Saturday, February 23, 2008

Like sky ?

Someone was talking about it .
Beauty of the broken heart .

The longing ,
grace ,
respect ,
compassion and
love .
Have you ever felt
all of them
as your own self ?
How does it feel
to melt ,
to become a part
of the well spring
that heals ?
How beautiful
would that feel ?
How limitless
would that feel ?



Dipti said...

wonderful dear brother..

akash said...

all the are colors being painted in the sky , now , literally and figuratively .

thank you for these early morning greetings , dear dipti .


Maithri said...

Dear Brother,

These words are kissed by heaven,

Melting into the well spring that heals...


Love and peace to you, M

akash said...

I am glad that heaven has kissed
these words . The well spring is here , in every melting heart .

Thank you , dear friend ,for touching these words .

Peace and love to you ,