Friday, February 29, 2008


Waiting for a word ,
a soothing ,
flowing ,
tender word
which is a question
and an answer to
all my questions ,
which is the seeker
and is sought
by all my words ,
which is the begining
and end
of all my quests ,
which rests
where it
belongs .



Dipti said...

Dear brother .. sometimes your poems sound like some deep intriguing puzzles ... but still soft and soothing..

akash said...

Isn't life a puzzle at times for all of us ? The process of solving it is what makes life interesting . Intriguing , yes ,my friend , life is intriguing at times . It is a package deal . Isn't it ?
Soft and soothing is the way you perceive it . Full credit to you ,
dear dipti .