Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woza , Moya .........;Maithri's call to the world

It is a call full of love ,
full of hope .
"Woza , Moya " A Zulu saying which means ,"Come , change , come ..."
is also the title of Maithri's post yesterday , in his blog , "The soaring Impulse" .
It's a powerful plea to love the world....

to actually touch it ,
embrace it ,
with acts of random kindness .

Maithri ,
Your whispers in the wind - of despair of the broken hearts
of the little children ,of the choice with us to love it all ,
are here , everywhere .

I hear them , feel them .
The world is hearing too - with rapt attention .
All the signs point to change -towards a more compassionate world .
The world is singing , " Woza , Moya ....."
I hope you are hearing it , Maithri .



Maithri said...

I hear it brother...

Your song...

Thank you for lifting your voice, your soul, on the winds...

To welcome these ripples of change...

Be the light that you are,

Burn through the darkness,


akash said...

I loved the words , "Woza , Moya "
Thank you , Maithri , for such a beautiful post .

Thank you for the encouraging words .

Peace to you , dear friend .