Friday, November 23, 2007

Switzerland in my dreams

These days I dream of Switzerland
for no apparent reason ,
just want to stand and
watch the mountains climb
and tower my imagination .

When will I be there ?
Will I be ?

Autumn , winter

Soft snow
rustle of dry leaves ,
subtle changes in the shades of sky ,
slight chill in the air ,
mist in the mornings ,
rings of steaming coffee rising in the air ,
so many ways
a change
makes itself felt .


Perception ,
mine , your ,
his , her,
their , our

how similar ?
how very different ?

wonder that we are still here ,
still together ,
very much together ,
inseparable .

Emotion , reason

Emotion , reason ,
reason , emotion ,
both are charming in their own way ,
each of them can be enriching ,
each of them can be bothersome
when limits are exceeded ,
it is always a mess
when limits are exceeded .......
perhaps avoidable mess .

One of my favourites

Not that I have read much .
One author whose memory is soothing to the heart is that of Pearl.S.Buck .
Life poured itself into her writings with gentleness and grace of moonlight .
The pace was really relaxing . I wonder how she was as a person !
I would have liked to spend some time with her .
I surely would have liked to .


As though we have imprisoned ourselves
in these repetitive routines ,
recycled thought patterns ,
actions , reactions ,
as though this is the only path
leading to salvation ,
as though there is no other ,
as though .......

Friday, November 9, 2007

Stars , stars , stars ..........

Little hearts , stars of my life , all around me .........
Singing , dancing , just being there with a smile or a tear ,
making me one among them , of them .

I am here , now .