Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ultimate expression of love

Sometimes I wonder
as to what the ultimate
expression of love is ......
options seemed so many ,
spending time together ,
smiling at each other ,
expressing through art ,
expressing through learning ,
but none really reached the level of
being there for one another ,
being next to the other
holding hands
when fraility has set in
with age and health ,
and there are so many
hands to be held ,
so much of love to be shared .


Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Akash,
Being born and blessed as spiritual entities, we have been ordained to just offer Love to all on the Path...But sometimes, we humans wear such selfish veils of Conditional Love which seem to darken our True shining Nature..
I wish there are more souls like you Akash and i so dearly adore you for actually being His Sweetest Son :))
May His Love flow through you to many and may you be blessed Infinitely :) A very beautiful post my dear one!

P.S..hey akash, i hope you got my mail.

akash said...

Dear Akash ,

Thank you very much for your kind words .
But I have to clarify .
I am not a spiritual entity.
I prefer to be a consistent human being who honors the conditions around .
I don't understand unconditional love .I don't believe also.
Often these lofty words mean very little or are used to justify socially unacceptable conditions.
I clarify because I don't like to keep another person in illusions.
I value a good human being much more than a spiritual person .

Peace to you ,


Enreal said...

The ultimate expression of love I find in silence... thoughts... unshared emotions... they resonate deep within. Only after silence and time do these true underlying feelings emerge...

Sometimes they arise from frailty and complete release... at a moment of vulnerability... when your mold is about to shatter... there is a hand... a spirit... a force... holding you together...

The ultimate expression of love can not be known first hand... it can only be given under the perfect circumstance...

I have only seen this once, and it was only a fraction of what it could have been... it was a beautiful fraction...

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

So beautiful are your words !
I don't know if I have grasped their essence fully !

Silence ....thoughts ...unshared emotions.....these are the favorite haunts of love.

Perfection is rare in life .

All I can say is that you are fortunate to have experienced a fraction of the infinity that all of us wish to be.

Preserve it in your memory folds .
You might be able to live it again .

Thank you , enreal , for your insights , for sharing something
so beautiful .


akash said...

Enreal ,

Further to what I have written ,
I also have this nagging feeling that what you have felt may also have been an illusion of it .

I feel that if it were real , it would have endured .

Don't you think so ?

According to me , love is not a momentary splash .

It is a part of an intense mixture of respect- love-commitment that
flows out of us . It has it's expression in those little things we do and those little thoughts we harbor .

I could be wrong .

Please do correct me .


Dipti said...

how do i define
ultimate expression of love
when it is so beautiful
in all volumes..all forms ..all shapes..

a drop..
leaves you as drenched
as the pouring rain of love..

is it a sparkle in the eye
of that little boy
playing with his puppy

and in the wrinkled smile
of my neighbors granny
braiding the hair of
her granddaughter ...

I heard its echo
when my sister was
scolding my nephew...

it glitters in the tears of
that praying old man
overwhelmed with reverence

love-it is so expressive at times
when tears of happiness
trickle down ..
on the face
brimming with a big grin ...

it is wrapped in
throbbing silence at times
when the heart aches
and pain liquifies ...

it molds you ..
it liberates you ...
it engulfs you ...
it resonates in you...


Dear brother ..I think that ultimate expression of the love that gives you ..provides you ..NOT-.. what makes you feel good
but what is good for you unassuming love that expects nothing in return ... as that love is not momentary..its lives forever as fragrance of fresh flowers ....

akash said...

Beautiful words , dipti .

I would like to reply to them ,
a little later .


Enreal said...

This expression came to me in a glance... it came to me when I had lost the one thing I cherished the most... my father... it was a glance, I believe my father was behind those eyes... as I lay sobbing in the arms of my boyfriend, I looked up ... it was him behind his eyes... I am not mistaking love for sorrow, helplessness, pity... it was unconditional love, but I know not how to explain further... I saw a glance, a moment

I share this with you in order to explain... unconditional love can not be given, it remains in essence and in the Soul... it is revealed... in small quantities... when we need it most...

Unconditional love is a strong force, imagine the entirety of it...

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

I do connect to your experience .
It is indeed very beautiful as you describe it .

I personally would not like that dependence . I like being independent .

I like handling things on my own .
I feel more secure that way.

But then , I see that it must have meant a world of security for you .

All I can say is that I appreciate your point of view.

Thank you for enriching my post .