Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am still wondering

I am wondering
about the gift
that I need to give my dawn ,
when it already has
the priced possession ,
the Sun in all it's glory and splendor .
I am still wondering
as to what I can give ,
other than these
empty hands
reaching out
to the Sun .



Maithri said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful,


Dipti said...

I agree with Brother Maithri.. its absolutely beautiful....
somehow reading about dawn again reminded me of the question in one of your earlier poems .. and a vision/thought crossed my mind..

can we ever capture
the soothing warmth
of smiling dawn
using a butterfly net?
..save it in colorful
shiny crystal jars
called love and hope..
and bask in its
glittering glory
on a gray winter day?

akash said...

maithri , dipti ,
I am delighted that both of you , whom I respect have liked it.

you have made my heart lighter .
I think we can capture .
There is no end to the possibilities in life ,
if we keep our hearts and hands open .

Thank you both ,