Friday, February 29, 2008

Through their eyes

To sense
to know
to feel
the wonder
in each drop of water ,
with each uplift of the sand dune ,
with each gush of innocence
in their faces ,
to see them dance
an abstract dance
making patterns
out of mundane
concepts ,
looking beyond the obvious
into their own hearts ,
into the world around ,
making a connection
a tender
and lasting connection ,
to feel the world in their eyes ,
O to feel the world in their eyes ,
makes me soar
without limits ,
without bounds .
Return of a familiar sweetness
return of a passionate streak
return of a sense of balance
in a day , everyday .



Dipti said...

wonderful dear brother ... such a beautiful poem ... i wonder if dance of the drops is a reflection of music in soul...

akash said...

This was the way I felt during a class that day . I saw the world through the sparkles in childrens' eyes .
I ardently wish that I continue to
hear this music till the end of my life . It is the music in their hearts which sang for me .

But then there are days when there is no music .
It is still fine .
Thank you , dear dipti ,
for your words , for your presence which is singing ......