Sunday, March 9, 2008

Breathe Beautiful

"Breathe Beautiful " at blogspot , ,
lives upto it's name .
It breathes only beauty .
The pictures , words and music
transport you to a different world ,
soft and soothing .
You inhale only beauty .
Till we make our planet
something like that ,
we can sooth ourselves here .



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Forgive me for not responding as I have been ill. However a lovely soul sent me what you have written. How wonderful of you to say such things. Thank you so very much.

Soft love,

Dipti said...

i saw a few posts there dear brother.. loved it ... you are so right .. the only ords that come to mind are ..soft and soothing

akash said...

Dear i o h , o o h ,

I hope that you have recovered completely .

Thank you for your visit and your words . They do speak with soft love .


akash said...

Thank you , dear dipti .

Soft and soothing ..... That is the way we want life to be .

Isn't that so ?