Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Intricate , fleeting

As curtains come down
on the face of a day ,
as the autumn's evening
sings a lullaby
to the sky ,
I watch the clouds
weaving a beautiful
intricate pattern
on the setting sun ,
a mesh of
red and black ,
as fleeting
as life itself .



Dipti said...

Dear brother.. wonerful..this poem is so you ...:-)

pbsweeney said...

This morning, I knew I needed to visit Akash, and I was not mistaken. Within moments I step into beauty and thoughtfulness, and the harmonious resonance of the divine in all things. Thank you.


akash said...

Thank you , dear dipti for leaving your imprint here in so many ways .

I am blessed by your presence in all directions .


akash said...

You are welcome , Patricia .

It is the reflection of your own beauty and thoughtfulness that you see here .

Salaams and thank you .
When are we going to have glimpses of your next poem ?