Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How do we build trust ?

What are the ingredients that go into it ?

Love , compassion , respect , forgiveness and trust ?

A basic belief in the innate trustworthiness of people .

In becoming aware of the longterm good that trust can do .

By conscious construction of trust building situations .



pbsweeney said...

I agree, and even sometimes we just have to take the leap in faith to trust. I think it is part of loving, regardless of the return. Betrayal of trust is, in some ways, more sad for the person who committed the act. I do try to have compassion. We all have such frailties, such imperfections, and no stranger to them myself, I try to move toward compassion when confronted with it in another. One day I hope I don't have to try so hard - that it will be immediate!

akash said...

Yes , Patricia . In the long run
compassion , positivity win the day .
We are bundles of imperfections .
As you have said , compassion helps . Patience is needed in abundance .
Thank you , Patricia , for these wise words from the heart .