Friday, March 14, 2008

Still on

There are silverlinings ,
a hundred thousand of them ,
the lights around are white and bright ,
there is a splendor in the garden
rich in colors , fragrances beyond words ,
yet , my friend ,
the heart of the soul is still dark ,
the color of the clouds is still gray ,
bordering on dark ,
the search for true meaning
is thankfully still on ,
the soul still waits to connect
all the dark corners of the world
before turning the bright lights on ,
the wait is still on ,
thankfully .



Enreal said...

I can see the silver linings... I can see the colors of the world... smell the fragrances of life... what sweet feelings you have evoked...

akash said...

Welcome to the sky , enreal .
The view from here is beautiful .
Colors , flowers , fragrances ......

Thank you enreal , for your addition to the sweetness ,