,

As unending as
the ocean waves .

Isn't that
what life is about ?

Isn't that
what we are about ?