Friday, February 8, 2008

A place under the sun

That is what they were all seeking ,
that is what we are all seeking !!

A tiny little place under the sun ,
just enough to feel the warmth ,
just enough to escape cold ,
just enough to breathe easy ...........



Dipti said...

smiles... if only ! Brother Akash ...the only problem with the us today is what Ghalib has so eloquently summarized:

hazaroN khwaahishien aisien
ke har khwaahish pe dam nikale.
bahut nikale mere armaan
lekin phir bhi kam nikale ...

Anonymous said...

what else we need except this. why don't others' realize this. Again this is so sweet feeling.

akash said...

Thank you , Dipti .
It is not a problem .
It is a solution .

I see around me so many little , big
helpless selves , helping themselves
to a bit of well deserved brightness.

I have the good fortune of being around them and some of their
enthusiasm is rubbing on to me too.
A new and refreshing , truthful
experience of reality .


akash said...

Yes , shabana .
It is a sweet feeling .
In some ways essence of life ......