Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yet another Sunset

A day like any other ,
yet another Sunset ,
another bittersweet
mixture where
hope and despair
are indistinguishable
in a day that IS.



Enreal said...

You captured exactly how I have been feeling as of late... yet i couldn't put it to words... it is true, I can not distinguish between hope and despair. Perhaps it is because hope is empty and despair is full. Maybe... definitely indistinguishable... as when you dream... perhaps...

akash said...

Dear enreal ,

There are times like that .
Sometimes more than the others .
Despair is always at the door .
Hope is a little away . That is why despair is more prominent in our lives .
But then enreal , a Sunset can only followed by Sunrise .

Won't you agree ?

Greetings of Sunrise .