Sunday, February 17, 2008

With the earth

I put my ear to the ground
to hear my own heart
pulsating , beating
with each breath of the earth
in it's simple
never ending yearning
to reach the sun ,
I hear the earth , only the earth ,
in this silence of the night ,
constant , serene ,
loving , giving
in it's yearning .



safa said...

It's not your heart alone in this earth of our body, pulsating and yearning to reach the Sun. It is One Collective Heart of the hearts seeking out the Way back to the Sun of the suns...

Very heart-ravishing, dear akash; both your beautiful poems and the soulful sense of serenity they impart!

Thanks for

akash said...

Thank you safa , for your unlimited
kindness . Waiting for another soulful poem from you ,

Dipti said...

Dear Brother.. very wonderful to capture the eternal yearning of the earth for its beloved sun..

akash said...

Thank you , dipti , for the patience with which you have read the posts .