Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attar-mitti (Scent of Earth )

There is no rain yet ,
but there is the prompting of it ,
fragrance of the earth
blending with water,
a rare scent , attar-mitti ,
smell of the first rain
touching the earth ,
into the air around .



Anonymous said...

Wow! Akash attar mitti is my favorite. ever since i came to US I miss it alot. Here mitti is not as fragrat as in Pakistan. thanks for the beautiful poem.

akash said...

Dear Shabana ,

Wait for the first rain to understand attar-mitti .

Good to hear from you after a long time .

Thank you .


Enreal said...

I read this aloud... these words... they sound beautiful read aloud

akash said...

Synchronicity ......
shall I use the word ?

Just a while ago I left a comment on your site .

Thank you , enreal , for reading
aloud .