Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random thoughts on education

Just a question here -
What are or should be the goals of education ?
What should be the methods ?

Question with vast scope ........
and infinitely many answers ,
let us see how we steer through it .



Dipti said...

somebody has said that purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with a open mind...
open to understand vastness and beauty of live..
open to love , compassion and empathy ...

pbsweeney said...

Long ago, I used to teach, and have to confess that I really only cared that students left me at the end of the term with an enthusiasm for learning. If they arrived in the morning excited and ready for the wonder of what we might find together, then I felt as if I were doing my job. Today in the US, the teachers are over-regulated and the students over tested and stressed. Little room for love and adventure!

akash said...

You have put it well , dipti .
To open the minds to vastness and beauty of life is really one of the purposes of education .
It also means being
open to love , compassion and empathy ...
How do we do it ?
Any thoughts ?

akash said...

It is the same plight , all over , Patricia .As a teacher you have tried to do the ideal , under reasonably conducive conditions .

One question in my mind is as to how we can make the conditions near ideal .

Another question I ask myself is
as to what is best that one can do under the given conditions .

These are two of the issues uppermost in my heart and mind .

Thank you for responding to the
most pertinent post .