Sunday, March 16, 2008

Resolving the unresolvable

Every now and then a puzzle reappears in life .
You try to solve , resolve . At times it works .
At times , the solution evades all efforts .
What can one do ?
Just go through it all - anguish , tears , acceptance and the healing touch .
The healing touch is for you .



Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Akash,
Thank you so much for your Healing touch :))
I read that you intuitively guessed my upheavals and i couldnt but wonder about how strong a connection exists between our hearts!
I am so blessed to know you and i do find meaning and words to my unspoken emotions everytime i read your posts..
May God bless your tender,pure heart with all that it desires :)
I am sending you lots of love and my humble blessings to a very beautiful soul i truly adore :))
Life, no matter what it offers: as long the journey has souls like you its a joyride and a true blessing!
Take good care of yourself and keep shining akash :)

akash said...

My dear krishna ,

I am sorry to hear about the upheavals , my friend .

I am at a loss for words .

I hope that you feel the prayer
in my heart for you .

I do hope that it will in some way
sooth you and fill you with joy
and peace which you truly deserve .

Dear Krishna , if this connectedness means anything ,it is this sharing of love and peace .

I am basking in the beauty of your words , krishna .

Thank you with all my heart for your kind words ,