Sunday, May 11, 2008

It all makes sense

Everything seems to makes sense
cosmos seems to be feverishly at work
to make sense out of all the gibberish ,
and finally I am on my way
to my home by the Ocean shore ,
to be sitting by it's side ,
in the moonlight
watching the waves gushing
to break on the shoreline ,
my heart returning
to a deep peace
hidden in the wild side of nature .

manas, akash


Anonymous said...

Very nice to hear of your success.

akash said...

Dear mossy ,

I repeat that I still don't know you . So I don't understand the context .

There is no success.

All I am saying is that I love to sit by the Ocean shore in the moonlight and watch the waves all night .

I don't get to do that . So I am expressing it here .

No success in any sense of the term .

Expressing a deep longing .

Thank you ,


Anonymous said...


I read too much into it and it seems I was a bit too familiar.

Your poem reminds me of finding my way back to a higher state (my home) where things make sense and it is possible to watch whatever is happening (mostly nature) with deep contentment.

I used to think it was an external place but in fact it is an internal place. Still it is hard to get there.

Dipti said...

dear brother..may the forces of cosmos always conspire to give you the very best ...i am loving the musical notes of the happy songs of your heart ...

akash said...

Dear mossy ,

Why be sorry ?
It is most wonderful to have you here .

We are all trying to reach that higher place called home .

I agree that it is difficult .

Thank you for taking time to be here .


akash said...

My best to you , dear dipti .