Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Never ending

At one level
all that we go through
is maya an illusion
changing every now
into a nameless past ,
still we go on living
with all attachments
past and present
pulling us , pushing us
through life's lanes ,
and I for one
hold on to the past
like life itself ,
even as
future and present
sweep through .
Never ending
are the dilemmas in life .



Enreal said...

These words are so beautiful... they speak to my Soul... thank you akash

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

My thoughts are increasingly cetering around the maya that it all really is .

I am waiting to complete all my family duties to go beyond the circle we draw around ourselves into the wider world to be a part of it in a more integral and more responsible way .

Thank you for always being a part of my conversation .


Enreal said...

I am always in search of a conversation... no need for a thank you