Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I stand quietly
waiting to listen
to the river of words
that passes this way ,
sharing with me ,
beckoning me to share
all that
life has offered ,
a joy , a sorrow ,
an angry face of the day
and a cooling breeze
from the hills .



Dipti said...

Dear Brother ...

sharing ..
such a sweet joy it is...
multiplies our joys...
dissolves our sorrows...
what fun it must be
for the cool breeze
to share all secrets
with the fresh morning dew
dancing on lavendar flowers...
i wonder if the
giggling foamy waves
share the fun stories
everytime they join heads
with the pearly white shores...

akash said...

Dear dipti ,

Thank you dear friend .
It has been sometime since you have spoken . Hope all is well .

You speak in such a soft language .

Thank you , my friend for your presence .

Thank you ,my friend for spending some of your valuable time to spread light here .


Dipti said...

Dear Brother..Life has been a little bizzy lately ... although i still steal moments to enjoy reading some of the posts and blogs i love ..it has become a little difficult to write much lately ... but hopefully soon ...all the shades of life are still so very colorful ... the music is still so vibrant ..your beautiful words gives me such immense pleasure ... thank you so much for your warm welcome dear brother...