Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Words are bridges at times ,
blockages at times ,
up to us as to what we make of them !
Occasional silence works
like a fast
to cleanse
the arteries and veins of
and brings us together.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


All of us need love - true love .
Love could be the anchor which
helps us to connect to the world
a little more softly ,
a little more compassionately!

I consider myself incredibly fortunate ,
for i have received love in infinite measure.

I can never fully express enough gratitude
for this precious gift .

I wish to return it to the world in
some or the other form ; that perhaps
is the only way to preserve love.


Trust is comfort to the soul.
Trust is something which is built
between two entities through a lot of
initial distrust and a whole lot of trust-building situations .
As they say , through thick and thin .....
Till then , it may be healthy to have a streak
of distrust.....


Poetry can be powerful ,
incredibly beautiful ,
unscrupulously ambiguous;

I like to forget the ambiguous ones ......

Pleasant or honest ?

I do like pleasantness around.

There are times i get carried away by it.

But i respect honesty more .

For relationships to sustain in the

longrun , honesty is a necessity.

That is how i feel.

I don't have the capacity to be

very pleasant.

I lose out in the shortrun ; i have

gained in the long run -

few friends who are there forever ,

the reason for me to celebrate life !

Friday, September 21, 2007

Between yesterday and today

A chasm or an abyss

between yesterday and today ......,

too deep to cross ,

too real to be brushed aside .....

testing my strengths , vulnerabilities !

War within

Why am I at war with myself ?

I could write pages , without a

simple answer .

Why is one part of me unable to

accept the other ?


How does one get to the root of peace , the deepest root that feeds peace ?

Prayer , meditation , thought , word , articulation , action ???

Each one may have their own path.

I would think that unambiguous and mindful action -

as small as a deep breath is the right step towards peace -

unambiguous peace.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy birthday

Today is the birthday of my younger son , Prashant.

I wish him a very happy birthday,

and a lifetime of happiness.

He fills our days with so much cheer and happiness .

I thank him for all that he is ........

Is this life ?

To feel close to nature
in it's most pristine form
to give form to that closeness
to feel alive every minute of existence
and vapourise into
an eternity in search of purpose ......

Is this life ?

Where are you ?

Where are you ?
I keep asking myself
to be afloat
in the lowering densities
of ambiences around ;
at times there is no answer ,
at times i don't hear it.

Like light itself

There are times you are choked with emotions without
apparent reasons
there are times you feel utterly lifeless
like the tides
like the waves
it needs two extreme intensities
to make the energy flow ,
freely , beautifully
like light itself.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I seek permanance
knowing fully well that
this person called me
itself is a guest
to the world.
Ends are
more often than not
abrupt - very abrupt.
One should be prepared
to face reality ;
stark and illusion-free

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Success , failure

Success and failure - are they different ?

At times i think about it this way -

A reasonable amount of failure is needed

for a successful life !!

At times i want to be reasonably successful....


Do you believe in the supernatural ?

I am inclined to .......

Some coincidences leave such

profound impact on you.....

You are at a loss to understand ;

What , why , where , when .....?


Is it really possible to

live without expectations ?

It should be , it could be.....

I find it difficult to

practise it....


Farewells are integral part of life .....

painful and necessary .....

could also mean a different course .....

life takes you through different routes

at different times...

have to accept the changes ,

to continue with the thread of life.

With best wishes for all .....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Borders , dividers........

To live , to really live ,

we need to cut through lots and lots of

borders ; sealed borders , opaque borders ......

How do we do it ?

These dividers crystallize day by day ,

night by night into unbreakable entities

with their own agenda .....

How do we survive them , thrive through them ?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Melting Cheese

I love the cartoon Heidi and the novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

Pure innocence and sheer delight to have Heidi's doting

grand father's melting home made cheese .

Even more delightful to watch young Peter gobble it up.....

One day I would like to ascend the heights of Alps to be

with Heidi , Peter , grandfather , the goats , the snow.....

I want to be as resilient as Heidi.

Moments .....

I love the hazy images of the world

through the gentle threads of mild rain,

a certain purifying ,

freshening feeling ......

just to watch the leaves

in their bright green rustle

just after the rain .....

defines life for me.

I live moment to moment ......

Die between the moments.....

Yesterday , Today ......

Today grows on the support of yesterday

into a tomorrow.

Hopefully a better one .....

Hopefully a beautiful one......


Times are disturbing ......

As much for a child as a (wo)man.

As much for an angel as a demon.

Well , we do have a bit of both in each of us. Don't we ?

Endless are the questions searching for answers....

Truely , truely endless .....

Do you have any answers in search of questions ?

I love .....

I love almost everything in nature .

Right from the infinite emptiness of the universe ,

through the sky above us to the dust around us .

All things are bright and beautiful.

Need i mention the green , the infinitely green ?

Order , disorder

I like certain amount of order.

Certain amount of disorder too !!

I think that it is their combination

that makes the world tick .....

I am not sure that i am right .....

I might not be right ; might be....


How do we learn ?

How do we unlearn?

Have you any thoughts or feelings to share ?

I am at a loss .......

I wonder how we allow learning to consume us ?

New excitement

The thrill of seeing the words in neat
orderly print is still fresh in my eyes.....

Are the words mine ?

Can i claim to own words ?

Where did they start ?

Where are they going ?

Questions as much for me as the visitor ....


A normal human being like anyone.
Like the idea of sharing and caring.
Like the idea of coherent joint family .
Family can be as big as the universe.