Sunday, January 27, 2008

To you

I have often
talked about dawn
sky , stars ,
but not about the one
who brought
them all
to me
on wings
of words .

This one is for you
and only you ,
hoping that it
will warm your skies .



Dipti said...

Dear brother Akash.. Thanks for you feedback and comment on my blog.. i appreciate it.. I am reading your blog...and have to congratulate you on the lovely way you weave the words and emotions together to make a beautiful jewel...

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Akash,
You surely are blessed with thoughts that hunt for beautiful words to be expressed:)
And you do that with such finesse. You sure have warmed up His boundless skies and also stirred my little soul:))
Thank you for those smiles that you put up on all our faces:)
Do continue to bless us with words that strike up our inner chords:)
A tight hug, this one's for you!
God bless you.

akash said...

Thank you , dipti .
I am not yet very fluent in words .
But I enjoy writing these expressions.
I liked your blog .
Looking forward to sharing thoughts.


akash said...

Thank you Krishna , for the kind words. Often words fail to convey
my thoughts completely.
I have to search for them .
Now and then they sound good .
Though I am not a very relegious
person , i liked some of the posts
in your blog . Some truths are
universal and go beyond relegion .

Looking forward to sharing thoughts