Sunday, June 22, 2008

There is enough light

Here in this world ,
right now ,
close to them ,
there is enough light
for the blind to see
if only
they care to see .



Maithri said...

Beautiful my friend,

Just beautiful,

Much love, Maithri

akash said...

Dear Maithri ,

Long time , my friend .

So glad you liked it .

Love and light to you ,


Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for your wonderful verses. Your beautiful poetry made me feel ashamed for my recent weeping for the loss of my camera. I s the light to see, or to search for the sharing? We either enjoy what we sense or pass by the artworks in our blindness. However, does the reality release us from duty to be on guard?
Wow, you ashamed me once again. While you are the troubadour who is heard far away, I just muse under my nose. What for that may serve? Thus let rejoice over the light that God gifts us in abundance.

akash said...

Dear Tomas ,

I am only writing some words .
You are the living proof that
there is only light in the world .

We should be ashamed that we are unable to give any real material
help to you .

Just bear with it for some time , dear friend .There will be an end to the darkness .

Your light brings out the vibrancy of colors too !

With much affection ,