Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whispering vision

The door was open ,
I stopped hesitantly .
You were immersed
in a beautiful ,
delicately woven
vision ,
perhaps of ocean waves rising
to rinse the hills ,
something else .
I stood motionless ,
at the door ,
listening to the
whispering vision ,
immersing in it.



pbsweeney said...

This is so utterly lovely, so graceful, so fine. Very few people write about this way of being with another - very few even understand it. Wonderful.

akash said...

I knew that you would understand it , Patricia .

It is absolutely elevating to hear these words from you ,


Dipti said...

how sweet and lovely dear brother ..i agree with sister patricia ..not everybody can hear the whispering visions ...:-)

akash said...

it was almost telepathic , dipti -
the timing of your comment .

Maithri said...

May the world whisper to you today brother,

May it whisper you home

to the heart of love,

Sending Peace and love, Maithri

akash said...

The world is whispering , dear friend .
I am home , surrounded by love and peace that will last till the very end of time.

Heart felt gratitude for being the change that the world needs ,
for being the love that the world needs ,