Friday, May 9, 2008

Not just feel good

Is life just about feel good words ?
I don't think so .
Every once in a while
a sharp chisel ,
an edge of a wafer thin razor
is needed
to cut through
illusions , deceptions ,
so that life can thrive .



Anonymous said...

Emerging souls can not intelligently protect themselves from the daggers of critisism, so they are forced to build walls.

Yes others can help us to see ourselves but this should be done a gently as possible.

akash said...

I don't know you , Mossy .
So I can't get the context in which you are saying this.

Yes , I do speak about walls in a figurative sense .

But , there are no walls .

I would be happy to know the context in which you are saying this .

I agree that it should be as gentle as possible .

Thank you ,