Monday, July 14, 2008

Like one of the three Magi ......

Increasingly I feel
as light hearted as one of the three Magi ,
finding the other two will itself be exciting ,
there are signs
but I am most excited about my own discoveries ,
a new vibration everyday ,
a new arch everyother day ,
a new bountiful slice of life everyday
under the star filled sky ,
an endless journey
that does not look back .



Enreal said...

I love this piece... I have heard of the three magi, yet I know not their tale. I shall have to use your piece as a start and find the tale... this is a great start

akash said...

I had read T.S.Eliot's poem ,
"Journey of the Magi" in school.
Today it came to me on it's own .
It brought the words.

Eliot is perhaps remembering me ....or his own conversion which changed the course of his life ...
a life and a death he saw ....
a journey full of that to see a birth ... a hope ...through despair ....

Or the Magi...