Saturday, March 1, 2008

The only way

The only way
I connect to the world
is by holding you close
to my heart
even in this oblivion
of amnesia
and separation .

The only way
I see the world
is with the
that comes alive
with the memory
of you .

The only way
I live my life
is by getting a glimpse
of you
in each frame
that I pass through .



pbsweeney said...

This is one of your best. I know you say you are hardly a poet, but here, right here, are words that resonate within us so powerfully. If we had a coffee together, you would protest as usual that you are not a poet, and I would take out a thick sheaf of papers and put poem after poem of yours on the table in front of you. Look, I would say, just look! This is what you are meant to give your fellow travelers, who are so grateful for it.

akash said...

Dear Patricia ,
I really don't know how or why we have met . I am really touched by your faith in me .
You are right , Patricia . If we had a coffee together (I look forward to it !) , I would protest saying that I am not a poet .I am really not .
But right now , all I see are your words , your faith . The only way to connect ......
Need I say how grateful I am ?