Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ocean speaks

Do you want to ask the ocean
why it survives , thrives
in ebb and flow ?
Have you seen it's heart
beat any less in ebb than flow ?
Then , why worry my friend ,
about these cycles ,
which are but an expression
of rhyme and rhythm
in nature ?
The heart of the ocean
beats for you both
in ebb and
in flow ,
the same beat ,
same intensity .
This is the ocean
speaking to you .



Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Akash,
Very touching thought:)
I am equating it with the upheavals happening currently in my life...And i trust that His Love sparkles with the same intensity- both in my ebbs and flow :)
Thank you so much for these beautiful words..they have sure lifted me up :))
Keep shining Akash!
God bless you always:)
My love and prayers :)

akash said...

My dear krishna ,
It was perhaps sixth sense that
brought these words out of me . My dear friend , somewhere inside I was aware of your predicament . Upheavals will eventually calm down .
His love sparkles both in ebb and flow to strengthen you , to hold you with tenderness and love .

My love and blessings to you ,
now and always ,

Dipti said...

Dear Brother.. i could not visit your wonderful e-world for a few days ...silence and sounds , ebb and flow ...we all need the balancing moments ....
visiting your home again brings such refreshing feelings .. these are such wonderful and wise words..