Friday, February 22, 2008


It's divine ,
it's heavenly ,
to feel sleep
descend on the eyes
the eyelashes
being aware .


Dipti said...

never even thought of this 'concept' that so naturally comes to us everyday .. how do we take everything for granted !.. you have a wonderful knack dear brother all what is in and around you .. i was wondering if one needs this conciousness to enjoy HIS bounties feel at peace with know HIM the process... ...wonderful dear brother..

akash said...

Dear Dipti ,
So good to wake up with your comment . I really don't know how I thought about it .
I guess I was too tired to write anythingelse .
Sleep was indeed descending over my eyes like rain on hills .
That was the reward of a hard day's work and Patricia's poem .

Now , I woke up to read your beautiful words .
This too is divine .

Thank you ,dear dipti ,

akash said...
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