Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How ?

How do I hold the dawn ,
it's freshness ,
it's hope ,
the radiant smile with which
it greets the day ,
all through the day
and the night ?


Dipti said...

may be ..
we don't have to
hold on to any dawns ..
may be we just grow them
in our hearts
with the water of
empathetic tears
and light of faith...
once blossomed
they spread
the fragrance of love
and light of hope
forever and ever....

akash said...

Dear dipti ,
You have become a part of this blog .
I love the lines of your poem .
You are really illuminating my blog
with your beautiful writings .
Thank you , friend ,

Dipti said...

Dear brother ... i feel humbled and at the same time so happy .. thanks for welcoming me ... i guess your writings are so natural and soothing that they inspire and invoke more.... blessings and regards to you...