Sunday, February 24, 2008

At the end of the day

I realise they are identical twins ,
happiness and sorrow in my mind ,
waking one automatically awakens the other
and their cousin fear too is not too far ,
it is a full family , a closely knit family
where all emotions are shared in good measure ,
the only way to keep balance in my mind is ,
to put them all to sleep with a mindful lullaby
and close my own eyes to dream
a dreamless sleep
at the end of the day .


Dipti said...

intresting well put ... said...

yes. the image of identical twins is so perfect. pain and compassion. heartache and love. breaking and opening... yin and yang. hunger and nurture. wholeness. makes me think of mechthild's vision of God...Mary on one side leaking milk, Jesus on the other dripping blood...

akash said...

Thank you , dipti .
Do you also feel the same way ?
Just curious ,

akash said...

That image stirs you to the core .
Welcome , emma .
Thank you for these wonderful words .

Dipti said...

Dear Brother..Isn't it fear that makes 'happiness' seem so beautiful.. isn't it night that makes our days so bright ...aren't those the black clouds that make the silver line look so silvery ..

but you are right dear brother ..what you wrote is so true ..I feel the same ..always a see-saw of emotions does feel like a sea with high tides and low tides of feelings and emotions ..and I wonder if most of us feel the same way .. I guess for me what works is constant reminders on the fact that I need to count my blessings ...a constant reminder that life is soooo beautiful inspite of small ups and downs ...i love the following lines of a old hindi movie song from motivates me..

"aati rahengii baharien
jaati rahengii baharien
dil ki nazar se , duniya ko dekho
duniyaa sada hii haseeN hai..."

and you are also right ..any gray shades of fears or doubts are genrally changed into a ray of sunshine after a good night's sleep ..

see it took me so much to convey what i felt in a boring essay ..and the same thing you cconveyed soo elegantly in a few beautifully carved well placed magical words ..kudos to always

akash said...

Dear dipti ,
Heart felt thanks for the wisdom shared . I like the songs .
But , my imagination is a bit abstract .
I often view the world with a clinical eye of the mind.
I like the other hero of ,
"A tale of two cities " .
I respect your view too.
Please continue to respond .
You can post too .
Please do write your reflections on goals /purpose of education .
Anything and everything on education.